Gemma Power Systems Completes ETEC’s Woodville Renewable Power Project

49.9 MW Biomass facility enters commercial operation three months early

GLASTONBURY, CT, October 22, 2014 – Gemma Power Systems, LLC (GPS) has completed construction of the East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC) Woodville Renewable Power Project three months ahead of schedule. The 49.9 MW biomass plant in Woodville, TX has completed testing and been turned over to ETEC for commercial operation.

"The Woodville project is another shining example of Gemma's ability to deliver the best project experience to our customer, the community and all stakeholders," said William F. Griffin, Jr., GPS Chief Executive Officer.

"The Gemma team worked in close partnership with our customer ETEC to bring this project in on budget and three months ahead of schedule," Griffin said.

"Our experience with the Gemma team was truly exceptional. We're very pleased with the quality of the plant Gemma has delivered to us. It gives us complete confidence that we will be able to run it effectively for the next 40 years, " said LA Williams, Director of Engineering.

"Hiring Gemma to build this project is one of the best decisions we made. The quality of the people and the company's hands-on, can-do attitude made this project a pleasure to work on," Williams said.

The ETEC Woodville Renewable Power Project is fueled by chipped forest waste. The plant features a Shin Nippon steam turbine generator and a Riley Power advanced stoker boiler with integrated air quality control system (AQCS). Construction of the plant began in July 2012. GPS' subsidiary, Gemma Plant Operations, will operate the facility under a separate contract with ETEC.

Spurger man arrested for charging over $10,000 on stolen debit card

by Emily Waldrep

A Spurger resident has been charged with credit and debit card fraud after charging over $10,000 to a card that did not belong to him.

On October 17 a Tyler County Sheriff's Deputy was contacted by a complainant named Lavoy Eason claiming that his granddaughter had stolen a debit card for her boyfriend, identified as Justin Jenkins. According to a report made by Eason, Jenkins had told the granddaughter to get the card. There were numerous charges made on the debit card over a three month period that included getting cash, purchases at Walmart and purchases for Jenkins truck. The purchases ranged from Jasper and Kirbyville to High Island as well as online purchases.

According to Chief Deputy Phil Ryan, the amount not authorized to be spent on the card was approximately $11,000. The granddaughter made a statement that claimed Jenkins asked her to get the debit card.

There were also pictures and videos in several locations of Jenkins using the Debit Card.
According to Ryan, Jenkins claimed that if he was taken to jail "they were going to regret it."

Jenkins was charged with Obstruction and Retaliation and Credit or Debit Card Abuse.

There is also another ongoing investigation that Jenkins is involved in. Details of that case have not been released.

According to Ryan, Jenkins is also being investigated for charges surrounding the death of a pedestrian in Mount Neches. According to reports, a man was walking down the road and Jenkins was at the wheel when the man was struck late last week.

Jenkins is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Ryan expects more charges to surface in these cases.

Woodville PD asks citizens to use caution on streets near schools

The Woodville Police Department is facing a few traffic problems on streets surrounding the high school, and are asking citizens help in keeping the community safe and organized.

"Teachers and students are leaving the back way from school on Bluebonnet street but instead of coming out on Beech Street they are circling the block and going through a residential area in an attempt to beat the stop signs and traffic," said Captain Mike McCulley. "We've had several complaints of people running through the grass in their yards, running stop signs, and speeding excessively on Barclay Terrace."

McCulley said that in the future, there will be additional officers in that area to enforce safe driving.
"There are a lot of children on those streets and people who walk down the streets that time of the day," McCulley said. "The Police Department wants to let the public know that there will not be any warnings given for that type of erratic driving behavior."

McCulley said that there have been reports of children almost getting injured from drivers not paying attention after school in that area.

"We just want to remind everyone that is leaving school in the evening to be patient, obey the traffic laws and not be reckless about their driving," McCulley said. "It's a residential area and there are people that could be hurt due to irresponsible driving."

Man charged in Fred credit card theft

by Emily Waldrep

A Tyler County Sheriff's Deputy Corporal was dispatched to the Dollar General in Fred in reference to a theft of a credit card last week that led to the arrest of Dylan McCormick. According Tyler County Chief Deputy Phil Ryan, the complainant in the case stated that she lost her Debit card on September 21 and didn't realize it until the next day. Her bank notified her that the card had been used at a Redbox rental that she did not authorize.

According to Ryan, when the store surveillance was checked it showed a young male pick the card off of the floor and pass it off to another male. An employee at the store helped identify the man as Dylan McCormick. When the corporal met with McCormick he that he first said he didn't use the card, but when questioned further admitted he did use the card, but he didn't remember the details very clearly because he had used some illegal narcotics.

McCormick said that he understood he was wrong and "he just wanted to get this over with."
The judge issued a warrant for the arrest of McCormick on Credit and Debit Card Abuse, which is a state jail felony and he was arrested on that warrant.

McCormick is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Woodville ISD contract worker arrested for smoking marijuana on school property

by Emily Waldrep

A worker contracted by Woodville ISD was arrested after he presumably used marijuana on school property during his lunch break.

On October 13, Officer Sheffield, a Woodville school officer with the Woodville Police Department, was contacted by the maintenance division regarding several contractors who were acting suspicious out in the parking lot. The supervisor told the Officer that he observed two males in a van that were on school property for routine maintenance and thought they were acting oddly.

The officer made contact and stated that he immediately smelled marijuana. The officer was given consent to search the van and found several partially smoked marijuana paraphernalia inside the van including a joint in a Marlboro box. Officer Deshazo with the Woodville Police Department arrived to assist and identified the men as Reuben Connally, age 26, of Buna and Aaron Connally, age 18, of Buna.

Further questioning regarding their actions determined that the brothers were on lunch break and decided to smoke some marijuana while they were on lunch.

Reuben Connally was also observed grabbing something in his pants pockets. Officers performed a pat down search and found a paper towel containing several prescription medications that included Hydrocodone and Corizaprodal.

Reuben Connally was placed under arrest for the prescriptions and marijuana that he claimed to be his. Aaron Connally was released without any charges.

Reuben Connally was charged with two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuna.

Connally is presumed innocent until proven guilty.