Lady Warriors play amazing Bi-District game

Chelsea Hammons pitches in a fastball. (Mitchell McCluskey Photo)by Mitchell McCluskey

The Lady Warriors of Warren made their way to Porter to play their first bi-district games on April 27. The team played against the Anderson-Shiro Owls and, after three games, will advance to play again on May 5.

They played their first game with junior Brenna Johnson pitching and senior Meagan McCluskey catching. The team demonstrated their excellent fielding; however, they were unable to make it onto a base until Shelby Ford hit in a double in the third inning. She was then hit home by Johnson, scoring the first point of the game. Due to superb base-running, senior Jordan Spivey was able to steal third and home after hitting a double.

The Owls began to catch up in the fourth inning, when they scored their first point. Two Anderson-Shiro players were hit onto the bases in the fifth inning and one eventually made it home, tying the score at 2-2. From there, the Owls took control, halting all of the Warren batters at first. After a final score in the seventh inning, the first of three games went to Anderson-Shiro with the score at 3-2.

The Lady Warriors went into their next game with hopes for a better game. The game featured a change in the lineup with Chelsea Hammons now pitching and Johnson acting as shortstop. The Owls' first three outs came quickly due to first baseman Kati Crenshaw's skillful fielding. Warren's first point came in the first inning after Johnson was walked and Kaylon Morvant hit a great bunt. Johnson was able to steal home after senior Jordan Spivey was walked. Anderson-Shiro came close to scoring in the second inning; however, a phenomenal double-play featuring Crenshaw and McCluskey ended the inning.

Warren resumed their scoring with Johnson hitting Haley Roach and Haleigh Broucher home. Hammons struck out a batter in the third; however the Owls still scored their first point of the game. The Warriors then came up to bat, but despite a solid triple from Roach, they were unable to score. Johnson caught three balls in the fourth inning, resulting in her opponents' three outs. Morvant then was able to pull off a triple from a nice bunt and advanced to home via a hit from Hammons. This upped their score to 4-1. After the scoreless fifth and sixth innings, the Owls changed pitchers in attempt to make a last-minute comeback. However, the Lady Warriors held them back and finished the game with the score at 4-1 and would go on to play again.

Both teams having won a game, the teams went on to play a third and final game. Neither team scored in the first inning and as the Lady Warriors went into the second, the pressure was on. McCluskey hit in a double and slid into second; however, the team got three outs before she could advance farther. The team began scoring in the third inning, with Crenshaw hitting a single and then hit home by Morvant. Their fielding remained top notch with right fielder Kacy Priddy and center fielder Roach catching balls. Warren really began their best playing in the fourth inning, when Priddy made a homerun on quick base running and opponents' numerous overthrows. In another play, another overthrow was made to second, allowing Ford and Aleisha McNulty to run into home. The fourth inning ended with a score at 0-4. Anderson-Shiro quickly received their three outs and Warren went on to score four more points in the fifth. Hammons hit a double and McCluskey hit a triple. From then on Hammons' incredible pitching, combined with the teams' amazing fielding took care of the job as they scored one final point in the seventh inning. After an unbelievable game, the Lady Warriors finished at 0-9.

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