Warrior basketball teams defeat Woodville

by Katie McCluskey

On Tuesday, February 11, the JV and varsity Warriors played their last home basketball game against Woodville. The JV Warriors played a great game and beat Woodville. The varsity Warriors played an intense game, but were able to defeat the Eagles 49-46.
The varsity game began with Cody Hammonds scoring the first points. Woodville then scored, tying the game at 2-2. Brandon Choate played great defense and stole the ball. Skylar Maass made a layup. Marshall Odom was fouled and made both of his free throws. The score was now 6-2. Hammonds had a great pass to Odom who then scored, making the score 8-4. Woodville was a able to take over the lead, but Maass ended their scoring streak with a steal. Brandon Choate then scored and tied the score 10-10. Jimmy Adams was fouled and made both of his free throws; the Warriors were now only behind by two points. Mark Blackshear had a tough offensive rebound and scored which tied the score 14-14. Odom also scored after fighting for an offensive rebound. At the end of the first Warren was trailing 17-16. Maass made one of his free throws, but after a lane violation against Woodville he was able to make another free throw. The Warriors were still behind 21-18. Hammonds then made a free throw and was quick to steal the ball which lead to an easy layup. The score was now 23-21, Warren still behind. Choate and Odom both played great defense and each had a steal. Connor Fry also came up with some great defensive plays as well. Odom made a free throw for the Warriors. The Warriors ended the first half of the game trailing just behind the Eagles 25-22. Early in the third Blackshear earned a steal and a layup, making the score 25-24. Choate then also had a steal, which led to a score from Maass. The Warriors were still behind however, 29-26. Hammonds made a great pass to Adams who scored, making Warren behind by only a single digit. Adams then had an offensive rebound and scored,The Warriors now took over the lead 30-29. Hammonds and Blackshear both contributed in stealing the ball, Hammonds then passed the ball to Maass who scored. The score was now 32-29. Hammonds fought for an offensive rebound and then scored. Adams scored for the Warriors. Maass was fouled and made both of his free throws. The score was now 40-31. Hammonds had another steal and pass to Maass who scored. Maass then drove to the goal and scored again. The score was now 44-37. The Eagles began to catch up with Warren. Maass helped the Warriors maintain their lead by a making a layup. The score was now 46-41. Choate also scored, and the score was now 48-45. Tanner Maass then stole the ball with seconds left and made a free throw. The final score was 49-46, the Warriors were once again able to defeat the Eagles.
The varsity Warriors had an excellent season. The Warriors made it to play-offs through hard work and a determined season. The JV and varsity Lady Warriors softball teams will participate in their first tournaments of the season on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 20-22. The JV Lady Warriors will travel to Livingston, and the varsity Lady Warriors will travel to Orangefield.

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