Burglary suspect nabbed after return visit

By Valearie Reddell
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Zev-Carter-MugWoodville Police Officer Steven Hoke was called to the 1300 block of South Magnolia a couple weeks ago to meet with a homeowner who reported items had been taken from his garage. Among the missing items were generators, tackle, tools, car keys and cash.

The victim told Hoke he had been away from home for a week, so he could not pinpoint the date and time when the break-in occurred.

Hoke contacted pawn shops in the area in a search for any of the missing items but found nothing.
The victim called back 10 days later and said the burglar had struck again. However, during the intervening days the homeowner and purchased and installed security cameras which captured images of a male subject entering a storage building on the property.

The suspect used key fobs he located during his second visit to the garage and used them to remove items from two vehicles on the property.

Hoke recognized the suspect from prior interactions, and knew he lived in the apartment complex nearby.

Coincidentally, the day before the burglary was reported, Officer Zachary Zachary was called to those apartments to investigate two suspicious boxes that contained portable generators. The boxes were sitting outside the door of the apartment where the suspect lived.

Officers obtained a search warrant from Judge Judith Haney which was executed Nov. 26.

Inside the apartment officers recovered additional property from the burglary and seized it as evidence. They also discovered several items of drug paraphernalia during the search.

The suspect had apparently smoked marijuana just prior to officers' arrival and fell asleep as officers conducted their search.

Zev Austin Carter, 23, of Woodville was charged with two counts of burglary of a building, a state jail felony, four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class C misdemeanor, and two counts of burglary of a vehicle, a Class A misdemeanor.

He remains in custody at the Tyler County Jail.

Nominees for March primary elections

In case you've been hibernating, the campaign season for the March 6 party primaries is underway.

Candidates have until 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 11 to file for a position on the ballot to seek party nominations.

County Chairmen for the local Republican and Democratic parties were not available as of press time to provide nominees in county races

Voting by mail
Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, senior citizens and other voters who meet requirements to vote by mail can request a mail ballot.

To vote by mail, download an application at, or call the County Clerk's office and ask them to send you an application.

The deadline to register to vote is Feb. 5, 2018.

Voters who remain displaced by Hurricane Harvey will need to decide whether they plan to return to that address. If you want to vote in the area where you are staying now, complete a voter registration for that address by Feb. 5, 2018.

If you are voting by mail because you are disabled or are 65 years of age or older, you may use a single application to request ballots by mail for all county elections in the calendar year. While you can submit this "annual" application anytime during the calendar year, it must be received at least 11 days before the first election in which you seek to request a ballot by mail.

Generally, a ballot must be mailed to the address where you are registered to vote. However, if you are 65 or older or have a physical disability, you may have your ballot sent to a hospital, nursing home or long-term care facility, retirement center, or relative, but you must check the blank on the form indicating which address you are providing. If your reason for voting by mail is absence from the county, the ballot must be mailed to an address outside the county.

If you need help reading, marking, or mailing the actual ballot, ask a trusted relative or friend for help. It's not uncommon for someone from a political organization to offer to help with your ballot soon after you've received it. We recommend you decline this kind of help for several reasons. If you allow your ballot to be mailed by someone you don't know, it might not be mailed at all. If it's delivered to the elections office by a common or contract carrier from the address of a candidate or a campaign's headquarters, your ballot will be rejected.

Finally, if someone helps you with your mail ballot, you must put your helper's name and address on the carrier envelope, which is the one used to return your ballot to the early voting clerk. Your helper must also sign the carrier envelope.

Applications to vote by mail must be received by the County Clerk's office by Friday, Feb. 23, 2018.

Early voting by personal appearance will begin Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 and continues through Friday, March 2.

TCH earns kudos for patient outcomes

Tyler County Hospital department heads joined county officials Tuesday for the signing of a proclamation that designates Nov. 16 as National Rural Health Day in Tyler County. (Photo by Valerie Reddell)Tyler County Hospital department heads joined county officials Tuesday for the signing of a proclamation that designates Nov. 16 as National Rural Health Day in Tyler County. (Photo by Valerie Reddell)

On Thursday, the State Office of Rural Health (SORH) along with communities across the country will be celebrate National Rural Health Day (NRHD). In support of this recognition, the SORH, the National SORH, and iVantage Health Analytics have identified hospitals that have excelled in performance and patient care. Per the Hospital Strength INDEX, Texas has ranked in the top quartile of performance based upon Quality, Outcomes, and Patient Satisfaction

Tyler County Hospital excelled in two categories; Excellence in Outcomes and also Excellence in Patient Satisfaction.

Tyler County Hospital is very proud to be recognized in these two categories since they are the main focus for the hospital
CEO Dr. Sandra Wright said the hospital strives for positive outcomes for each and every patient, not only for the time a patient is in the hospital but also the aftercare and re-admissions of patients.

"Patient satisfaction is a major goal for all personnel of Tyler County Hospital," Wright said. "More than just getting a patient well enough for discharge home, we strive to make each experience as pleasant for the patient as possible.

"Each and every employee of Tyler County Hospital has played a role in helping achieve these honors. We invite you to experience the excellence of care Tyler County Hospital is proud to give," Wright said.

Tyler County voters approved seven proposed amendments

In the Nov. 7 elections, Tyler County voters approved seven proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution while Woodville and Colmesneil voters filled council seats while residents of Frog Pond, Colmesneil ISD and Emergency Service District 3 having issues on the ballot.

Proposition 1, to provide property tax exemptions for partially disabled veterans or their surviving spouses if their home was donated to them by a charity for less than market value was approved with 87.89 percent of the vote.

Proposition 2, which would ease restrictions on home equity loans lowers the maximum fees for those loans and exempts certain charges from that maximum, was approved by 74.52 of Tyler County voters.

Proposition 3 also won support from 83.87 percent of local voters. It relates to the service of unsalaried officeholders appointed by the governor whose terms have expired. Those appointees can serve until the end of the next legislative session — when a new appointee could be confirmed by the Texas Senate.

Proposition 4, which requires courts to notify the attorney general of constitutional challenges to state laws, passed with 76.11 percent of the local vote.

Proposition 5 authorizing the charitable foundations of professional sports teams to hold a charitable raffle. It passed in Tyler County with 58.14 percent of the vote.

Proposition 6 got broad support in Tyler County, with 61.34 percent voting in favor of property tax exemptions to surviving spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty.

Proposition 7 gives banks and other financial institutions authorization to use raffles to encourage savings. Locally, 61.34 percent supported the proposition.

Woodville City Council
Joyce Wilson and Janice Weatherford each won terms on the Woodville City Council without opposition.
Byron L. Stowe retained his Place 5 seat over Elizabeth Grammer by a vote of 61-49.

Colmesneil ISD Board of Trustees
From a field of four candidates, Kenneth Adaway, Danny Brown and Kris Lindsey were elected to three seats on the board. Adaway received 99 votes, Brown 93, Lindsey 84 and Bo Bendy 54.

Voters in Emergency Service District #3 approved a measure to increase property taxes in the district to 6 cents per $100 by a vote of 23 to 16, giving the "for" votes a 66.67 percent majority.

Frog Pond
Voters in the Frog Pond subdivision approved the creation of a Water Control and Improvement District with 21 voting for, to 11 against.
Proposition B also passed, by a vote of 21 to 11.
Five directors were elected to the board, with five vacant seats to be filled.
Cris Thompson, Brenda Page, Bryan Long, Stanley Evans and Chris Hubert will serve as the initial directors for the new WCID.

Rangers investigate death at county jail

By Valerie Reddell

Texas Rangers are investigating the death of a 41-year-old Ivanhoe woman who was in custody at the Tyler County Jail at the time of her death.
Amie Coon was found unresponsive in her cell late Monday night. Deputies and Woodville Police Officers performed CPR until EMS arrived. She had been arrested earlier in the day Monday, Weatherford said.

She was pronounced dead by Justice of the Peace Trisher Ford. An autopsy examination will be made in Beaumont to determine the cause and manner of death.
Coon was being held on a charge of injury to a child, injury to the elderly and assault/family violence charges. She was also the subject an arrest warrant issued by Sabine County for possession of a controlled substance.

Editor's Note: An initial version of this statement indicated that the incident occurred Sunday. Coon was arrested Monday, Nov. 13 and died that night.