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Three Guys Eating: Laura Stole Our Lunch

3 guys eating


By Jeff Fatheree

Hello, all you folks out there in Tyler County. I know you were looking forward to our next installment of Three Guys Eating. We had plans to go to Gigi’s in Village Mills, home of the Gigi luxe Burger. We will be attempting to make the trip this week and hope you will join us on the video, as well as the Booster. We love bringing these informative updates on the quality burgers of Tyler County.

An ornery lady named Laura was boiling up in the Gulf of Mexico. She looked like she was headed straight toward beautiful Tyler County. Well, we believe in preparing for the worst and praying for the best. While some of our county had damage, overall, we were fortunate to miss the brunt of this lady and ask you to continue to pray for the folks in Louisiana. Gigi’s is up and ready and we will be there Thursday.

Now, let us talk about the storm. Folks, we know that storms can seem to amount to an extraordinarily little amount of damage when the alarm is sounded, but please be sure that you continue to pay attention. Forecasters do their very best to give an accurate prediction. If they are right, even one out of ten storms, that one would be devastating. We love all of you and do not wish to see anyone get hurt. Remember, we can replace the wood, bricks, shingles, and metal. We cannot replace the humans that may be harmed.

We started to do a silly video whining and crying because Laura stole our lunch; instead we decided to enjoy the fact that we might lose a little weight this week. We hope you are enjoying what we are doing and do not forget to go try some of the restaurants yourselves. As we finish this series on burgers, we will be looking to get your input. The readers of the Booster will be the final judges and decide who serves the best burger in Tyler County. We know you probably have a favorite now, but we want to encourage you to explore. Do your homework. The places you have always gotten your burgers may turn out not to be your favorite. We also would like to encourage you as an individual, couple, or family to also include with your order at least one of the specialty burgers. We will have two separate winners: best homestyle and best specialty. They also get bragging rights as the best burger joint in Tyler County for that category. We are looking forward to our next lip-smacking trip to Gigi’s in Village Mills and would like to thank all those that have hosted us so far. We will be getting to the rest of you soon.

Look in your newspapers for the menus from some of your favorite restaurants. They are there to let you either order to-go or to see where you want to eat. See you all next week, same burger time, same burger channel (my apologies to the creators of the campy Batman series of my childhood.)




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