Sheriff's Corner: May 9, 2013

by Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford

Let me just start by saying what a beautiful weekend it was in Tyler County. So many visitors and citizens of the communities came together for an event that seemed to draw East Texas and a nation together.

Iwant to take this time to personally thank so many people that helped the KREE WEEKEND to be safe and, from a security standpoint, uneventful. To my staff, deputies, communication department and jailers, you made me proud. Each and every one of you stepped up to the task at hand, keeping our citizens, visitors and Kree safe.

Woodville Police Chief Scott Yosko and I spoke on numerous occasions, and I know his feelings toward his officers are the same.

Thank you to Michael Greaff and the Sheriff's Office Inmate Work Program for all your hard work preparing the Rodeo Grounds. Terry Riley, you did a fantastic job as usual, getting the rodeo up and going on such short notice, and Courthouse security has never been safer than it is today.

Thank you to the Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers, local and visiting, Tyler County Constables, the Alabama-Coushatta Police Department and The Tyler County Search and Rescue Team. Dr. Sandra Wright, Sondra Wilson and the entire staff of Tyler County Hospital, and Dogwood EMS, thank you so much for always being prepared and meeting the medical needs of everyone. Woodville Fire Chief Tommy Shane, you and your men always rise to the occasion. So many times you and your men and all the volunteer firemen and women throughout the county come to our aid, even when flames can't be seen.

I have only heard a few negative comments throughout the county concerning the officer presence around our American Idol, Kree Harrison. Law Enforcement in our area has never had this type of "Star Power" in our county in such a wide-open spectrum. We honestly did not know what to expect. We prepared for the worst, but hoped for the best. Officers commonly use the phrase, "Not on My Watch". This young 22 year-old rising star was not going to be harmed, nor any citizen or visitor that was gathered at this nationally publicized event. Thank You, Jesus, that CNN, FOX, ABC and CBS had no tragic headlines to come from this great event.

"Not on My Watch", just another ordinary beautiful weekend in Tyler County.