Woodville water restrictions lifted

The water restrictions issued by the City of Woodville as a result of the Emergency Water Shortage has been lifted.

The mechanical equipment that failed has been repaired and is back in service.

Mandy K. Risinger
City Administrator

Precinct 1 Update

by Tyler County Pct. 1 Commissioner Martin Nash

From time to time I try to give my constituents an update on what's going on in the county. My goal is to be as honest and open as possible, even if some of the news is not pleasant.

First: taxes. The county tax rate will remain the same. The county special (road and bridge) was actually lowered by .00131 per $100. However with an increase in mineral production, the two funds will generate more money (therefore the state says we have increased taxes).The Hospital District raised their rate by .00136 per $100 ($1.36 per $1000 taxable valuation).They have not had an increase in seven years. Just a note: We are so blessed to have a hospital within the county. There are not many left. If you look around most have closed. It is a tremendous benefit to our citizens and actually helps those of us who are trying to bring new business into the county. Not to mention the jobs it provides.

The county has been mandated by the state to clear the third floor of the courthouse due to safety issues. There are no water or fire escapes. The Adult Probation Department is currently occupying that floor. We have purchased the old Brookshire Brothers building located across from the Woodville Police station. It also houses the Dollar General store. The county is going out for bids to remodel the facility. It will contain new offices for Adult Probation, the commissioners (we are currently renting) and a new Justice of the Peace courtroom with offices. The Dollar General will remain. There will be room available for future growth. The funds for this project will mostly come from disaster funds. There will be no tax increases for this project.

Now for the roads: I have to apologize for my trust in the bureaucracy that I am forced to deal with. We have been very successful in obtaining grants from the government. However, trying to get them implemented is another story. The last of the "IKE" grants has been awarded to Apac Construction. For Precinct 1 this is a $1.2 million project to resurface CR 4472, CR 4470 and parts of CR 1325. The project was projected to begin in early summer of 2014 (April). Apac begin construction in Precinct 2 in July. There were serious problems, mostly due to the unusual wet summer. There were delays and Apac did not move into Precinct 3 until August.

That is where they are currently working. They still have Precinct 4 to do before they get to Precinct 1. It is now October and I really don't see them getting to me until next year. The work they are doing has restrictions that are temperature driven. To make matters worse, I had a mile of resurfacing that my crew was going to do, but it required Apac to "mill" the area and now that it has cooled off I will not be able to complete that project. It has been extremely frustrating for me and my crew; Ican only say that the projects will get done, I just don't have a clue to when.

Everything else is really good within the county. The German Pellet Plant is up and running.

The ETEC plant is running and preparing for a Grand Opening. We have several other major industries coming. So things are looking up for the county. With that I will close. God Bless all of you and if I can be of service please give me a call.

Nationally recognized local artists combine talent for Oct. 7-19 show at Emporium in Woodville

art exposition 640px

Three nationally recognized artists from Tyler County are combining their talents in an exhibition and sale of pieces of their original colored pencil artwork.

Vicki Wood, (Parrot, left) a fairly new Tyler County transplant all the way from Alaska, currently has three pieces in the Galveston Art League's juried show where she received an honorable mention plus the coveted McGivney Award for her colored pencil work of a Brown Pelican entitled "Baywatch".

Each year the Rosenberg Library Museum selects a piece to receive the $750 award and the artwork is then added to the library's permanent museum collection. Her colored pencil work entitled "Fandango" was chosen for publication in CP Hidden Treasures by Ann Kullberg in 2013.

In this series of work ("Truck", center), Lisa Richardson combines colored pencils with photography.

For this process, she begins with a pigment print, then adds colored pencils for emphasis and texture. Influenced by her background as a graphic designer, her work has a graphic quality and bold colors.

Her body of work for this show reflects her East Texas roots and a passion for nature. From maple leaves floating in a creek, to a pitcher plant, to a pair of chaps hanging on a fence, she explores subjects that make up the place she calls home.

Richardson's work has received numerous awards. She has had solo exhibits at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art in San Angelo, Texas.

Gayle H Forsberg (Flower, right) was born in North Dakota and studied art/theatre in Minnesota. He has worked as an actor, director and theatre designer. He has also designed for television and opera. His love of color and design brought him careers in advertising and as an art director. As a self-taught painter, he began painting seriously in 1996.

His commissioned art hangs in private collections in Portland, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, San Diego, New York and Vancouver.

The show will be open daily, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. and runs from October 7-19, at the Emporium for the Arts, located at 216 W. Bluff.

Hillister man charged with murder after shooting woman during deer lease dispute

by Emily Waldrep

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, a deer lease dispute led to the murder of a 42-year-old Austin woman on Sunday, October 5.

McDowellAt approximately 4:24 p.m., Tyler County Sheriff's Office communications division received a 911 call. The caller said that an unknown female with a rifle was standing on her porch and beating on her front door. The caller then advised that the female had left the residence on a four-wheeler and had turned onto County Road 4497.

According to Weatherford, the 911 caller's husband then arrived on a four-wheeler and began to chase after the female down CR 4497. A second 911 caller told the communications department that they heard a gunshot on County Road 4497.

Deputies with the Tyler County Sheriff's Department arrived at approximately 4:36 p.m. and saw two four-wheelers stopped in the middle of CR 4497, and a white female laying on one of the ATV's with a single gunshot wound to the head.

The woman was identified as Melanie Heather Shoemaker, age 42, of Austin.

According to Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Jim Moore, Shoemaker was pronounced dead at the scene, and that she had been shot through the cheek with a pistol.

A male subject, identified as John Otis McDowell, age 50, of Hillister, was arrested at the scene and transported to the Tyler County Jail where he was charged with murder and a bond was set at $250,000. McDowell bonded out late Monday night.

The two were apparently arguing over a deer lease dispute.

The investigation is still ongoing and an autopsy was ordered by Justice of the Peace Jim Moore who conducted an inquest at the scene.

Two arrested on drug charges following County traffic stop

by Emily Waldrep

A Tyler County Deputy patrolling on September 27 noticed a green Ford Ranger on Highway 69 which turned onto Highway 1943 west without using a traffic signal. The deputy attempted to get a valid license plate number, but was unable to due to a temporary tag that had expired.
The deputy made a traffic stop for the obscured license plate and failure to signal a turn. The driver was identified as Samuel Nathan Denmon, age 49, of Woodville and the passenger was identified as Christine Allen, age 19, of Woodville.

According to Chief Deputy Phil Ryan, the deputy who initiated the traffic stop reported that there was a shotgun in the front seat and the driver reported that he had no other weapons, drugs or felony convictions.

The vehicle was searched and the deputy observed an air compressor connector lying in the seat with a brillo pad stuffed inside. According to Ryan, this set up is typically used to smoke illegal substances.

The deputy also searched several bags in the vehicle and discovered several syringes, a magnetic key holder containing a plastic baggie with multiple other baggies with crystalline substance believed to be methamphetamine, various types of prescription pills and a plastic Menthos container with an additional substance thought to be methamphetamine.

The substance was field tested and was positive for methamphetamine.

The pills included Tiznidine, Tramadol, Isosorb and prescription ibuprofen.

Denton was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Allen was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, a third degree felony.