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No arrests yet in Maddox murders

Sheriff's Department says they are 'headed for an end'

by Emily Waldrep

Although no arrests have been made in the murders of Nathan and Krystal Maddox, the couple who were gunned down at a Tyler County church on January 18, Tyler County Sheriff's Department officials assure citizens that leads are coming in each day and that the case is being investigated thoroughly.

Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford and Chief Deputy Phil Ryan attended the funeral services of Nathan and Crystal Maddox and was able to reassure attendees that everything possible is being done to bring the Maddoxes' killer to justice.

"We are headed to an end," said Weatherford. "We want justice for them. Simple as that. When we sit on that witness stand and get that conviction we want to have no doubt about it and that these person or persons involved are sentenced to death or life in prison. We want to do everything on our end that's right."

Weatherford also wanted to thank everyone involved with the case for their cooperation during the investigation.

"Everyone has been really pro-law enforcement but at the same time the family of the victims is going through a lot of heartache, but understand we have a job to do and we try to reassure them each day that there is an end to all this," he said.

Ryan also said that the victims' families have been a huge help throughout the investigation.
"They help when something crosses their mind that they think may be useful and they'll share that with us but they are also quick to back off of us and let us do our job and it's great they have put that trust in us to get it done," Ryan said.

The state is also showing a lot of involvement and interest in the case and sending resources for the Sheriff's Department, to help with solving the case.

"The state has been great enough to send in two Texas Rangers for this case, when most cases only get one," Weatherford said. "We are looking at a capital murder case. This isn't a petty theft or burglary. Those are crimes we want to solve just as bad, but we are talking about the death of two young people. We are very blessed to have those rangers."

According to Tyler County Sheriff officials, Nathan and Crystal Maddox's daughter has been removed from the home of her grandparents and placed into state custody. She was removed without incident and is in a safe place.

The investigation is still ongoing, and any tips can still be reported to the Tyler County Sheriff's Department.

"Saturday was a week," Weatherford said. "To us it seems like its been three months. There have been a lot of 18-hour days, but our hearts go out to the families, as they are the ones who have really suffered through this tragedy."




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