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Three Guys Eating at 92 Restaurant in Fred, Texas (Video)

3 guys eating


By Jeff Fatheree
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Hello Tyler County, welcome to our new column Three Guys Eating. Join us each week as we venture out into Tyler County and try out restaurants.

We will go to a new location each week and try out the fare. Currently, we are trying burgers. Each week we will eat their homestyle cheeseburger and their specialty burger and take notes and give you a report. At the end of our self-styled burger competition, we will award a trophy to the best of the best overall. We plan to also have a plaque in the Booster office with the current champion. We will then start on an additional menu item and again compare and report to you. Hopefully not only will this let you know what great burgers are available in Tyler County but also help the restaurants to prosper. The bonus for the three guys? We get to eat every restaurants food in Tyler County. This week’s feature restaurant is the 92 Restaurant just south of Fred on FM 92.

As you walk in you notice the western motif. Kate and her staff are quick to welcome you and get you seated in a good location. The staff is friendly and helpful. The place is clean and welcoming. Being the first restaurant must be a little intimidating, but Kate and her girls take it all in stride. We asked for a homestyle cheeseburger, and their specialty the Super 92 Burger with seasoned fries.

Caleb and I split the two burgers and the chef decided we needed a few onion rings. We were simply judging the burgers but hey the fries and onion rings were awesome as well. The first category we judge is the appearance as served. As the burgers came out in the traditional plastic mesh basket, we noticed the size first. These were not your fast food burgers that were a measly quarter pound patty, these were burgers meant to fill a person’s hunger. We cut the burgers in half to each have one half and give us a chance to fairly grade the burgers. The homestyle looked like it came right out of mom’s kitchen, a nice fat patty with all the veggies. It weighed in at just under a pound. The taste was good, above average and the patty texture was great. The veggies were on top, so the grease did not get all over the lettuce, I hate that, and the bun on the bottom held together well. The taste was particularly good and just the right amount of chew and juice. The condiments and meat were a good balance and the flavor of the meat not overpowered by the onions or mustard. I recommend this for most folks as you would be substantially full by the time you finished the burger and fries. We rated this as 3.4 burgers on a 5-burger scale.3.4 burgers Next on the menu: the Super 92 Burger. This behemoth was a sight to behold and the bacon as the top place made the appeal of sight a beautiful thing. It weighed in at just over a pound and the condiments were eye catching. The bun is a jalapeno cheddar sourdough and has a sweetness that matches well with the quantity of meats. The cheese is a pepper jack and one can substitute American if you have a more tender pallet. Fried jalapenos, pickles lettuce and tomatoes complete the condiments. But the bacon is thick cut and cooked perfectly. The first bite tells you that you have made a good decision.

Yes, it is a little more in cost but personally I think a great value for the money. As you begin your adventure with this big boy, you will soon feel very full. The taste of the salty meeting the sweet and the great texture of the meats is a taste treat. We rated this one 4.1 out of 5 burgers.

4.1_burgers.pngWe loved the atmosphere and Kate is spot on in keeping everything flowing. As we finished our meal we spoke with other customers and they said the reason they come to 92 Restaurant is the atmosphere, the friendly staff and food that is fantastic every time. Once you have a chance to get over here, I feel confident you will not only think it is worth the drive, but you will continue to come back. 

Thank you, 92 Restaurant, for making the first installment of Three Guys Eating a wonderful experience. See y’all next week when Caleb and Chris hit the Burger House in Colmesneil.




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