Spurger and Fred Elementary get free school supplies

Spurger Easter Star raised $500 for school supplies this Emily Waldrep

Two Tyler County elementary schools will receive free school supplies for needy kids this year, thanks to the Spurger chapter of the Eastern Star. Both Fred Elementary and Spurger Elementary will be receiving a large amount of free school supplies such as notebooks, crayons, glue and backpacks so that low-income households don't have to deny school supplies to their children.

The Eastern Star, a division of the Masonic Lodge in Spurger, collected approximately $500 dollars worth of school supplies this year and will be dividing the supplies between Fred and Spurger elementary classes.

"The school supply lists for schools seem to be getting longer, and some families can't afford everything on the list," says Sue Saunders, a long-time member of the Eastern Star.

The supplies collected will provide supplies to a large numer of students, and 22 students will receive brand new backpacks.

Joyce Moore, the Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star, says that this is the second year that school supplies have been collected for local schools and that the program will hopefully continue for many years to come.

"The Eastern Star is an association that tries to help its members as well as the community,"  Saunders said. "It was brought to our attention a couple of years ago that a lot of the school children in Spurger could not afford their back to school supplies. Last year, after buying a whole list of school supplies, is cost about $70 dollars. What better way to help the community than provide the supplies for these children?"

Local schools are always in need of supplies, clothes, and other items to benefit the children and the Eastern Star organization is more than happy that they have a hand in helping out the schools in the Spurger community.