TYLER COUNTY COVID-19 UPDATE: Two new patients confirmed; Judge gives updates



By Chris Edwards
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WOODVILLE – In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, governing bodies are having to adapt to new methods of holding meetings, with some teleconferencing via platforms such as Zoom, and others videoing meetings for live streaming.

Tyler County Judge Jacques Blanchette took the opportunity to start a Youtube channel to keep the county informed of goings on at the county government level. His first broadcast, which was published on the platform on Friday, was an update on the virus and how it has affected the county. 

Blanchette spoke about the seriousness of the mandates set forth by Gov. Greg Abbott and the disaster declaration issued by the county as mitigation tools in the ongoing crisis. 

“My orders are based on our demographic makeup along with the capacity of local health providers in our county,” he said. 

Blanchette referred to the standing, countywide stay-at-home order, which was issued at the end of March and originally set to end on April 17. It was extended until April 30. 

Last week, Blanchette announced that two new cases were confirmed within the county, bringing the total to six. The patients are both residents of Warren, both of whom are isolated in their homes. Blanchette spoke about the 

In a second broadcast, published on Monday, Blanchette spoke about Abbott’s plan, in a series of steps to reopen Texas. 

He concluded the video by encouraging residents to remain vigilant in practicing the protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, and in executive orders by Abbott and himself. “I am eager, as I know each of you are, to return to the way of life we enjoy in Tyler County,” he said. “Together we will get through this and recover from its effects.

At press time, the number of confirmed cases, statewide, was at 19,458. There have been 495 deaths in Texas from the virus and 5,334 cases have been estimated as recovered, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Across the country, that number was 795,960 active confirmed cases; 42,604 deaths and 72,368 recoveries.

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