Warriors Defeat Anderson Shiro in Bi-District Game

The team poses after another victorious Mitchell McCluskey

The Warren baseball team competed in their first game of their advancement on May 4 and 5. The team played two winning games against the Anderson Shiro Owls and will advance further on May 11.

The first game began with junior Chase Gray pitching for the Warriors. The team hit in three points in the first inning while the Owls scored only one point. However, in the next inning, the tables were turned as Anderson Shiro brought in four points, now leading the game. The Warriors pulled back ahead soon in the third inning, as they scored an additional four points, placing them ahead at 7-5. A change in the lineup occurred within the fourth inning, substituting sophomore Brandon Choate as pitcher for Gray. Choate performed well as a pitcher, only allowing one player to make it home. Their opponents attempted a comeback in the fifth as they scored two points; however, the Warriors held them back by scoring a point themselves. The team really pulled ahead in the sixth inning as they score a total of five points and four points in the seventh. The game ended with the score at 17-8, the Warriors far ahead of Anderson Shiro.

The teams played again the next day, a game which proved to be much closer than the previous. Throughout the game, junior Dylan Watts assumed the role of pitching. Both teams scored their first point in the first inning, and didn't score in the second. However, The Warriors separated themselves in the third inning, increasing their score by two. The team scored once more in the fourth inning before the rest of the three innings went by without a team scoring. The game resulted with the Warriors victorious with the score at 1-4. The team will play again on May 11 against Elkhart at Huntington the game will begin at 7:00 p.m. The varsity softball team finished their great season as they lost against Troup in a bi-district game on May 5.

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