Spurger Pirates Softball Team gears up for Playoffs

Ashley Hollier squeezes into third base. (Emily Waldrep Photo)by Emily Waldrep

The Spurger Pirate softball team is gearing up for playoffs this week, and is proud of bringing Spurger farther in playoffs than any softball team has in years. The girls had a very successful season and claimed many big wins against district opponents.

Two of the most notable games of the season were against West Hardin. The softball girls faced the Oilers in a district double header earlier in the season and came away with two huge wins. The Pirates won the first game 15-1 with a fifth inning run rule and won the second game 17-10 after seven innings.

Every player on the team has grown and developed as a player throughout the season and is proud of their accomplishments. From the two west Hardin games alone the team managed to rack up some pretty impressive stats.

Ashley Hollier came away with three singles, one triple, three stolen bases and a walk.

Pitcher McKenzie McGallion snagged four singles and two stolen bases

Amanda Duvail had two singles, one double, and seven stolen bases

Reba Peavy had two singles and seven stolen bases.

Brooke Kaylor had five singles and five stolen bases

Kaitlyn Willis had four singles, two doubles and two stolen bases;

Samantha Brinkley had two singles, a double and a stolen base;

Skeye Hutto had a single, one stolen base and four walks; and Mattie Fortenberry had four stolen bases an six walks.

All of the girls and coaches are excited about the playoff opportunities and will face Hudson on Monday in Huntington at 6:30 p.m. to advance.

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