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Ivanhoe council considers street name/summer security

by Emily Waldrep

Ivanhoe held its monthly city council meeting on March 14 and discussed several issues affecting Ivanhoe, including renaming a street and summer security.

Council discussed setting an official name for Sir Pellias Street in Ivanhoe, which has several different spellings on several different maps.

"It was brought to light by the 9-11 service system that the county has this street marked Sir Pellias," said Ivanhoe Mayor Jack Brockhouse. "DETCOG and 9-11 have the entire street marked as Sir Pellius, but the street signs in Ivanhoe read Sir Pellias. For years, people have referred to it as Sir Pellias."

According to Brockhouse, the original plot plans are even more complicated.

"When the developer put in plot plans, the road on the west side is called Pellias without Sir in front of it," he said. "The other side of the street is Sir Pellias. So we have got a mess."

The city of Ivanhoe decided to move forward by using the original plot plans when naming and referring to the streets.

"The street is already named Sir Pellias and the people living there have called it that for years, so it is best to go back to the original plot plan and call it all Sir Pellias. So the entire street has the same name," Brockhouse said. "This is especially important for emergency services because if a responder gets a call and needs to go to Sir Pellius or Pellias, it can be very confusing. So it has to become one name. And the best way to do that is to call it all Sir Pellias, and add 'Sir' to the other side of the street. It follows suit with the original intent of the developer."

The board also heard from Tommy Morris, the security liaison for the city.

"I received a report from Tyler County concerning the criminal activity in Ivanhoe, and we had 28 calls," Morris said. "There were four information calls, four service calls, two assault calls, two theft calls and six animal complaint calls, among others. I suspect that 28 will be low for next month, since it is spring break and summertime is approaching. We have already received a couple of calls from people who had break-ins in their houses or lost their copper wire from the electric company.

"A lot of the time, we can't tell when this happened because people don't spend a lot of time there. Be aware that things like this are going on and watch out for your neighbors. If you see a house, and you know they are on vacation or are a summertime person, call 9-11 if you see someone there that may not be allowed to be there. It is better to have somebody come out and check it out, rather than allow them to get away with other people's goods."

Next, the board spoke about the city marshal position, although the board voted to keep it off the agenda "indefinitely."

"Last month, the mayor suggested that we look at Rose Hill Acres, with the possibility of using them as a model to successfully complete our application for a city marshal," Morris said. "As it turns out, Rose Hill is not an effective model for us to use. The application itself is very expensive and time consuming to complete. So, until the city council and community decide that they want to enforce city ordinances, it is not practical to pursue the city marshal position."

No motion was made to bring the issue back to the table.

The next Ivanhoe City Council meeting will be held on April 11 at 7 p.m.




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