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Ivanhoe Council takes action on animal control issue

Story Highlights

• Council approved funding for Animal Control in the city
• Dams reported to be in good condition, sink hole to be repaired
• New hours of operation for City Hall set
• Security Department to receive new patrol car computer, tazer

by Emily Waldrep

Ivanhoe City Council held its monthly meeting March 12 to discuss city issues and budget items. As usual, the meeting began with an open floor so that citizens could voice their concerns or thoughts on issues before the board.

David Bare took the floor first to share his opinion on the animal control program that Ivanhoe wants to integrate into the city. Bare brought a petition with 65 signatures against turning an old bathhouse in the city into a pound. He was concerned that the funds for the program were not readily available, and that Ivanhoe citizens would suffer from the decision. Sharon McIntyre issued a rebuttal to Bare's petition, and stated that the Ivanhoe emergency fund could be used to fund the pound because the stray, wild dogs are definitely an impending emergency. McIntyre said that she had seen packs of violent dogs throughout the city as she was walking her own pets, and that the safety of Ivanhoe citizens could be jeopardized if more stray dogs enter the city. The council took both views into consideration in their executive session concerning the animal control issue. After consideration, the council decided to earmark a previously undesignated project fund for animal control. That way, no extra funds would be taken out for the project. Joe McIntyre announced that he is now a certified animal control officer, and that the two parcels of land that will be used for the pound are in the process of being transferred for that use. The city will also be putting together a well thought out ordinance for animal control, so that the stray animals will be taken care of but Ivanhoe citizen's pets will be kept safe.

The Ivanhoe dams were reported to be holding up well, and repairs on a sinkhole in Camelot dam will begin shortly. Their will also be a dam safety workshop in Nacogdoches in July, and Rusty Harrison will be attending that to gain further insight and knowledge on dam repairs and safety.

Ivanhoe also officially has a new attorney, as Tim McDonough was officially sworn in at the meeting, and will begin working with the council with all their legal needs immediately.

The hours of city hall were discussed, and the new operation hours will officially be from 10-5 on Tuesday through Friday, and 8-12a.m on Saturday. The council meeting dates were also changed to the second Thursday of the month at 7p.m to better accommodate the council members and citizens that wish to attend the meetings.

The council was also excited to announce that their security department will be receiving a computer system for the patrol car as well as a tazer. The computer will cut down on travel cost for the policeman and will greatly increase communication between Tyler County crime reports and Ivanhoe crime reports. The tazer will also aide in safety for the Ivanhoe policeman and will cut down on the use of deadly force, if it were ever necessary.

The meeting then went into executive session, and was called to close shortly after. The next regular meeting of the Ivanhoe City Council will be held on Thursday, June 14 at 7:00p.m.




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