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Colmesneil woman arrested on robbery charge

by Emily Waldrep

Tyler County Sheriff's Deputy Kasey Whitworth arrested a 20-year old Colmesneil woman for aggravated robbery after she pushed another woman aside and took money from her purse.

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, Whitworth was dispatched to the robbery that occurred in Colmesneil on February 13.

"Once on scene, the deputy met with the complainant who said that she had loaned Sierra Patrick, age 20, of Colmesneil, $90 dollars for assorted items," said Sheriff Bryan Weatherford. "Patrick paid back $80 of the $90 dollars that she owed the complainant, but on the day of the robbery incident Patrick came back to the complainant and asked for the money back. The complainant had opened the door to her home and Patrick stepped inside. Patrick became agitated and demanded her money back. The complainant refused to give the money back since Patrick had already borrowed it and paid it back. Patrick became even more agitated, and shoved the complainant out of the way and grabbed her purse. Patrick then took $87 from her purse and ran out of the door."

According the Weatherford, the complainant tried to stop Patrick from leaving the house but was physically unable to stop her.

Deputy Whitworth submitted paperwork to Justice of the Peace Pct. 2, Judith Haney and a warrant was issued for Patrick's arrest.

"On Saturday, January 16, Deputy Whitworth located and arrested Patrick," Weatherford said.

Patrick was charged with aggravated robbery and her bond was set at $100,000.

Sheriff's Report...the Second Amendment

by Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford

It seems everywhere that I go these days our citizens' main concerns revolve around the topic of our current Federal Elected Officials and their stance on Gun Control. What are they going to do? What is this Sheriff's Side of the debate? And ultimately...What will you do if Washington comes for our guns?

I was heartbroken, as each of you were, to hear of the events that have occurred recently in this country, seeing so many innocent people killed at the hands of truly evil and disturbed people. It saddens me even more to see politicians use these events to use people's emotions to push an agenda that will not bring safety to this country, but leave us without one of our inherent rights as Americans. More innocent people are killed every year due to intoxicated drivers but Washington is not calling to ban automobiles. Washington knows the car is not to blame; the fault lies with the person who chose to get behind the wheel. Go back to the first murder—was the evil in the club? No, the evil was in Cain's heart.

The only people that would notice that a ban was even in place would be the law abiding citizens of this Country. Criminals, by definition, work outside the law. Criminals will continue to get weapons illegally; that is what they do. If this theory worked, making narcotics, for example, "illegal or banned", would solve our drug problem. As the picture becomes clearer each day to Local Law Enforcement and the hard working Citizens of Our County, we see Bad People continuing to break the law.

To me it is not up for debate.

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America:


A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Benjamin Franklin was quoted, "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." Liberty has no teeth if the citizens are not armed. All Elected Officials, including the President and Myself, took an oath to defend the Constitution of these United States of America. If they chose to go against that Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, that is very clear, then they themselves should be removed from office for trying to take away one of our inalienable rights as an American citizen.

I know most of you hope, as I do, that the day will never come when our Government asks for our guns and disregards the 2nd Amendment. I, as you, have countless friends and loved ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the document we call the Constitution of the United States of America, and "We the People" should be as resolve in our beliefs. The citizens of Tyler County have placed their sacred trust into my hands and the hands of my office to keep them and their families safe. The Office of Sheriff of Tyler County Will Not Be A To Disarming our Americans.

Two charged in Whitetail Ridge burglary

by Emily Waldrep

A call from a watchful Whitetail Ridge resident after he suspected that his neighbor was being robbed led to the arrest of two 21-year-old thieves on February 9.

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, Corporal Tony Reynolds was dispatched to private road 6104 in Whitetail ridge at approximately 12:45 p.m. after a caller stated that there was a white female and a white male at the residence next to his.

"The caller knew that the owner of the residence was gone at the moment and saw that a window had been broken out, and he wasn't sure if the two individuals had permission to be on the property," Weatherford said.

While en route, the deputy was advised by dispatch that the two suspects had left the residence in a white Toyota Camry.

The deputy located the vehicle matching the description given approximately three miles west of Woodville.

The vehicle then quickly turned on County Road 1010 off US 190. The deputy made a traffic stop down the county road and made contact with the driver, Tyra Mullins, age 21, of Woodville and the passenger, who identified himself as James Riley.

"At this point, the deputy had Riley exit the vehicle and he noticed a knife hanging out of his pocket, and the subject indicated he had a second knife in his pocket," Weatherford said. "The deputy then performed a weapons pat down on Riley, and during the pat down he noticed that he had multiple items in his right front pants pocket. The deputy received verbal consent to remove the items from Riley's pockets, and he removed a bag containing four white pills which were later identified as hydrocodone, a small clear bag containing a white powdery substance which was later identified as cocaine and a broken pen with tin foil wrapped around it that appeared to be used for smoking marijuana."

According to Weatherford, the officer obtained consent to search the vehicle and found marijuana residue in the ash tray and on the driver and passenger seats. In the rear seat, he found a TV and assorted DVD movies, a hammer and a pry bar.

"Both suspects were put under placed under arrest, and once they arrived at the Tyler County Justice Center, deputies realized that James Riley had given a false name and date of birth, and that his real name is Josh Riley, age 21 of Silsbee," Weatherford said.

Both were booked into the Tyler County jail, and remain in custody.

Josh Riley was booked on charges of possession controlled substance, possession controlled substance, possession drug paraphernalia, burglary of habitation, failure to identify giving false / fictitious information. Tyra Mullins was booked on charges of no operators license, burglary of habitation.

Four arrested on alcohol, drug charges

by Emily Waldrep

What began as a stranded driver asking for help led to the arrest of four people on public intoxication and drug charges after Deputies with the Tyler County Sheriff's Department detected the smell of alcohol inside of the vehicle.

"Deputy Jeremy Byrum was on routine patrol and observed a stranded motorist on highway 69 north, near Colmesneil," said Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford. "He then observed a male standing in the roadway signaling, who said he needed help. The deputy stopped to assist and made contact with two black males who advised their car had stopped and would not start. There were also two females inside of the vehicle."

The two males were identified as Lajuan Cole, 46 of Center and Kevin Moody, 28, also of Center. The two females were identified as Robin Griffin, 36 of Lufkin and Marquita Higgins, 29 of Lufkin.

"While speaking to Cole, the man who flagged the officer down, it was determined that he was intoxicated to the point that he created a substantial risk to himself as well as others, so he was placed under arrest at that time for public intoxication," Weatherford said. "After talking to the other occupants of the vehicle, it was determined that they were intoxicated to the point that they were a danger to themselves and were also placed under arrest for public intoxication."

Deputies then gained consent from the occupants to search the vehicle, and discovered a clear plastic bag containing blue tablets, later identified as Ecstasy. Cole claimed that the pills belonged to him.

"Once at the Tyler County Justice center, the deputy advised all four subjects about bringing contraband into the facility," said Sheriff Weatherford. "That is when Higgins advised that she had some contraband, and pulled a plastic bottle with a brown liquid out of the pocket of her pants. The substance was later field tested and proved to be Phencyclidine."

Higgins was booked on charges of public intoxication and possession of a controlled substance. Cole was booked on charges of public intoxication and possession of a controlled substance. Kevin Moody also had an outstanding warrant out of Nacogdoches County for failure to identify fugitive from justice. Moody was booked for the warrant as well as public intoxication. Griffin was booked on charges of public intoxication.

All subjects, besides Higgins, were released from the Tyler County Justice Center on bond. Higgins remains in jail at press time.

Valentines For Vets!

Valentines For Vets!Valentines For Vets—Camp Fire and the Booster and the veterans administration service have joined Woodville area schools and churches to support Valentines for Vets, an annual Camp Fire event. Camp Fire uses programs such as Valentines for Vets to provide opportunities for youth to learn patriotism, history, and the importance of compassion and appreciation for those who have given up so much to protect our freedoms. Shown in the photo are Melvin DeHaven, Veteran and volunteer van driver, Ellen Craig, Veteran Services Administrator, holding the valentine collection box in which valentines were collected at the Booster, Brooke Byley, WISD student, holding valentines made by Wee Wisdom students, and Darby Kethan, volunteer with Camp Fire Southeast Texas. Among those participating in this year's event were Wee Wisdom students and staff, WISD Wheat Elementary Students, Tejas Rd. Baptist Church and Spirit Sisters group at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Valentines will be delivered to the Veteran's Hospital in Houston where the cards will delivered to individual Vets on their meal trays. The cards included sentiments such as thanking the vets for their service, drawings by a student of several houses and a flag with the caption, "our world at peace", and "thank you for giving us our freedoms".