Man in Dam-B area charged with felony solicitation, possession of stolen weapon

by Emily Waldrep

Deputies with the Tyler County Sheriif's Department were able to arrest one man on outstanding warrants in Tyler County and recovered a stolen gun while responding to a disturbance call.

According to Tyler County Chief Deputy Phil Ryan, Deputies were dispatched on December 31 to 345 County Road 4170 in Woodville in reference to a disturbance in the Dam-B area. The address was familiar to deputies because they had been sent there in the past on various calls. Due to one of those previous calls to service, deputies were aware that one person living at the residence had outstanding warrants for their arrest.

When deputies arrived they were informed that the disturbance had never escalated past the argument stage, so there was no chargeable offense. All parties involved were run through Tyler County Communications and one of the subjects, identified as Richard Wittle of Dam-B, had an outstanding felony warrant for Online Solicitation of a Minor.

Wittle was placed under custody at that time.

According to Ryan, there was a vehicle at the residence and deputies noticed that there were some weapons in the front seat, so one of the deputies ran the serial numbers on the rifle and shotgun and discovered that the Winchester gun was stolen out of Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

"If people will be sure to keep a listing of their serial numbers on their weapons, they almost always get discovered," said Chief Deputy Phil Ryan. "It may be years down the road but they are usually recoverable if owners have a record of their serial numbers. We go to so many burglaries were owners do not have these records and it's a shame because people that steal those usually end up pawning or selling them and the guns get checked at some point."

Deputies are working with ATF and agencies out of Sabine Parish on an additional felony charge for possession of the stolen weapon.

Wittle is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Man found with blood on his hands had Meth in vehicle

by Emily Waldrep

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, on January 5 at approximately 9 a.m., deputies were dispatched to County Road 2175 in the Shady Groves area in reference to a suspicious man who was dressed in all Camouflage clothing with blood on his hands, walking around appearing to be disoriented. Deputies arrived on scene and located a white male matching the description in the back of the Whitetail Ridge community.

Deputies approached the man and saw blood on his right hand. He was identified as Terry Humble. He appeared very unsure of his surroundings and was unsure of where he was at, Weatherford said. According to reports, Humble was questioned about his vehicle that was parked nearby, and he claimed that he borrowed it from a friend but had been driving it that day. Humble gave deputies verbal consent to search the vehicle, and deputies found a large Camouflage duffel bag with a clear plastic bag protruding from one of the side pockets or the Camouflage bag.

"The plastic bag contained a large amount of an off white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamines," Weatherford said.

The substance weighed 4.6 grams and field tested positive for methamphetamines.
Humble was placed under arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance, State Jail Felony.

Area woman arrested for DWI with child in car

by Emily Waldrep

Deputies with the Tyler County Sheriff's Office, according to Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, were dispatched December 29 to Harris's Grocery in the town Bluff area. The caller reported that there was a female driver in a white car that was reversing into traffic and then struck a vehicle that was directly in front of her in the parking lot.

Weatherford said the owner of the store removed the key from the ignition of the car because he was worried about the safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Deputies arrived on scene and identified the driver as Bridgette Smith. It was obvious to deputies that she was under the influence of narcotics, and after talking with her she admitted she had taken a Xanax bar before leaving the Woodville area and driving to the store, Weatherford said. She also admitted she was the driver of the vehicle.

Deputies then identified the passengers in the vehicle as Barney Moore, along with a young child in a booster seat in the back. Moore admitted he was also under the influence of narcotics and had also taken a Xanax bar.

Texas DPS assisted with the case and Bridgette Smith was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated with a Child Passenger. Barney Moore was arrested for Public Intoxication.

Child Protective Services were contacted due to the situation of both parents being intoxicated and unable to take care of the child, and the child was transported to the sheriff's office and released by CPS to the grandmother.

Jasper student charged with Terroristic Threat after brandishing ‘Airsoft’ pistol at Woodville Summit

by Emily Waldrep

According to the Woodville Police Department, a new line of fake airsoft and BB guns are posing a threat to youth in the county, due to the fact that they are almost exact replicas of real firearms.

On December 9, a group of five students from Jasper, Texas attended a basketball game at the Summit in Woodville. According to Officer Bubba Sheffield, one of the five students was an ex-boyfriend to a Woodville student and claimed he was planning on damaging her vehicle. The conversation was overheard by some fellow Woodville students, who went to alert the owner of the car. When they arrived back outside to confront the 16 year old Jasper student, he was wielding what looked like a real silver revolver. The Woodville students heard him pull the hammer back on the gun, and they ran back into the Summit to alert bystanders and the campus police officer on duty that someone had a gun.

Six Woodville Police Officers arrived at the Summit and detained the group of Jasper students, and were able to locate the pistol under the front seat of a vehicle. After some examination, the discovered it was just a toy airsoft pistol, Sheffield said.

"When dealing with everything going on today, such as officer shootings, these toy guns are not something that students should have," Sheffield said. "Its just taking a huge risk."

Some of the guns are so realistic that even professionals cannot determine if they are real or fake without studying them up close, and it's impossible to tell these fake guns from real guns at a distance. These fake guns also carry the same charges as a real weapon.

"If you go into a bank and hold it up with one of these guns, its still armed robbery." Sheffield said.
Officers say they want both parents and children alike to know that when someone is in possession of one of these fake guns, officers cannot tell if they are real or not and they will usually have to assume the gun is real.

The student that held the gun is charged with Terroristic Threat, even though the gun was not real.

Traffic violation lands two men in jail for possession, felony warrants

by Emily Waldrep

Two Tyler County men were placed under arrest for the possession of drugs and felony warrants after a deputy made a simple traffic stop on a vehicle in Colmesneil.

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, a deputy was patrolling FM 3065 in the Colmesneil area when he observed a black truck turning off of FM 3065 that committed a traffic violation and made a traffic stop on the vehicle. When he made the stop, he noticed the truck was being followed by a silver Kia SUV that stopped with the black pickup truck.

Deputies identified the driver of the truck as Dustin Wayne Ross. Ross's license were expired since 2008 and he was unable to provide any insurance on the vehicle. Deputies asked Ross who was following him, and Ross told him that they were just driving around looking for a place to talk.

At that time, Ross was placed into custody for driving without a valid drivers license and failure to maintain financial responssibilty.

The passenger in the silver SUV was identified as Kaylyn Lynn Grimes, AGE, showed he had warrants in Tyler County for burglary and was placed under arrest for those warrants.

According to Weatherford, both Ross and Grimes were transported to Tyler County Jail, and once they arrived they were informed that Ross may have thrown some methamphetamines out his window before or during the traffic stop. Deputies returned to the area and were able to locate a cigareete package with a clear bag inside that appeared the contain methamphetamines. All evidence was collected and was brought back to the office, where it tested positive for methamphetamine.

Ross was questioned about the methamphetamine and admitted that his fingerprints would be on the methamphetamine bag and the cigarette package and admitted that the package did in fact contain methamphetamines. He also told deputies that he was going down the road to use the methamphetamines, but that they didn't belong to him.

The magistrate reviewed the case and issued a warrant for Ross for Possession of a Controlled Substance, State Jail Felony.

Ross and Grimes and presumed innocent until proven guilty.