Chester Yellowjacket Basketball 2-1 in District Play

Yellowjacket Colten Martin does his best to keep this PIrate from scoring.   Martin had an exceptional game, with 10 points and several rebounds for the night.Yellowjacket Colten Martin does his best to keep this PIrate from scoring. Martin had an exceptional game, with 10 points and several rebounds for the night.

by Jana Rayburn

The varsity boys basketball teams traveled to Centerville on Tuesday, January 3 to take on the Bulldogs in their second district game.
The Jackets came out ready to play, and kept the lead the entire game. The boys played aggressively, and three starters fouled out before the end of the game. The Jackets ended up winning 66-61.

Cord Neal had 28 points, and Dane Barnes was right behind him with 24 points. Seth Read had eight points and Colten Martin added six points.

The varsity girls basketball team did not fare so well against Centerville. The Lady Jackets got off to a slow start and never recovered, falling to the Lady Bulldogs 22-52. Chester just couldn't get their shots to fall, hitting just 10 percent of field goals for the night. The Lady Jackets did improve on rebounding the ball, pulling down 34 rebounds.

Carmen Mahaffey had 10 points, Danique Davis added seven points, Cayla Greer had four points, and Haley Cowan chipped in with a free throw.

On Friday, December 16, both the girls and boys teams hosted the Martinsville Pirates in a pair of district games.
The Lady Jackets met up with a disciplined Lady Pirate team. The Lady Jackets just couldn't get it together, as bad passes and turnovers were a problem all night long. The Jackets played a solid game defensively during the first half, but just ran out of steam in the second half. The Jackets ended up losing to the Pirates 3-48, with Annie Rayburn getting a 3-pointer for the only bucket of the night. The Lady Jackets are now 1-4 in district.

The varsity boys hit the court next for one of their best games of the season. Defensively, the boys played great, getting more rebounds than they have all year. Neal was the high scorer with 18 points, followed by Barnes with 13 points. Martin score 10 points, and both Read and Jaqualin George each scored eight points. The Jackets are 2-1 so far in district.

Both the boys and girls teams will play in Burkeville on Tuesday, January 17 with the girls game starting at 6 p.m. and the boys game to follow at around 7:30 p.m.

Spurger Anglers Reeling in Points

Spurger Sports

by Andrew Harmon

Dedication paid off once more for Spurger's Pirate bass club team members Cory Hyden and Colton Haynes, as they climbed into their boat on Saturday morning, January 7. Facing frigid temperatures ranging between 18-36 degrees, the pair competed in the fourth qualifier of the Deep East Texas High School Fishing Series.

Weighing in five fish, for a total of 16.25 pounds, the two managed to win third place at the event held at Jackson Hill Park and Marina in Broaddus. These points are sure to boost the standings of the team, which was sitting in fifth place for the season prior to this qualifier.

Deep East Texas High School Fishing Series provides student anglers and their families the opportunity to fish in a professionally run tournament setting with fun, prizes and opportunities to qualify for series, state and national championships.

On February 18, DETX will hold its fifth qualifier and Sweet Six Invitational. With continued success, Hyden and Haynes will be well on their way to another successful fishing season for Spurger's Pirate bass club.

MLK Day Events Jan. 16

MLK Day organizers would like to invite Tyler County to come and celebrate the continuing legacy of Dr. Martin L. King on Monday, January 16. There will be a Parade starting at 10 a.m., with a short program at the Kirby Gym and refreshments served immediately after. Please feel free to show your support with floats, cars, or simply march with us from the Woodville City Park to the Kirby Gym. If you have any questions please contact Ganata Christian at 283-5931 or Brenda Maloy at 283-7292. There will be prizes for top entries in the Parade.

Warren ISD Students Print Prosthetic Hand

Warren ISD Tech Team display 3D printed items—Shown, from left, are  Samantha Rothenberger, Morgan Clancy, Courtnie Wheeler, Lilla Jackson. (Not pictured: Colton Haynes, Brice Moore, Cole Stanley, Jeremy Chessher.) (Hale Hughes Photo)Warren ISD Tech Team display 3D printed items—Shown, from left, are Samantha Rothenberger, Morgan Clancy, Courtnie Wheeler, Lilla Jackson. (Not pictured: Colton Haynes, Brice Moore, Cole Stanley, Jeremy Chessher.) (Hale Hughes Photo)

by Hale Hughes

Warren ISD purchased a 3D printer during the summer of 2016. Few could have realized the immediate impact the machine would have on the students at Warren, and other school campuses. Teacher Daisy Morino has the printer in her office and students come in and typically pick up where the last student left off when working on projects.

Some of the first things they printed were a frog and a Yoda head that were pre-existing designs. While it was neat to seeing basic things being created in front of their eyes, they had bigger projects in mind.

Their printer only has a surface of approximately 6"x6"x9". It sits on a table and is fed by spools of plastic called 'filament'. Filament is available in multiple colors. Several items can be seen around Morino's office that were printed with the 3-D printer. A very realistic dinosaur skull, as well as an Apple phone stand and a duck call are a few of the sample items around her office.

"Duck calls have been particularly popular, especially for the boys here at Warren," said Morino. And then I see it. A robotic hand and it looks every bit as cool as something straight out of one of the Terminator movies. It's smaller than I thought it would be, but larger than the printer dimensions.

"We had to print each item separately," Morino said. There are over 30 pieces total. Every piece, knuckle, hinge and even the attaching screws had to be printed separately."

"I didn't realize what we'd be able to print with it," Courtnie Wheeler said when she first saw the printer at the beginning of the school year. "We all just thought it would just print basic, random things," she said. "We never thought printing something like a hand was even possible at the beginning." It's a small world, and when Morino saw on the internet that prosthetic limbs were being printed with 3-D printers, she thought of her high school friend, Brittany Walter, who has a daughter, Blake, with just such a need.

When Morino told the students that they were going to construct a hand, all the students said their jaws hit the floor. "I remember a former teacher who printed a prosthetic hand," added Wheeler. Then Morino's students started looking online at the possibilites and that sparked their imagination for printing something of this magnitude.

"Before we even thought about a recipient, we had to show we could build a practice hand and that is what this one is, and why it's smaller than the one we printed for Blake," Morino explained. "It's wrist powered. There are tension lines that run through the prosthetic limb that allow the fingers to grab and hold when Blake flexes her wrist." It's a stunning sight to see in person. The prosthetic hand is designed to attach to Blake's arm and wrist by various sections of Velcro.

We had to take pictures and fit the dimensions to Blake's hand," said Samantha Rothenberger, who explained that the students had several meetings with Blake and her family while everyone worked to get it right.

Lilla Jackson said there was a bond built between the team and the Walter family. "They are just really nice happy people. They've always been so positive, and meeting them makes it a lot more personal to help such sweet people," she said.

Morino added that Region 5 personnel are working to get a co-op together of Hardin Jefferson, Warren, Sabine Pass, Westbrook and area schools together to share success stories and spark brainstorm sessions, but this is all so new that the whole thing is still in development. Morino said much can be learned from others who have had longer exposure with the 3-D printers.

This experience has opened a world of possibilities for the Warren students, many who see themselves going into the medical field in large part due to this project.

"There is a great deal of fulfillment involved, and I think we've all felt that," Jackson added. Wheeler said that she aspires to become a trauma surgeon. Morgan Clancy said she sees herself going into the physical therapy field and working with athletes, and the information she has learned from this experience has helped her solidify her decision.

"This experience makes your class work really mean something," Jackson said. "This work we do is for something that far transcends just a classroom grade."

It's immediately and abundantly clear that these students are deeply passionate about what they are doing in Morino's class.

Deputies arrest San Augustine man on multiple counts

by Hale Hughes

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, Tyler County deputies were dispatched to a residence located on Highway 69 north of Doucette regarding a suspicious vehicle on Sunday, January 8. Upon arrival, Tyler County deputies saw a silver GMC pickup with a white male sitting in the driver's seat. Deputies made contact with the driver and identified him as Chandler Crowson of San Augustine.

As deputies had Crowson exit his vehicle, they observed what they believed to be large amounts of blood on his blue jeans. They asked Crowson if indeed it was blood, and Crowson responded that it was, and divulged to the deputuies that it was human blood. Tyler County communication officers contacted the San Augustine sheriff's office regarding Crowson. It was learned that earlier in the day around 4 a.m., San Augustine County deputies were sent out to the Crowson residence, which is located in Broaddus, about an assault that had taken place.

Once at the residence, deputies found Tina and Freeland Crowson with noticeable injuries. Both told deputies that they had been assaulted by their grandson, Chandler Crowson. Freeland Crowson was flown to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital with severe head trauma and his wife, Tina, was transported to Lufkin Memorial Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Chandler Crowson was immediately arrested and transported to the Tyler County jail, charged with multiple counts of injury to the elderly, assault with bodily injury, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Crowson remains in the Tyler County jail under a $310,000 bond set by Justice of the Peace Trisher Ford. Crowson will be transferred to the San Augustine County jail later this week.