KayCee Davis named Texas’ 34th Annual Homecoming Queen Finalist

KayCee Davis

Miss KayCee Davis, granddaughter of Kathy Davis Trevino, and sister of Kodee Davis, of Woodville, has been selected a finalist for Texas' 34th Annual Homecoming Queen Selection to be held April 6, 2014, at the Dallas-Fort Worth Marriott in Irving, Texas. She is the Warren High School Homecoming Queen. Texas' 2014 Homecoming Queen will receive a cash scholarship plus an all-expense-paid trip to the National Finals to compete with the queens from other states for America's Homecoming Queen. America's Homecoming Queen, Inc., is a non-profit organization promoting education, educational travel and community service in all fifty states. KayCee will also be competing for Texas' favorite homecoming queen. You can vote for her for Texas' favorite homecoming queen at