Caleb carries on Winkle tradition

Caleb Winkle alongside his brother Cody Winkle after West Hardin win. (Jennifer Winkle photo)Caleb Winkle alongside his brother Cody Winkle after West Hardin win. (Jennifer Winkle photo)by Kelsey Sheffield

The Winkle Brothers are one of the many sets of brothers that Spurger has been privileged to work with. Although the duo had a short run as high school players because of Cody Winkle graduating, Caleb Winkle made a foundation throughout his freshman year to keep the family name going.

Caleb Winkle is only an upcoming sophomore, but made a milestone out of his freshmen year. He was a role varsity player in each sport he took part in. Winkle was a runner for both the cross country and track team and advanced in both. The Spurger Pirates took first place at the district cross country meet, which advanced them, including Winkle, to the Regional meet. He also advanced in track to the Area meet as an individual runner for the one mile, 1600-meter dash. Not only was he busy during the fall with cross country, but with basketball as well. Winkle made a huge impression throughout the season, which earned him the honor of being named the district's Newcomer of the Year. He was also recognized as a first-team all district player, which is honorable especially for a freshman athlete. Winkle's spring season grew to be just as busy as the fall because of his involvement in track, baseball and tennis.

He served as a strong utility player on the baseball team and was impressive on the tennis court. Winkle dominated the district meet by taking first place in the boy's singles division. As district champion, he excelled to the regional meet.

Caleb Winkle has created a remarkable stepping stone for himself to launch into the rest of his high school career. It will be exciting to see Winkle and the rest of the Pirates grow and succeed.

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