Shoplifter charged with retaliation after phone threat to Walmart Employee

by Kelly Barnes

A shoplifting surveillance officer from Woodville Wal-Mart spotted LaDonna Michelle Barlow, 38, of Woodville and Patrick Cardell Lewis, 30, of Woodville, attempting to take a car radio from the store May 29. According to reports, the two took the radio out of the box and then Barlow was seen removing it from her pants and giving it to Lewis, who stashed it under his clothing and left the store.

Woodville police Sergeant Lawerence Hicks received the call from WalMart and met the couple in the parking lot.

Lewis was charged with theft and also possession of drug paraphernalia, found on him by Sgt. Hicks during the recovery of the stolen merchandise and was fined for both misdemeanor charges. Lewis remains in jail, having warrants for other unpaid fines.

Barlow was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and also for retaliation. According to reports, Barlow managed to use a cell phone to call a store employee and threaten them for calling the police. Bond was set at $10,000.