Chief Deputy thinks bad behavior at Barlow Lakes out of hand

by Emily Waldrep

Three Tyler County deputies were dispatched to a disturbance in progress off Sample Road in Barlow Lake Estates recently. When Deputies arrived they observed a group of people in the roadway, including Ernie House, Bronson Davis, Joseph Davis, Justin Davis, Audra Oline Bolton III, Francis Dushoe and Sarah Bolton and several other people.

"Bolton and Joseph Davis were fighting at the time," said Chief Deputy Phil Ryan. "Bronson, Davis and Ernie House have had an ongoing feud going on down there, and alcohol was involved."

According to Ryan, someone had reported that there was a weapon involved, but no weapon was found on the scene. The fight began due to drugs and accusations that someone had tried to purchase drugs but did not follow through with the purchase. Threats and cussing ensued, and then the fight began.

"This ongoing agitating in Barlow Lakes is disruptive to the entire law enforcement process of the county because these people cannot act like adults," said Phil Ryan. "I want them to act like adults because every time we have to stop and go down there due to their childish behavior, there are other crimes that happen in this county, and it keeps us backlogged on that. When there is a disturbance like the ones in Barlow Lake, you can't just send one deputy when that many people are involved. So, every available deputy in the county has to go to Barlow. It is ridiculous, and these people need to stop acting childish."

Bolton was a danger to himself because he was so intoxicated and was arrested for Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct.

Bronson Davis, Joseph Davis and Justin Davis were issued Disorderly Conduct Citations.
Francis Dushoe and Sarah Bolton were also issued Disorderly Conduct Citations.

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