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Tips for a safe and fun Western Weekend

by Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford

It is that time of year again in Tyler County...Western Weekend and Dogwood Weekend. I want to take this opportunity to welcome our visitors that come in for these events.Those of you who have made this a family tradition, we are glad to see you again, and to those of you visiting for the first time, we welcome you and hope you enjoy some good ol' Southeast Texas hospitality. We have events for almost any taste, so please check your Tyler County Booster to find something for your family.

We also want to be sure that everyone has a SAFE and fun experience, so please keep these things in mind as you enjoy all that we have to offer. We will start by having quite a few trailriders entering our county from all different directions. To the trail riders, we ask that you help us as you always have in the past. Make sure that your group parties responsibly so everyone goes home safe and has a fun outing. We ask that your flagmen stay vigilant and help us protect your riders on our twisting county roads and highways. For those of you travelling by car and truck through our area, please be aware that we have men,women,and children travelling in areas where it may not be possible for them to get off the roadway very far or not at all, or they may be on the roadway itself. We ask that you always exercise extreme safety measures when driving but even moreso during the next few weekends. Please never drink and drive, but know that if you do all law enforcement in this county will be out in force and we have zero tolerance for motorists that endanger our citizens. A growing problem in this country is drivers texting or being otherwise distracted on their cell phones.There is no text in the world worth killing or injuring yourself or someone else, so please...it can wait!

One last thing on Western Weekend is that we ask everyone to control your speed.These animals can get spooked, or you may not have the proper reaction time to avoid a deadly accident. Please drive friendly and allow yourself extra time.

During the parades we ask that you help our officers and deputies keep your little family members safe. There is no candy that is worth getting your child injured. There will be barricades and officers where possible, but please help us keep the children away from, and out of the path of the animals and vehicles. We work hard to ensure and pray for the safety of all attending. Also we ask that the parade participants do their best to toss the candy well off the roadway. Tyler County has a long standing reputation of excellence in baseball and softball, so don't let me down, and don't be afraid to show off your skills.

Whether you are cheering on your favorite cowboy at the rodeo, pulling for your lovely pick at a beauty pageant, one of the hundreds of parade-goers, or just lucky enough to find yourself in our part of the world when spring is in bloom, we want to wish each and every one of you a fun and safe time in our county.

I am Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, and on behalf of myself and my entire department, Happy Easter, and enjoy the festivities.




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