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Lady Pirates soldier on with wins

by Kelsey Sheffield

The Spurger Lady Pirates have continued their busy new season The team has already experienced great wins, but they also have had to face disappointing losses that were applied as growth and experience for the team in preparation for upcoming contests.

The Varsity Lady Pirates took part in the Buna Varsity Tournament. Many larger-classed schools also competed in the tournament such as West Orange Stark, Legacy, Evadale and Warren.
This tournament gave the Lady Pirates the experience of playing much higher level girls, demanding a step up in their play to compete for a win.

Their first game was against Legacy of Beaumont. The game did not fall in the favor of the Spurger Pirates, but it did not completely halt their remainder tournament play. The next day, they competed with the hosting team, the Buna Cougars.

The first set was a brutal wake up call for the Lady Pirates that to win, they would have to work for it. The girls then fought, point for point against the Lady Cougars. Many times throughout the match, the Lady Pirates would have a slight lead. Unfortunately, Spurger faced a 25-27 loss. Although they did not succeed in the in the wins and losses aspect, they chose not to give up to adversity, which wad a win in itself.

The Junior Varsity and Varsity will be playing in Hull Daisetta, Friday, August 29. They will also be playing against West Hardin, in Spurger, on Tuesday, September 2. The Junior Varsity will compete in the Corrigan Tournament on September 4 and 6. All non-tournament play will begin with JV at 4:30 with varsity games to follow.

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Warren Warrior cheerleaders kick off a new year

Warren Warriors cheerleading squad for 2014. (Photo by Daisy Marino)Warren Warriors cheerleading squad for 2014. (Photo by Daisy Marino)

Doug Glosson

Cheerleaders are an often overlooked squad of girls who are there to cheer on the athletes. This year's Warren cheerleaders are Kylie King (All-American), Samantha Rothenberger (All-American), Katie Hahn (All-American), Morgan Clancy (nominated), Kailyn Kier (nominated), Sam Marlar (nominated), Jourdan Tousha, Courtnie Wheeler, Kynsi Gillis, and Madlynn Davis. They are managed by Mallory Veazey and sponsored by Daisy Marino.

This summer the cheerleaders attended National Cheerleaders Association camp in Warren. Six squad members were nominated for All-American while three were chosen. "I have a very young squad this year as they are all freshman and sophomores," Daisy said. "Even though they are young, they are dynamic. They have an extremely hard work ethic; one of the best I have ever seen. Several of the girls are also in other extra-curricular activities. I have two girls in band and three girls that play volleyball.

"The fact that they are able to split their time between so many different events and still perform as well as they do is quite admirable to me."

All-American Kylie King, when asked what she best liked about being a cheerleader said, "I love being a Warren Cheerleader since a small community can have so much spirit and it great experiencing that first hand. The little kids that watch from the fence and say they want to be just like us make it worthwhile. I'm looking forward to this season because my cheerleading team works so hard and we all want one thing; to support our Warriors to the best of our ability."

All-American Samantha Rothenberger, "We get to support the school and be positive role models."

Lady Warriors take on Hull Daisetta
Warren's Lady Warrior's freshman, junior varsity, and varsity volleyball team took on Hull Daisetta last Friday.

All three teams were able to come away with a win in early non-district action.

The varsity volleyball team was also in the Buna tournament that started last Thursday. The Warriors started the tournament in a pool with Newton and two 3A schools, West Orange-Stark and Cleveland. Facing Newton first, Warren won in straight sets, 25-10 and 25-18.

Next they had to take on Cleveland also winning in two sets 25-14 and 26-24. They would next face their biggest challenge with a young, super athletic West-Orange-Stark team. The Warriors did well splitting the sets 25-21 and 21-25, placing them second their pool by three points. They would return on Saturday to challenge district rival Deweyville to start the day. Lady Warriors won the first two sets 25-22, before dropping the next two.

Next they had to take on Legacy Christian Academy where they won 26-24 and 25-17 putting the Lady Warriors in the consolation game against West-Orange Stark. They put up a great fight but lost in straight sets 25-14 and 25-13. Lady Warriors' next games are August 29 in Warren and September 2 in Jasper.

The Warren Warriors football team played Hull Daisetta in a two live quarters game last Thursday. This type of scenario is real game except all kick plays are dead. The Warriors ran the ball well with running back Chance McGallion scoring two touchdowns, while quarterback Drew Kirk and Garrett Amadore scored one each, coming away with the win 30-7.

The Warriors play Mount Enterprise in Warren on Friday August 29 at 7:30 p.m., to open the season.

Colmesneil Bulldogs lose to Joaquin 18-6 in Friday scrimmage match

CUT ‘EM OFF AT THE PASS: A Joaquin Rams player is tackled by one of the Colmesneil Bulldogs at their Friday night scrimmage.CUT ‘EM OFF AT THE PASS: A Joaquin Rams player is tackled by one of the Colmesneil Bulldogs at their Friday night

Chris Edwards

"This ain't a gameday, it's a scrimmage."

"So, it's still a game," was how some of the conversation overheard from the bleachers at Taylor Field went the evening of Friday, August 22, as the Colmesneil Bulldogs took on the Joaquin Rams in their third and final scrimmage before the regular season begins.

Scrimmage or not, the rules of play still apply and the Dogs showed plenty of moxie against the Rams, holding strong until the fourth quarter of play, when a pair of touchdowns brought the score to 18-6 in favor of Joaquin.

The recent breakdown of the class 1A division for Texas high school sports, per the UiL's doing, moved all of the 1A districts up a notch and opened the door for a whole slew of new opponents for the fall.

Joaquin, a district located nearly on the Louisiana border, has a history of fierce play with a couple of past playoff appearances to its credit.

Strong defensive play by the Dogs allowed them to hold their own through the first three quarters of play, but a pair of touchdowns by the Rams in the fourth quarter brought the score to 18-6.
The lone score of the game for Colmesneil was obtained by junior wide receiver Kaleb Lindsey toward the end of the third quarter.

The Bulldogs will face the Lovelady Lions at 7:30 p.m. in an away match at Lovelady, which will be their first regular season game of the year.

Colmesneil High athletics also wishes to extend an inviation to Bulldog fans to come out at 7 p.m. Thursday night to Taylor Field for a "Meet the Bulldogs and Lady Dogs" event, for an opportunity to meet the athletes playing for CHS' football and volleyball teams this fall season.

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Chester Yellowjackets excel in pair of scrimmages

Chester Yellowjackets

by Wendy Whitworth

The Yellowjackets started their first round of play when they faced Conroe Covenant.

The Yellowjackets ran 14 plays and earned two touchdowns and one false start penalty. The defense had a hard time getting started as they allowed one score. That was all it took to get them settled in and they did not allow another first down. Offensively they had a few problems with the snaps from under the center. Coach Chris Fudge was pleased with the spread offense.

The Yellowjackets second game was against Aggieland Homeschool.

The coaches played a lot of the younger players and the Jackets were still able to move the ball on offense, getting one touchdown in 10 plays.

The Yellowjackets continued to have problems taking under-center snaps and also had some trouble in the spread offense, as they had two dropped touchdown passes. Defensively the young players had a tough time adjusting to the speed of the game, giving up a long play early, but they settled in and tightened up as they got more comfortable.

The Yellowjackets seemed to have a bit more control in their third game against Huntsville Alpha Omega. There was a running clock for 20 minutes. The first series on defense the Yellowjackets forced a four and out. The offense took over the ball and marched down the field and scored in four plays.

The second series on defense, the Yellowjackets forced a fumble and took over the ball inside the 15-yard line. The offense scored on its first play from scrimmage. The third series on defense the Yellowjackets forced another fumble and took over the ball around the 25-yard line.

The offense scored in five plays. The fourth series on defense the Yellowjackets gave up a score, where the referee screened the defender and allowed the running back to get free.
The offense stalled. Jutty Vaughn had three rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown. Colten Martin and Ladarius Kirkwood each had one rushing touchdown and Junior Henson had a receiving touchdown.

The Yellowjackets are set to face Lewisville Lakeland Baptist at home at 7:30 p.m. on August 29.

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Chester Lady Jackets fall to Goodrich and Warren

Junior Lady Jacket Jaci Davis makes the return during Chester’s game against the Lady Warriors. (Wendy Whitworth photo)Junior Lady Jacket Jaci Davis makes the return during Chester’s game against the Lady Warriors. (Wendy Whitworth photo)

by Wendy Whitworth/Erica Holmes

The Lady Jackets were unable to pull off a win at their first volleyball game against the greatly improved Goodrich team. However, this experience has shown the ladies and the coaches their strengths and weaknesses. They recognize the areas they need to greatly improve and others that just need some fine tuning. The two returning seniors, Destiny Kuehn and Laken Read are great leaders. They give 110% and are very encouraging with the rest of the team, especially the 6 new freshmen. Kalee Thomson and Jaci Davis have done very well in their new positions, as well as Kylee Thomson whom had to play a new position she had not had practiced in. Freshmen Meagan, Clarke, Haley Cowan and Carmen Mahaffey made their varsity debut. Junior Jaci Davis was the big hitter of the night, leading the team with 3 aces and 7 kills.

The Chester lady jacket volleyball team played up to their opponent the Warren Lady Warriors, but still fell short. They played more as a team with experience, chemistry, and heart, rather than like their last game against Goodrich, looking like strangers playing a pickup game. The Read sisters, Maddie and Laken really showed out during this game. They led the team in kills with two each. L. Read also dominated the net with three blocks and had two aces. M. Read had an ace and a dig. Destiny Kuehn held down the back row with 4 digs while Jaci Davis, whom always comes through with her power serve, had 2 aces and 2 digs. Freshmen Ashley Wells and Selah Spaulding made their varsity debut.

The Lady Jackets will play in the Buna Tournament Thursday, August 21 and Friday, August 22. The Yellowjackets will scrimmage in Huntsville.

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Lady Pirates off to successful start, varsity girls win against Sharks 3-1

Varsity Lady Pirates prepare to take on the Sabine Pass Sharks (Kelsey Sheffield photo)Varsity Lady Pirates prepare to take on the Sabine Pass Sharks (Kelsey Sheffield photo)

by Kelsey Sheffield

Spurger Lady Pirates are off to a successful start in volleyball. The team has come away so far with more wins than losses, and high hopes for the games ahead.

Both the junior varsity and varsity girls competed against the Sabine Pass Sharks, on August 12. Although the JV girls did not manage a win, the Varsity Lady Pirates came away with a 3-1 win.

The girls started off hot through the first game with a 4-0 score before the Lady Sharks could score. Of those four points, Courtney Crain served an ace and two unreturned serves. The Lady Pirates quickly got the serve back and continued to dominate the game. Cassidy LeBouef helped take the lead with her serving streak that was accompanied by Shania Peavy's digs. Each time the girls lost a point, they quickly picked back up. Karley Wood delieved, back to back, a hard kill then a deep push to accelerate the team to take the first game. Alongside these girls, Ashley Mock and Jamie Shumake helped seal the deal. Both Mock's defense and offense had intense runs of smart tips and and a few blocks. Not only did Shumake have consecutive serves, but she also dominated the back row against the Lady Sharks in digging most of what hit threw her way. The girls came away with great momentum after a 25-13 score. Through the second game, the Lady Pirates seemed to have fallen asleep.

The game remained tied, between the two teams, early on, but the Lady Sharks soon took the lead and ran with it. Although they lost the second match 14-25, good plays were still made on behalf of the Lady Pirates. Natalie Zornoza and Hailee Hyatt both made impressive kills. Thankfully, for the third and fourth rounds, the girls woke up and decided to take the win. In both sets, each one of the girls stepped and and brought something to contribute to the win. The third game was an uplifting victory of 25-14, after the surprising loss of the second match. Crain continued her serving streaks, in which many of her serves could not be returned. LeBouef and Lila Fortenberry accompanied the win by serves as well. LeBouef served an ace and Fortenberry served two aces back to back. Shumake gained control on the net and made two kills. Alongside her was Wood who has grown confident in her net work and sent a push that the Lady Sharks could not recover, as well as a striking kill to the 10-foot line. She also managed the game point with another hard kill. With an abundance of drive to win, the girls looked forward to an easy sweep in the fourth. Little did they know at the time, it did not happen.

The Lady Pirates tools huge lead on the Lady Sharks of 21-7. The girls were all playing with such high skill and confidence, they expected the game to come to an end very soon. Wood had two kills and back to back aces. LeBouef showed off her confidence in her serving when she made a seven serve streak, two of which were aces, and Crain continued to serve aces as before. Mock and Shumake continued to rule on the net with smart tipping. As the girls and all their fans were preparing to celebrate for a sweeping win, the competition came alive with an 11-point run. Finally with a score of 22-18, the Lady Pirates created an opportunity for Wood to make a successful push to the backcourt to break the streak. Shumake then boosted the reestablished confidence in the girls with an ace. The girls came away with a win of 25-19 and an overall game win 3-1.

The varsity Lady Pirates will play in the Buna Tournament, August 21-23. The junior varsity and varsity play Tuesday, August 26, in Spurger against Good Samaritan and again Friday, August 29, in Hull-Daisetta. All non-tournament games will begin at 4:30 p.m.