Chester Yellowjacket football: a new season

yellowjacket pair 640px

by Wendy Whitworth

The Yellowjackets' 2013 season was full of injuries. Of the starting six for the first game, only one remained uninjured. The Yellowjackets improved offensively averaging almost 25 points per game more than their previous season. Due to multiple player injuries, there was a lot of opportunity and growth for the younger players. We should see more gains in the 2014 season. The Yellowjackets will have only two senior players to lead this team, Keaton Whitworth and Cody Riley.

Keaton Whitworth had a good season despite a severe neck injury which only allowed him to play five games. Whitworth was able to play in four preseason games and one district game. Whitworth received First Team All District wide receiver and Honorable Mention corner back. Whitworth played center in the spread, running back in tight and cornerback on defense. Whitworth played wide receiver in the last district game. In his limited action as wide receiver, Whitworth managed to catch 10 passes for 99 yards and two touch downs and also rushed for 96 yards on nine carries. Defensively, he was in on 24.5 tackles and two sacks. The only thing that slowed Whitworth was a severe neck injury. Whitworth was a key player offensively and defensively and always seemed to be in the right place to make the plays. For the 2014 season Whitworth will be playing running back in the tight formation. The spread is undetermined, but he is capable of playing center, running back, and wide receiver. On defense, he will be in the linebacker position. Whitworth will be expected to continue to lead the young Yellowjacket team and hopefully take them to the play-offs in 2014.

Cody Riley was awarded All District Honorable mention center. In the 2013 season, he played center in tight on offense and defensive tackle. Riley is in a position where stats do not matter. He is the anchor to the offensive line and someone who can lead the group to be successful. For the 2014 season, Riley will be on the offensive line playing either guard or tackle; he will also play tackle on defense. Riley will be expected to lead the team by example and become more verbal in his leadership role.

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