Tyler County Regional Qualifiers For Tennis

For the first time ever, Woodville High School hosted a Tennis Regional Qualifiers Tournament. This was done after school and in the evening so students who qualifed for their Regional tournament would not lose school time.

The following Regional Qualifiers from our Tyler County schools were involved in the tournament: Colmesneil, Chester, Spurger, Warren and Woodville along with Kountze H.S. To be a Regional qualifier the tennis players must have won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at their respective District tournaments.

Colmesneil H.S. qualifiers were: in boys singles-Tanner McAlpin. In girls doubles: Presley Parker & T. Bell

Chester H.S. qualifiers were: in boys singles Hernan Martinez and Johnny Aienna, in boys doubles: W. Davis & J. Liljequist

Spurger H.S. qualifiers were: in boys singles Nathan Sheffield: in girls singles: Kelsey Sheffield and in girls doubles: A.

Hollier & A. Duvail

Warren H.S. qualifiers were: in girls singles-Kristyn Miller and in boys doubles-Nathan Albaugh and Jacob Blackshear.

Woodville H.S. qualifiers were: in boys singles-Grant Hensarling; in boys doubles-Austin Coker and B.J. Hutto; Enrique Gonzalez and Jordan Greenbaum; in girls doubles- Jenny Grissom and Kristen Swafford; and in mixed doubles-Sean O'Neal and Destini Hadnot.

Kountze H.S. qualifiers were: in boys singles-Larami Linn; in mixed doubles: Landri Linn and M. Read and D. Mayer and

D. Anderson.

Results of the Regional Qualifiers Tournament:

Boys Singles; Larami Linn (Kountze) - 1st and Hernan Martinez (Chester)-2nd.: Johnny Aienna (Chester)-3rd.

Girls Singles: Kristyn Miller (Warren)- 1st and Kelsey Sheffield (Spurger)- 2nd;

Boys Doubles: Austin Coker & B.J. Hutto (Woodville)-1st and Nathan Albaugh & Mark Blackshear (Warren)-2nd; W. Davis & J. Liljequist (Chester)-3rd.

Girls Doubles: Jenny Grissom & Kristen Swafford (Woodville)- 1st and A. Hollier & A. Duvail (Spurger) - 2nd.; P. Parker & T. Bell (Colmesneil)- 3rd.

Mixed Doubles: D. Mayer & D. Anderson (Kountze)-1st; L. Linn & M. Read (Kountze) 2nd.; Sean O'Neal & Destini Hadnot-(Woodville-3rd)

This Tennis Regiional Qualifiers tournament was played with the idea of helping our Tyler County Schools do better in their respective Regional tournaments.