Spurger athletics excited about developing athletes

Karley Wood playing for HCJ.Karley Wood playing for HCJ.

by Kelsey Sheffield

Spurger athletics is looking hopeful for a very exciting year, beginning this fall. Not only are new athletes coming up, but the players already established have developed and grown to reach unlimited successes. In this particular case, Spurger is blessed with two more years of watching one young lady grow and excel not only as a person, but as a Lady Pirate.

Karley Wood is an upcoming junior at Spurger High and has surpassed expectations thus far, making the two years to come ones to look forward to. Wood has participated in sports for several years and has been a key player for the Lady Pirates' varsity teams the past two years. Her freshmen year, she took part in both varsity volleyball and varsity basketball. During that particular season, the Lady Pirates took a hard loss of players who left and stepped down from the volleyball team, so Wood willingly stepped up and assisted the girls in the recovery process. Her hard work was accredited for when it was announced she was the 2012 District New Comer of the Year. The same year she was a member of the varsity basketball team and it was her "don't quit" attitude and remarkable defense that helped the Lady Pirates make it to the playoffs during the 2012-2013 season.

Wood took advantage of all of the time she had during her sophomore season by becoming more involved in sports to improve even more. Not only was she, once again, a role player for volleyball and basketball, but showed herself to be developing as a team leader. She kept busy with volleyball after the regular season was over by taking part in club volleyball, which went on at the same time as her basketball season. Wood represented as a Spurger Lady Pirate when she made the cut to play for the Hardin County Juniors, better known as HCJ.

The team traveled most weekends of the month for roughly two to three months to Houston to compete in vigorous tournaments against other club teams. She absorbed all she could from the new coaching and experience she became exposed to and it later showed to pay off during the Xcel Volleyball Spring League where she was the evident leader of the Lady Pirates.

She continued to represent for Spurger by playing basketball, running track, and when she wasn't managing the softball team, she served as a backup player. Wood ended her sophomore year with great accomplishments as a young athlete. She was recognized as Second Team All-District in volleyball and basketball. She not only earned the district awards, but Wood also exceeded expectations when she was awarded the 2013-2014 Athlete of the Year award from the Spurger High coaching staff.

Karley Wood has an exciting two years ahead of her to make them just as remarkable as the past two years. Spurger athletics is proven to be beyond fortunate for such dedicated athletes, such as Wood. Congratulations and the best of luck for the years to come!

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