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Warren girls continue summer league

Mollie Applewhite guards a Silsbee player.by Mitchell McCluskey

The Warren girls' basketball summer league program continued their seasonal series of games with a match against Silsbee on June 10. Though the team did prove to be devoted to the cause, Silsbee got the better of them, consequently leaving Warren with a loss.

The game began with incoming freshman Brooke Foster jumping for the ball. Despite hopeful beginnings, the Tigers seized the ball and dashed toward the goal, racking in several points before Lady Warrior Lauren Foster was able to cease their momentum, with a successful shot of her own. A defensive line composed of Brielle Johnson and Katlyn Payne assisted with holding their opponents back, but the Tigers' will was too strong, as they continued to raise their score. Superior stealing and rebounding helped Silsbee maintain control of the ball as they repeatedly added to their score. Mollie Applewhite and Devan Barnett both drove the ball for their team's offense; however, the first half of the game still ended with the Tigers in a considerable lead at 2-20.

The second half began with signs of change, after senior Kaelin Miller threw the ball into the goal, but the Tigers kept the team at bay. Barnett also shined, scoring 2 goals, consecutively. However, those four points could not make up for the large rift that was already established between the teams. By the end of the second half, Silsbee had stretched its lead to 8-32, rendering them the victor of this match.

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