Spurger Softball season ends at playoffs

Spurger Softball Team's Season Ends At Playoffsby Emily Waldrep

The Spurger Pirate softball team's season has officially come to an end after the loss of their first playoff game against Slocum.

The girls traveled to Huntington on Monday, April 30 to play their first playoff game of the season after their warm-up game against Hudson on Friday. The game was a battle from the very beginning, and the Pirates quickly racked up their first two points of the game. Ashley Hollier was walked to first, and McKenzie McGallions bat sent Hollier further on the third base. McGallion then stole second, and Amanda Duvail was walked to first. The bases were loaded and Brooke Kaylor stepped up to bat. She hit in Hollier, then Kaitlyn Willis stepped up to bat and hit it McGallion. Duvail then stole third and was trying to make a third run when Slocum caught a pop fly and ended the inning. Slocum came back with three runs and the score stayed at 2-3 with Slocum in the lead until the fifth inning. The Pirates did a great job holding off their opponent and didn't allow them to score any runs, but in the sixth inning, Slocum started hitting really well and Spurger couldn't shut them down in time. The game ended with a score of 12-2.

"They were just hitting really good, and we were so close. We just ran out of time," says Amanda Duvail.

The entire team were upset about the loss, but are proud that they made it as far as they did for the first time in years. The Spurger softball team is sure to be a contender in district playoffs for years to come.