A good week to be a Pirate

Cory Hyden and Robby Clark at fishing tournament.Cory Hyden and Robby Clark at fishing Kelsey Sheffield

The Spurger Pirates have had a successful week in their extracurricular activities. Spurger has provided programs for the students to participate in such as choir, robotics, athletics, and a fishing team. Last school year, was the first year for Spurger to bring in the robotics team and choir and this year they have already shown remarkable results. This year was the birth of Spurger's fishing team with two very dedicated boys who have already accomplished great things. Another accomplishment was that of the varsity basketball boys who beat High Island on Friday, January 31.

The robotics team has been practicing and putting in many hours of dedication, just as any other team has to do, and the hard work has seemed to pay off thus far for the Pirates. Saturday, February 1, they competed in the regional competition. They placed fifth overall at regionals which advanced them to semi-finals. In the semi's, Spurger won, and are now eligible to compete in the regional championship. The team consists of six hard working students, Tommy Glover, Heith Zoch, Cory Leiby, Justin Walker, Christian Kotara, and Alex Owens.

Spurger was also represented on that same day in a fishing tournament that Cory Hyden and Robby Clark participated in. Despite the cold, the boys came out in fourth place overall. Hyden caught a 9.09 pound bass which was given the title of the "Big Bass of the Tournament".
The choir program also met in competition with three participants. Mattie Fortenberry, Colton Loechel, and Ashley King all traveled to competition to be judged on their performance of song. King came home with a score of three, and both Fortenberry and Loechel each scored a two.

Friday, January 31, the varsity basketball boys played the High Island Cardinals on their journey to earn a playoff spot. The Pirates have very few district games, and playoffs are getting closer. The spectacular win of 64-18 was one for the books and put Spurger one step closer to the playoffs. With such a blowout of a game, all of the players got a chance to play and made a contribution to the win. Sheffield had the most points for the Pirates with 18 points. He also had six rebounds, one steal, and one block and several assists. Hyden led the team in rebounds, with about seven rebounds both offensive and defensive. Hyden also put up four points for the Pirates. Clark led the team in steals, with five steals, and had eight points, and at least three assists. Caleb Winkle put up ten points for Spurger as well as a steal. Ross had seven points, three rebounds, and two steals, as well as a few assists. Pilgreen put up six points, three rebounds, and a steal, followed by Cody Winkle with five points and four rebounds, and a steal. Winkle also contributed assists to his team mates. LeBouef had two points, a rebound and also played commendable defense to help create some of the steals for Spurger. Simon came away with four points, two rebounds and two steals. Reyna and Jordan also contributed rebounds and steals for the Pirates. All the boys played with hustle and confidence, which led them to such a great victory. They will be playing again February 7 at Premier Academy and again February 11 in Spurger against Burkville. Both are vital games to making playoffs this year.

As Principal Shumake stated, "It's a great day to be a Pirate!" The Pirates are moving forward with much momentum and Pirate Pride. Be sure to support your Spurger Pirates.

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