Chester Yellowjackets excel in pair of scrimmages

Chester Yellowjackets

by Wendy Whitworth

The Yellowjackets started their first round of play when they faced Conroe Covenant.

The Yellowjackets ran 14 plays and earned two touchdowns and one false start penalty. The defense had a hard time getting started as they allowed one score. That was all it took to get them settled in and they did not allow another first down. Offensively they had a few problems with the snaps from under the center. Coach Chris Fudge was pleased with the spread offense.

The Yellowjackets second game was against Aggieland Homeschool.

The coaches played a lot of the younger players and the Jackets were still able to move the ball on offense, getting one touchdown in 10 plays.

The Yellowjackets continued to have problems taking under-center snaps and also had some trouble in the spread offense, as they had two dropped touchdown passes. Defensively the young players had a tough time adjusting to the speed of the game, giving up a long play early, but they settled in and tightened up as they got more comfortable.

The Yellowjackets seemed to have a bit more control in their third game against Huntsville Alpha Omega. There was a running clock for 20 minutes. The first series on defense the Yellowjackets forced a four and out. The offense took over the ball and marched down the field and scored in four plays.

The second series on defense, the Yellowjackets forced a fumble and took over the ball inside the 15-yard line. The offense scored on its first play from scrimmage. The third series on defense the Yellowjackets forced another fumble and took over the ball around the 25-yard line.

The offense scored in five plays. The fourth series on defense the Yellowjackets gave up a score, where the referee screened the defender and allowed the running back to get free.
The offense stalled. Jutty Vaughn had three rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown. Colten Martin and Ladarius Kirkwood each had one rushing touchdown and Junior Henson had a receiving touchdown.

The Yellowjackets are set to face Lewisville Lakeland Baptist at home at 7:30 p.m. on August 29.

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