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updated 2:43 PM UTC, May 24, 2019

Ivanhoe Council discusses work on dams, local ordinances

by Emily Waldrep

Ivanhoe held its monthly city council meeting on July 11, and began with a discussion of work on the dams.

The Supervisor of Dams reported that APAC will start repair work on the Camelot dam within two to three weeks, at which time Camelot Lake will be dropped 6 to 8 feet in order to get the work completed. The council also discussed shutting down the motorized boat traffic on Lake Charmaine due to water levels. Council will post a notice at City Hall when boat traffic is officially shut down.

Tommy Morris reported on Ivanhoe security from the past month, and according to reports from the Sheriff's Department, calls were down from 48 calls in May to 35 in June.

"We had five animal complaints and a dog fight," Morris said. "We also had four burglaries, three disturbances, a terroristic threat, several suspicious vehicles, and one stolen vehicle. It was a good month for us and the deputies are doing a good job."

Deputy Davis also reminded citizens to write down a license plate number if they see any suspicious activity.

"Call 9-1-1 and write down a license plate number always," Davis said. "We have solved several serious burglaries because someone did call and they did write down the plate number. We appreciate that."

The Council also discussed some changes brought forth by the Planning and Zoning Committee. Each item of interest was brought to the board and voted on to throw out or to bring back to the Committee to go forward.

The board voted to go forward with minor map changes, but disagreed on changing the codification of ordinances from a two number system to a three number system.

"I looked at several cities and there are some that use this three-numbering system but the majority of cities including Lufkin and Houston use the two-numbering system and it makes it a lot easier," Morris said.

According to Councilman Joe McIntyre, there is no need to codify ordinances using three numbers.

"We already have a very good codified ordinance with few exceptions and I don't know why the Planning and Zoning Commission wants a new numbering system when we know at least three cities that use the two-numbering system and they've been in business as cities for a number of years," McIntyre said. "We've been a city for three and a half years."

Councilman Tom Welch asked council if anything would change if they could find a city nearby that used the three-number system.

"There are cities that use a three numbering system," Morris said. "It seems to me like we should leave it the way it is. It works fine, everything is numbered and I just don't see a purpose. Anytime we would make a change we would have to make a change all around. My thought is that the big cities use them both ways but we are already using the number system the way it was recommended to us initially. Work on the ordinances you need to change, don't work on the numbers. The numbers are fine."

In the end, the mayor made a motion to not change the numbering system at the present time, but if the need arises down the road it could be brought up and changed.

The motion passed with Ivanhoe Mayor Jack Brockhouse, Tommy Morris, Joe McIntyre and Mark Elliot voting for the motion and David Baer and Tom Welsh voting against the motion.

The next city council meeting will be held on August 8 at 7 p.m.




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