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Chester Council rejects Entergy rate changes

by Michael G. Maness

Chester City Council declined Entergy's request for any and all rate changes during their regular council meeting Monday night, Oct. 7, at 6 p.m.

Since there were no opponents registered by the deadline for the council seats held by Gale Williams, B. E. Williams, and Vincent Incardona, and all three were willing to serve again, the council voted to cancel the upcoming election.

The council approved the financial statements and paying of the bills in due order.

Councilman Eric Holder reflected with satisfaction that Sheriff Bryan Weatherford's inmate utility crews had done a good job on mowing and maintaining the park.

Councilman Incardona asked about applications for the part-time position to help city secretary Annette Hickman. She reported that they had received one more application, and the council decided to look at all the applications at the next council meeting.

The council had previously approved for City Supervisor Dale Clamon to seek clarification on the city's contract for employee uniforms. As it turned out, the council was proud of Clamon's handling of the contractor. Since the contractor had apparently lost their written contract, Clamon was able to get the contractor to cancel the contract with little fuss. Clamon furthermore negotiated for the city to buy the contractor's remaining uniforms for a song.

A little levity among the council members allowed them some humor. None seemed to be in a hurry, and there were a few reflections of days gone by, reflecting upon their love for Chester.

A peaceful adjournment was secured.

2013 Tyler County Fair totals $249,296.50 in sales

2013-GC Steer 450pxErin Lusk of Colmesneil FFA takes home $11,000 dollars for her Grand Champion Steer at the 2013 Tyler County Fair Auction Saturday night. Total sales for the Fair were $249,296.50, significantly higher than last year’s total! (Jim Powers/Booster Photo)

Each year many Tyler County young people devote a lot of time raising animals to show at the Tyler County Fair and once again a lot of folks went out to support the Tyler County young people at this year’s event. When the bidding and “Behind the Barn” buying ended Saturday night, sales for the 2013 Fair totaled $249,296.50 which is an incredible effort by the buyers in this challenging economic time.

The weather was great this year, which brought a lot of folks out for both the carnival and the other fair activities.

If you've not had a child who participated in the Livestock portion of the Tyler County Fair, you may not know how expensive it is to raise these animals. Because of this expense it would not be possible for many young people to participate in the fair if not for the folks who buy their animals at the auction each year. The Booster salutes these buyers and the contribution they make to the young people of Tyler County.

Erin Lusk had the GC Steer and took home $11,000 for her effort. Buyers were Tyco General Feed 5,000; East Texas Home Health 1,000; In Memory of Larry Seamans 1,000; Citizens State Bank 1,500; Seamans Cattle Co 1,000; and Josh & Nancy David 1,500.

Conner Read raised the GC Swine, taking home $8,000. Buyers were Modica Bros 5,000; Kent Gore 1,000; David Marold 1,000; Warren Ag Alumni 1,000.

Timber Wright raised the GC Lamb, receiving $4,000 for her effort. Buyers were Nancy David 2,000; James Wright 2,000.

Matthew Pruyne picked up GC Goat honors and sold it for $3,550. Buyers were 1st Quality Hospice 1,000; Bill Dover 250; Community Bank of Texas 500; Michael Kethan 1,000; Warren 4-H 200; Warren Ag Buyers 350; D&D Feed 250.

Colten Martin had the GC Broiler and received $3,500. Buyers were Milt Purvis 500; Chester Ag Buyer 3,000.

Erin Lusk took GC Commercial Heifers, taking $2,700. Buyers were Seamans Cattle Co 1,800; Frank Ranch 400; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 500.

Gator Thompson, picked up $2,500 for his GC Meat Pen. Buyers were Golden Pine Inc 1,000; FNB-J 1,000; East Texas Home Health 500.

Timber Wright's RC Steer earned her $10,999. Buyers were Ms. Jernigan 2,000; Josh David 3,500; Bob David 500; Rodney Bendy 500; Center Livestock 500; Nacogdoches Livestock 500; East Texas Home Health 1,000; James Wright 500; Wade Read 1,000; Phillip Moore 999.

Maddie Read's RC Swine earned her $6,000. Buyers were Tejas Equipment 4,000; Read Logging 1,000; Texas Timberjack 1,000.

Dustin Ivey's RC Lamb brought $3,999 from Springfield Pipeline 1,000; Lindsey Whisenhant 2,000; Pillack Ranch 999.

Cooper Bendy's RC Broiler earned $3,499. Buyers were Jobe Farms 150; Windum & Sons 500; Tolar Feed 500; Gary Tolar 500; Wilson Ins. 150; Texas State Bank - Chester 1,000; Farm Bureau 500; Chester Buyers 199.

Timber Wright's RC Goat brought $3,999. Buyers were Diamond D 500; Farm Bureau 100; James Wright 1,400; Dover Oil 500; Dr. Paula Schultz 300; Chuck Davison 300; Wade Read 150; D&B Hardware 149.

Emilee Ozment took RC Commercial Heifers, picking up $2,500. Buyers were East Texas Home Health 1,600; Frank Ranch 400; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 500.

Colton Haynes raised the RC Meat Pen which earned him $2,000. Buyers were Michelle Martindale 500; Woodville Hardwoods 500; Warren Ag Buyers 1,000.

Emily Jernigan raised the 3rd Place Steer and received $10,000 for her efforts. Buyers were East Texas Home Health 8,500; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 1,000; Rodney DC Farms 500.

Luke Read took 3rd Place Swine, which pulled in $5,999. Buyers were Texas Timberjack 2,500; Gardner Oil 3,499.

Sam Shirley raised the 3rd Place Lamb, drawing $3,200. Buyers were Five Star Metals 3000; Jarrott's Pharmacy 200.

Jacob Thompson had the 3rd Place Boiler, taking $3,000 for his effort. Buyers were BNK Services 1,000; Specialty Insurance Adjusters 1,500; Billie Read 500.

Cason Reid raised 3rd Place Goat, earning $3,999. Buyers were Billie and Stephanie Read.

Lauren Foster raised the 3rd Place Meat Pen, drawing $1,999. Warren FFA Alumni was the buyer.

Tyler Cutrer raised the 4th Place Steer, and earned $8,000. Buyers were Tommy Franks 2,500; Golden Pine 2,500; Bo and Andy Treadway 1,250; Keg Pucket 1,250; East Texas Home Health 500.

Cole Welch came in with the 4th Place Goat. He received $2,850 for his efforts. Buyers were FNB-J 700; Chad Dueba 600; Star Metal 500; Bill Dover 250; Tri-City 250; Sullivans 200; Tolberts 200; 150 Kurt Thacker.

Billy Thompson took 4th Place Meat Pen and took home $1,999 for his efforts. Buyers were Golden Pine Financial 1,500; Tyler County Farm Bureau 499.

Tyler Drake came in with 4th Place Broiler and went home with $2,300. Buyers were Tyler County Farm Bureau; Martin Nash; Wade Wardlaw; Timbermans Supply.

Cason Reid had 4th Place Lamb. He received $3,100. Buyer was Warren FFA Alumni.

Bailey Moore took 4th Place Swine and received $5,250 for his effort. Buyers were Andy Reid 1,000; Fred 4-H 1,000; Woodville Hardwood 2,000; Pam & Doug Hutto 500; Warren Ag 500; Bill Dover Exxon 250.

Erin Lusk showed the 5th Place Goat and went home with $3,399. Buyers were Frank Ranch 1,250; Robert Allison 500; Community Bank of Texas 500; Citizens State Bank 450; Jamie Conner 300; Seamans Cattle 399.

Douglas Broomfield had the 5th Place Steer earning $9,000. Buyers were Springfield Pipeline 1,000; Tyco General Feed 1,000; Frank Ranch 500; Citizens State Bank 500; Seamans Cattle Co 1,500; Area Medical Supply 1,000; Haywerd Fetner 500; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 2,000; Max & Lavon Fowler 500; Rockin DC Farms 500.

Seth Read raised the 5th Place Swine, taking home $5,999. Buyers were Jake David 2,500; HC Oil Field 1,600; Chester Buyers 1,899.

Daneille Sandord's 5th Place Lamb earned her $3,000. Buyers were ETHH 1,700; Medicine Shoppe 75; Pillack Ranch 475; Heritage Village 200; FNB-J 500.

Madison Fondren's 5th Place Broiler took in $2,700. Buyers were Warren Ag Buyers 2,000; Billie Read 500; Kent Gore 200.

Tyler Haynes raised the 5th Place Meat Pen and earned $1,000 for his effort. Buyers were Warren 4-H 500; Warren Ag Buyers 500.

Trey Patillo picked up $3,000 for his 6th Place Broiler. Buyers were East Texas Home Health 1,300; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 1,700.

Keeley Fowler's 6th Place Meat Pen earned her $1,999. Buyers were Frank Ranch 250; Parker Forestry 400; Mark Martin 500; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 199; Lyle Rainey 200; Bill Dover Exxon 250; Bob Jacobs 100; Darren Jacobs 100.

Rebeka Allen raised the 6th Place Lamb and took home $3,200. Buyers were Anadarko 1,000; Robert Greenwood 500; Serendipity Boutique 50; Mark Moore 900; Fain & Smathers 100; Timbermans Supply 250; Farm Bureau 100, Area Surveying and Mapping 300.

Ashlynn Whisneant earned $2,500 with her 6th Place Goat. Buyers were Brookshire Bros 500; Texas Storage 500; Village St. Bed and Breakfast 325; Warren Ag Buyers 1,175.

Conner Read took $10,999 with his 6th Place Steer. Buyers were David Marold 4,000; Read Logging 6,999.

Natalie Standley's 6th Place Swine brought in $5,999. Buyers were Kara Farms 2,000; Tejas Equipment 1,000; Read Loggin 1,500; Wade & Stacy Read 999; Jamie Conner 400; Lakeway Tire 100.

Colton Broomfield showed the 7th Place Goat and earned $3,000. Buyers were Tyco General Feed 500; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 1,400; Rockin DC 500; Tyco Farm 300; Fain & Smathers 100; Tyler County Heritage Society 200.

Chase Fondren showed the 7th Place Broiler, taking home $2,300. Buyers were Warren Ag Buyers 1,800; Billy Read 500.

Eli Standley's 7th Place Swine brought him $5,999. Buyers were Tyco General Feed 3,000; Cherie Read 999; Read Logging 800; Hoyt Watts 600; Kyle & Candice Spivey 500; Lakeway Tire 100.

Dakota Thomas showed the 8th Place Goat and took home $3,399. Buyers were Wade Read 500; Robert Allison 500; Livingston Walmart 1,000; Lakeway Tire 100, Seth Handley 500; Chester Buyers 799.

Cooper Bendy's 8th Place Swine earned him $5,999. Buyers were Tyler County Tractor 500; Community Bank of Texas 500; Brian & Bryan 500; East Texas Livestock 250; Bryan Martin 100; Chester Buyers Club 1,250; Dr. Paula Schultz 900; Wade Read 1,000.

Skydin Spurlock raised the 8th Place Broiler and received $2,000 for his hard work. Buyers were Warren Ag Buyers 1,500; East Texas Home Health 500.

Taya Fowler's 9th Place Swine brought home $5,999. Buyers were Anadarko 1,000; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 1,499; Jama Group 1,000; Tyco General Feed 500; Michael Risinger 250; Frank Ranch 700; Farm Bureau 300; Fowler Farms 500; Mike Godwin 250.

Hailey O'Quinn raised the 9th Place Goat. She earned $2,400 for her effort. Buyer was Mary Alice Fortenberry Nagypal.

Will Read's 10th Place Swine picked up $5,999. Buyers were Cathy & Steve Whisneant 1,500; David Marold 2,500; Texas Timberjack 1,999.

Laken Read took 11th Place Swine and earned $5,999. Buyers were Betty Ann Whitworth 2,000; Diamond D 1,000; Jobe Farms 500; Chester Ag Buyers 2,499.

Dusty Clinard showed the 12th Place Swine and also picked up $5,999. Buyer was Gardner Oil.

Ashlynn Whisneant raised the 13th Place Swine and took home $5,999 for her effort. Buyers were Brookshire Bros 500; Texas Storage 500; R&D Oilfield 1,000; Warren Mini Storage 325; Billie Read 1,500; Warren Ag 2,174.

Emily Hernigan showed the 14th Place Swine and earned $5,999. Buyers were East Texas Home Health 1,500; Tyco General Feed 1,000; Seaman's Cattle Co 1,000; Colmesneil Ag Buyers 999; Rocking DC Barn 1,000; Community Bank of Texas 500.

Total auction sales were $232,628.

Couple's fight leads to drug arrest

by Emily Waldrep

Tyler County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a call September 14 at approximately 10 p.m. at the Jiffy Mart in Colmesneil regarding a fight between a man and a woman fighting in the parking lot.

When they arrived, deputies identified the driver as Brandon Camp, age 28, of Beaumont, and the passenger as Amber Poe, age 27, also of Beaumont.

Deputies separated each individual to find out why the fight had occurred. Both subjects admitted to fighting in public and said they had gotten into argument because they couldn't find a family camp house they were trying to visit.

Consent to search the vehicle was given but as the Deputy began to search the car, Poe tried to walk back and get something from her purse. Deputies asked if anything in her purse was illegal and she stated that there was nothing illegal in her purse.

Deputies obtained consent to search her purse and found a grey wallet with three needles, one loaded with a liquid substance believed to be methamphetamines. Poe admitted that the substance was in fact meth.

The vehicle search revealed a black bag with two more needles that Poe claimed to be hers.

Poe was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1.

Kemp was placed under arrest and charged with Disorderly Conduct.

Marijuana find would net $2.8 Million on street

Marijuana find in Tyler Countyby Emily Waldrep

Tyler County deputies received word on September 25 of multiple marijuana fields located east of Woodville off Farm-to-Market Road 1746. Deputies with the Tyler County Sheriff's Department along with Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Criminal Investigation Division and agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were able to locate and seize approximately 3,500 marijuana plants. Some of the plants were reported to be as tall as 6 feet.

There were Campsites at the location and, according to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, it appeared that as many as eight to 10 suspects were living in the woods for several months at a time. Evidence from the campsite was processed by the Criminal Investigators Division and sent to the lab for DNA and fingerprint analysis.

According to Weatherford, U.S. Immigration and Customs agents have several persons of interest in Tyler County wanted for questioning in reference to this marijuana find, as well as the find of over 2,000 marijuana plants earlier this month on the west side of Tyler County.

"As Tyler County Sheriff I will continue the fight against marijuana and all illegal drugs each and every day," Weatherford said. "Local and state agencies have been hard at work since the first of the year and with the federal agencies now involved in Tyler County, our resources and man power are greatly enhanced."

The street value of the marijuana found totals approximately $2.8 million.

POW/MIA Ceremony held at Courthouse

POW/MIA Ceremony—American Legion Post #299 and VFW Post #2033 of Woodville held a POW/MIA ceremony in the Commissioners’ Courtroom at Tyler County Courthouse Friday to honor the fallen and missing soldiers from all past wars.

POW/MIA Ceremony—American Legion Post #299 and VFW Post #2033 of Woodville held a POW/MIA ceremony in the Commissioners' Courtroom at Tyler County Courthouse Friday to honor the fallen and missing soldiers from all past wars.