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Welfare check results in drug arrest

by Emily Waldrep


Sergeant Lawerance Hicks was conducting a welfare check on someone at the roadside park on Highway 190 West just west of Hennigan Ball Park at approximately 4:30 a.m on Saturday, October 6 when he contacted a man, later indentified as James Brady McClure, age 38 of Nacogdoches, seated in a vehicle at the park.

“While talking with the subject, Sgt. Hicks observed a glass pipe lying on the center console inside of the vehicle,” Captain Mike McCulley of the Woodville Police Department said, “Sgt. Hicks knew the paraphernalia is used in the use of methamphetamines.”

McClure was placed under arrest for drug paraphernalia, and was then told that additional drugs were inside of the vehicle. After searching the trunk of the vehicle, Sgt. Hicks uncovered two baggies of suspected methamphetamines weighing approximately 3 grams.

McClure was charged with Possession of a Controlled substance (penalty group 1) more than one gram and less than four grams. Bond was set at $15,000.

McClure was also charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and those charges are pending. 

Woodville man arrested on drug charges, possession of prohibited items in correction facility

by Emily Waldrep

A verbal disturbance Thursday, October 4 led to the arrest of a Woodville man for several different drug charges. Sergeant Lawrance Hicks of the Woodville Police Department arrived on South Beech Street to investigate the disturbance call and was advised that the person involved had just left the home. Officers located and detained the person, later identified as Micha Sky Kibler, age 28 of Woodville.

During the interview, Sgt. Hicks obtained information that led him to believe that Kibler had narcotics in his possession.

"Officers obtained consent to search the vehicle and located a backpack inside that contained narcotics," Woodville Police Captain Mike McCulley said. "Officers recovered approximately one gram of methamphetamine, a large baggie containing prescription type tablets along with several items of Drug Paraphernalia, including syringes."

Kibler was charged with Possession of a controlled substance (penalty group 1), less than one gram, Possession of a Controlled Substance (penalty group 3), more than 3 grams and less than 28 grams and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On October 6, Sgt. Hicks was contacted by jail staff and reported that Kibler was found to be in possession of an prohibited item while still in jail. Kibler was additionally charged with Possession of Prohibited Items in a Correction Facility, which is a third degree felony.

Kiblers bond was set at $45,000 for all charges.

“Friends of Ivanhoe” to host ‘Meet the Mayoral Candidates Forum’

Something different is coming to Ivanhoe. Similar to the Presidential debates, the Friends of Ivanhoe, is hosting a Meet the Mayoral Candidates Forum on October 18 at 7:00 PM at the Buck Priest Community Center.

Lea Craven and Glinda Goodman, co-chairs of the group stated, "We feel that it is important that everyone have an opportunity to hear both candidates speak more in detail about where they stand on the issues Ivanhoe is currently facing and their ideas for our future. In the past we have held forums which included the City Council candidates along with those running for Mayor but it is not possible for anyone to really address the issues in just the few minutes that this type of forum allows.

On the national level we as citizens have an opportunity to hear our presidential candidates in a similar interchange and realize how important it is to hear our leaders express their views. We are hoping that this will give the citizens of Ivanhoe a chance to be more informed."

2012 Tyler County Fair Report

Grand Champion Steer—Lauren Foster from Warren FFA raised the Grand Champion Steer for this Year’s Tyler County Fair. The steer brought $8,500 at the auction Saturday night. Buyers were Read Logging, Mrs. R.A. Jernigan, Jackie Young and Catherine Jernigan. (Jim Powers Photo)Each year many Tyler County young people devote a lot of time raising animals to show at the Tyler County Fair and once again a lot of folks went out to support the Tyler County young people at this year's event. When the bidding and "Behind the Barn" buying ended Saturday night, sales for the 2012 Fair totaled $171,727 which is an incredible effort by the buyers in this challenging economic time.

The weather was perfect this year, generally cool and dry, which brought a lot of folks out for both the Carnival and the other Fair activities.

If you've not had a child who participated in the Livestock portion of the Tyler County Fair, you may not know how expensive it is to raise these animals. Because of this expense it would not be possible for many young people to participate in the Fair if not for the folks who buy their animals at the auction each year. The Booster salutes these Buyers and the contribution they make to the young people of Tyler County.

Lauren Foster had the GC Steer and took home $8,500 for her effort. Buyers were Read Logging, Mrs. R.A. Jernigan, Jackie Young, Catherine Jernigan and Glen Kathy Young.

Taya Fowler raised the GC Swine, taking home $5,000. Buyers were Colmesneil Ag. Buyers, Anco Ins., Jasper Ford, Tolar Feed, Moore Dozer & Tractor, and Dan Ryle.

Tyler Hollingsworth raised the GC Goat, receiving $2,800 for his effort. Buyers were Citizens State Bank, Village St. Bed and Breakfast, Tyler Co. Heritage Society Warren Ag Buyers and East Texas Home Health.

Dustin Ivey picked up GC Lamb honors and sold it for $3,100. Buyers were Pillack Farms, Tyler Co. Heritage Society Society, James Brown, Walling Signs and Woodville FFA.

Quinton Cawley had the GC Broiler and received $3,000. Buyers were Community Bank of Warren, Warren Ag., Springfield Pipeline and Anadarco.

Marty Thompson, picked up $1,850 for his GC Rabbit. Buyers were Dr. Paul Schultz, Farm Bureau and Woodville FFA.

Timber Wright's RC Steer earned her $8,499. Buyers were Wade Read, Chester St. Bank, Wade Ray in memory of Bubba Handley, Farm Bureau, Center L/S Auction, Easttx Home Health, Nacogdoches 4S Rattlesnake Ranch, Diamond B Resources, Eitx 4s, Elisa Sterling.

Erin Foster's RC Swine earned her $4,999. Buyer was Read Logging.

Erin Lusk's RC Goat brought her $2,799 from TYCO Feed, East Tx Home Health, Frank Ranch and Nancy David.

Chase Foxworth's RC Lamb earned him $2,600. Buyer's were Read Logging, Kent Gore and David Marold.

RC Broiler was raised by Madison Fondren and brought $2,999. Buyer's were Read Logging, Cathy & Steve Whisneant, and Community Bank of Warren.

Billy Thompson's RC Rabbit drew $1,849. Buyers were First National Bank, Tyler County Abstract-Tommy Don Fortenberry, Woodville FFA Boosters and Farm Bureau.

Erin Lusk's 3rd Place Steer brought home $8,499. Buyer's were Davis Vet Service, Tommy Franks, Tyco Feed, Seamans Ranch and Colmesneil Ag. Buyers.

Conner Read's 3rd Place Swine netted her $4,999. Buyer's were Texas Timberjack, David Marold and Kent Gore.

Lainey Spradlin had the 3rd Place Goat and took home $2,799. Buyers were East Tx Home Health, Frank Ranch, Colmesneil Ag Buyers, Bill Dover and Community Bank.

Destiny Allain took home $2,100 with her 3rd Place Lamb. Buyers were Warren AG and Performance Truck.

Chase Fondren's 3rd Place Broiler brought in $2,500. Buyers were Warren AG and First National Bank.

Colton Haynes' 3rd Place Rabbit brought $1,300. Buyer was Wade Warlow and Warren Ag.

Olivia Spradlin's 4th Place Steer brought in $8,499. Buyers were Bugs Dozer Service, Prime Acres Management, Frank Ranch and Colmesneil Ag Buyers.

Chase Foxworth had a nice 4th Place Swine that brought him $4,100. Buyer's were David Norton, Performance Truck and Warren Ag Buyers.

Kennedy Rogers showed well with a 4th Place Goat and took home $2,799 for her efforts. Buyers were E. Troy Blakeney, Jr.

Tyler Ramer's 4th Place Lamb brought $2,599. Phillip Moore Dozer, Community Bank Woodville, Colmesneil Ag. Buyers, and Lavon & Max Fowler were the buyers.

Trent Moore showed the 4th Place Broiler netting $2,100. Buyer's were BNK Servtees, Bryan & Bryan, and Warren Ag.

Brooke Foster raised the 4th Place Rabbit, taking home $1,849. Buyers were Brookshire Bro. and Ferguson Farms.

Erin Foster's 5th Place Steer took in $6,500. Buyers were Modica Brothers and Warren Ag.

Keeley Fowler's 5th Place Swine brought $4,998. Buyer's were Parker Forestry, Area Surveying, Community Bank, SJ Marks, Dale Family, Colmesneil Ag, Frank Ranch, TAC Risinger Attorney at Law.

Kydie Edwards raised the 5th Place Goat and took home $2,799. Buyers were Colmesneil Ag. Buyers and 1st Quality Hospice, LLC.

Kamryn Ramer's 5th Place Lamb brought $2.599. Buyers were Bill Dover, Phillip Moore Dozer, Sidney Allison, Community Bank, Woodville, Colmesneil Ag. Buyers and Lavon & Max Fowler.

Mark Blackshear's 5th Place Broiler brought $1,600. Buyers were Springfield Pipeline, Anadarco and Warren Ag.

Lauren Foster's 5th Place Rabbit brought $1,849. Buyers were Ferguson Farm and Warren AG

Marty Thompson's 6th Place Steer earned $6,600. Buyers was Golden Pine.

Jacey Spell's 6th Place Swine brought him $2,800. Buyer were Anadarco, Mr. Turner, Care Plus Home Health, Woodville FFA Bosster, Heritage Village, Lindsey Whisenhant, Med Shop, Bill Dover Exxon, Jarrotts, Rusty Hughes and Riley's Funeral Home.

Meagan Hollingsworth had the 6th Place Goat and received $2,200. Buyers were Warren Mini Storage and Warren Ag.

Meagan Hollingsworth's 6th Place Lamb brought her $2,200. Buyers were Warren Mini Storage and Warren Ag.

Brooke Foster earned $2,600 from her 6th Place Broiler. Buyers were Texas Storage and Performance Truck.

Eli Standley raised the 7th Place Swine which brought $3,600. Buyer's were Tyco Feed and Golden Ane Finaancial.

Cason Reid's 7th Place Goat brought $2,799 at auction. Buyers were Wade & Stacy Read.

Tyler Ramer's 7th Place Broiler pulled in $1,800. Buyers were Read Logging and Tejas Equipment.

Laci Clinard picked up $1,849 for her 7th Place Rabbit. Buyer was Gardner Oil.

Abagail Leblanc raised $2,600 with her 8th Place Swine. Buyers were Little Hawk Lawn Service and Warren Ag.

Kacy Priddy's 8th Place Goat brought $1,800. Buyer's were Warren AG, Springfield Pipeline and Anadarco..

Conner Ackley raised the 8th Place Broilers and took home $2,000. Buyer's were Anadarco, Springfield Pipeline and Colmesneil Buyers.

Luke Whisneant's 9th Place Swine drew $3,800. Buyers were Kara Farms, Tejas Equipment and J.R. Truck.

Timber Wright got $4,999 for her 10th Place Swine. Buyers were Josh & Nancy David, Terry & Melissa Riley, Timberman Supply, Colmesneil Buyers and Melvin & Sandy Lowe.

Luke Callaway's 11th Place Swine pulled in $4,999. Buyer was Gardner Oil.

James Whisenhaunt had the 12th Place Swine and got $4,999 for his efforts. Buyers were Billie & Stephanie Read, and Texas Equipment.

Brianna Hudson had the Grand Champion Commercial Heifer. She received $2,500. Buyers were South Hampton, Heritage Village, Farm Bureau and Spurger Booster Club.

Cydnye Couthran raised the Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer, for which she received %1,600. Buyers were Livingston Live Stock and John Wayne Davis.