Round 2: Bulldogs embarrass Tigers

Zach Costellow guards third base while Bryce Rains waits in the outfield. (Chance Bailey Photo)by Chance Bailey

March 30: The Colmesneil Bulldogs were 5-0, set to take on the West Sabine Tigers. The Bulldogs were humiliated in that game, losing 8-1 at the hands of the Tigers. Whether it has been football, basketball, or baseball, the Bulldogs have had a tough time this 2011-2012 school year beating the Tigers. But on April 24, the Bulldogs were finally able to get over their "West Sabine-itis."

The game couldn't have started any better for the Bulldogs, as they jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first two innings, led by RBIs from Chris Thedford, Cullen Barker, Daniel Bruton, and Dylan Falcon. As the game continued, the Tigers were able to stay in the game, keeping the score 7-4 as the game crept into the seventh inning. The Bulldogs were able to shut the door on the Tigers, scoring seven runs in the game's final inning, highlighted by Kolton Bass' RBI double and Zach Costellow's two-run triple, making the final score 14-4 in favor of the Bulldogs. This win was important for the Bulldogs, not only from a standings point, but from a mental point as well. Getting the West Sabine monkey off their back can go a long way into motivating the Bulldogs into a deep playoff run. The final seedings for the playoffs aren't in yet, because West Sabine has to make up four games due to harsh weather conditions. If the Tigers win their next four, they will play the Bulldogs in a winner-take-all district championship game at an undisclosed date.

As for the Colmesneil Lady Dogs softball team, they were in a three-way tie with Brookeland and Zavalla. The way that the three teams decided who would be the one, two, and three seed in the playoffs goes like this: The three teams flipped a coin. The winner of the coin toss (Zavalla) got to sit and wait for the losers of the toss (Colmesneil, Brookeland) and then Zavalla would go on to the play the winner of that game for the one and two seeds. The site for this seeding tournament was in West Sabine.

The Colmesneil Lady Dogs started their most important game of the season by scoring a run in the first inning, thanks to Olivia Spradlin stealing home on a wild pitch. Brookeland was then able to take a slight lead, scoring two runs in the first inning. The Lady Dogs continued to fight back, though, making the score 3-2 on Megan Allen's RBI triple and Olivia Spradlin's RBI triple in the second inning. As the game continued, Brookeland and Colmesneil scratched and clawed until one team eventually made a mistake. When the sixth inning started, the Lady Dogs trailed 6-3. Kristi James and Treasure Jackson were able to get on base, giving the Lady Dogs a chance for a huge comeback. Senior Dakota Pentecost then hit an RBI single, making the score 6-4. The very next batter, Megan Allen, stepped up to the plate and hit a two-run triple, giving the Lady Dogs new life and 6-6 tie in the sixth inning. The Lady Dogs were in great position, with a runner on third base and one of their strongest hitters (Olivia Spradlin) up to bat with one out. Spradlin then hit a pop fly into centerfield, but the runner on third base didn't tag up as the ball was caught, so she ran home thinking that she had scored the run that was going to give the Lady Dogs a one run lead, when in reality, the Lady Dogs had to take the field in the bottom of the sixth with a 6-6 tie instead of a 7-6 lead. In the bottom of the sixth, the Lady Dogs gave up a run, and that would be the game's final score. After a 6-0 start to the season for the Lady Dogs, they went on to lose three of their last five games, making them the third and final seed in the 22-A playoffs.

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