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Doucette man threatens children with machete

by Emily Waldrep

Deputy Casey Whitworth was called on a report of a male subject walking with a machete on County Road 3050 in Doucette on June 14.

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, the man had threatened five children who were walking on the road, trying to get to Vacation Bible School at the Christ Holy Temple Church. The man reportedly ran toward the children with the machete and said, "I'm going to get you."

"They were scared to death," said Phil Ryan of the Tyler County Sheriff's Office. "A passerby had gotten the kids loaded in a car, and the man even scared that person."

Once deputies arrived on scene they found the man still walking along the road with the machete and identified him as Earl Barlow Jr, 41, of Doucette.

After checking him for additional weapons, deputies found a substance thought to be crack cocaine and two additional knives.

He was charged with 5 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

"This is why our officers are out working these narcotics in such a hard manner everyday and fighting this fight," said Weatherford. "We've got people during daylight hours and are being effected by what drugs are doing to these people. This man was obvisouly under the influence of some type of narcotic. That just solidifies what we've been talking about all along. We know we have a problem here in Tyler County and we are going to fight it every day but we need the help of the citizens to report any suspicious activity or narcotic sales."

You can now report suspected narcotic use online, at and click "report narcotics."

Woodville woman arrested: leaves children home alone

by Emily Waldrep

On June 11, Officer Sheffield of the Woodville Police Department was contacted by a investigator with the Child Protective Services Office about a report that had been called in to their agency regarding a neglectful child supervision case.

According to Captain Mike McCulley of the Woodville Police Department, the CPS case worker met with Officer Sheffield and went to the location on the 700th Block of North Beech Street at the apartment complex located there. The report stated that three children, ages 3, 5 and 7, had been left alone in one of the apartments for an extended amount of time.

The children's aunt met officers at the door and stated that she knew why they were there and that her three nieces were next door.

The officers and investigators met with the children and determined they had been there for several hours without any adult supervision. The aunt stated that she was supposed to be watching them but she had fallen asleep.

The children's mother was contacted at work and met the officers at the scene and confirmed that she had left her children there because she didn't have time to bring them to daycare that day because she was late to work.

Shortly after interviewing the three children, it was confirmed that the aunt was not supervising them and that they were there by themselves.

The officers arrested the mother, Latoya McBride, age 26, of Woodville, on the scene for endangering a child and also discovered that she had several outstanding warrants for unpaid traffic offenses in court.

McBride was charged with Endangering a Child Without Intent to Return, which is a third degree felony.

"There is no written rule stating how old children have to be to take care of themselves, but there is responsibility that parents have to take if they leave their children home alone for any amount of time," McCulley said. "The child has to have enough presence of mind to call someone and have a way to contact someone, either by phone of by a relative. There also has to be a reasonable belief that the parent is coming home in a reasonable amount of time. "In this situation, the parent did not say she was going to return and the person that was supposed to be watching them wasn't watching them either. In this particular instance, the officer felt that these children were abandoned and placed in danger because of the close proximity of the apartment to the main street, the door was not secured and anyone could have entered or exited. One might argue that because there was an aunt across the hall and she could have been there if something happened, but if she was asleep, how could she have been there? Those scenarios were thought about and that's why the officers decided it was necessary to make the arrest."

2013 Tyler County Graduate Scholarship Winners

2013 Scholarships by School


Candice Cashat, Tyler County WF Board Scholarship, $1000

Brandon Cowart, Odna Ogden Scholarship, $1000

Colton Cox, CJ Trailriders Scholarship, $500

Martha Ellis, Beta Club Scholarship, $300

Zach Hall, Lake Tejas Scholarship, $500

Ali Harvey, Kilgore College Scholarship, Band Booster Scholarship, and the Athletic Boosters Scholarship, $21,500.00

Gwyn Heckman, FFA Boosters Scholarship, $500

Haiden Hughes, Yellow Pine Lodge Scholarship, Tyler County Sheriff's Office Scholarship, Woodville Lions Club Scholarship, and Caney Creek Baptist Scholarship, $2,900.

Kristi James, Lake Tejas Scholarship, $500

Caitlin McAlister, SFA Scholarship, Lamar Scholarship, Northwestern Scholarship and Band Boosters Scholarship, $148,764.00.

Natalie Moffett, Miss Colmesneil Scholarship, Western Weekend Scholarship, Sandhills Rodeo Scholarship, FFA Boosters Scholarship, Logan Snider Scholarships and the Ex-Students Scholarship, $3,575.00.

Allicyn Monk, Dogwood Scholarship and the Texas Business Women Scholarship, $1,000.

Carl Parker, Farm Bureau Scholarship and the CJ Trailriders Scholarship, $1,000.

Josh Ramirez, Moore Scholarship, $8,000.00

Bryce Rains, Athletic Booster Scholarship, $1,000

Dana Rice, Ed First Scholarship, Mr. Camel Scholarship, and Tyler County Heritage Society Scholarship, $1,750.

Will Robinson, Baylor Scholarship and Baylor ROTC Scholarship, $184,296.00

Doug Sanchez, Our Lady of the Lake Scholarship and Barry University Scholarship, $92,000.00.

Olivia Spradlin, FFA Booster Scholarship, Athletic Booster Scholarship, TLL Temple Scholarship, Logan Snider Scholarship, Joe Whitmeyer Scholarship, $4,325.00.

Dakota Thedford, Brown Mackie Scholarship and Athletic Booster Scholarship, $9,500.

DJ Whitley, AMDA Scholarship and Wells Peyton Scholarship, $14,500.00.

Crystal Widener, Cecil and Odna Ogden Scholarship, $500.

Zach Hall, Army, $53,300.00.

Bryce Rains, Air Force, $85,000.

Colton Cox, Air Force, $85,000.


Kacy Priddy, "Pat Brown" Chapter of the TBW Club Scholarship, Warren Valedictorian Scholarship, Texas Black Legislatice Caucus Scholarship, National FFA Ford Scholarship, SFA University Academic Excellence Scholarship, Marauder Baseball/Softball Scholarship $20,500

Megan Hollingsworth, Athletic Booster Club Scholarship, Marauder Baseball/Softball Scholarship, Warren Salutatorian Scholarship, Myrta Lodge Scholarship, Tyler County Aggie Moms Scholarship, Texas A&M University Academic Scholarship, Texas FFA Scholarship, $39,500.00

Mason Hatch, ATPE Scholarship, Ben Read Memorial Scholarship, Education First FCU Scholarship, Texas Farm Bureau Scholarship, Long Leaf Soil and Water Conservation Forestry Scholarship, $7,450.00

Michael Jay Evans, Ben Read Memorial Scholarship, Nash Enterprises Scholarship, $1,500

James Whiseant, Ben Read Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

Taylor Conner, Warren ISD Band Boosters Association, Doctor and Mrs. W.S. Nichols Scholarship, Myrta Lodge Scholarship, $12,000.00

Joseph Mitchell, Lucy Moye Memorial Scholarship, Warren Food Service Scholarship, $1,400

Taylor Moore, Warren ISD Band Boosters Association, Myrta Lodge Scholarship, McNeese State University Music Scholarship, Haley Bickham Memorial Scholarship, Warren Junior Football Association Scholarship, Fred Elementary PTC Scholarship, Warren Food Service Scholarship, $33,300.00

Tyler Crittenden, Warren ISD Band Boosters Association McNeese State University Music Scholarship, $30,000.00

Zach Shearer, Warren ISD Band Boosters Association, Troy Stockton Memorial Scholarship, Wells Peyton Scholarship, Wildwood Home and Garden Club Scholarship, $3,000

Josh Ryals, Life Shares Blood Center Scholarship, Sabine Neches Area Baptist Association, Bob and Shirley Creek Scholarship, East Texas Baptist University Deans Scholarship of Christian Leadership, $45,300.00

Hunter Holloway, Warren Junior Football Association Scholarship, Tyler County Peace Officers Scholarship, Softball/Baseball Press Box Dedication Scholarship, $1,350

Bryce Glosson, Warren Junior Football Association Scholarship, Desiree Moore Memorial and Shirt Shack Scholarship, TCTA Warren Chapter Scholarship, Athletic Booster Club Scholarship $1,950

Josie Walters, Cisco Jr. College Softball Scholarship, Warren Junior Football Association Scholarship, TCTA Warren Chapter Scholarship, $5,450

Brandi Hamilton, Tyler County Heritage Society Scholarship, $500

Hunter West, Tyler County Aggie Moms Scholarship, $500

Casey Fountain, Fred Elementary PTC Scholarship, $200

Rebekah Moore, University of Houston Academic Scholarship, Warren ISD Band Boosters Association, Fred Elementary PTC Scholarship, "Pat Brown" Chapter of the TBW Club Scholarship, $16,700

Tyler Moore, Fred Elementary PTC Scholarship, $200

Patrick Hodnett, United States Marine Corp, $50,000.00

Brice Carroll, United States Marine Corp, $50,000.00

Kelsey King, Tyler County Dogwood Festival Scholarship, Wildwood Home and Garden Club Scholarship, $1000

Colton Perfect, Marauder Baseball/Softball Scholarship, $5,000

Chase Grey, Warren Little Dribblers Scholarship, Marauder Baseball/Softball Scholarship, Athletic Booster Club Scholarship, $27,500

Katie Fortenberry, First United Methodist Church Kountze Scholarship, $500

Mitchell McCluskey, Cleveland VFW and Ladies Auxiliary, Warren ISD Band Boosters Association, Terry Foundation Scholarship, $66,500.00

Kaylon Morvant, Terry Foundation Scholarship, ATPE Scholarship, $800

Aleisha McNulty, Athletic Booster Club Scholarship, $1,000

Casey Fountain, Warren ISD Band Boosters Association, $1,000

Brandi Hamilton, Warren Little Dribblers Scholarship, $1,500

Brenna Johnson, Wildwood MGA, $250


Shelby Pate, TTL Temple Scholarship, TYCO Youth Dev. Scholarship, Chester ISD Employee Scholarship, Bob Belt Memorial, $3,050

JoAnn Johnston, Rodney Whitworth Memorial, $1,000

Paige Whitworth, Chester ISD Employee Scholarship, Purple and Gold Scholarship, Bo Cox Memorial Scholarship, Rae and Sibyl Trammel Scholarship, Rodney Whitworth Memorial, $2,00

Kelli Handley, John Handley Memorial, PTO Scholarship, Lions Club Scholarship, Tyler County Dogwood Festival Scholarship, Bo Cox Memorial Scholarship, Gwen Barnes Martindale, Nadine Stutts, Desire Moore, Dudley Peters, Susanne Spener and Alex Johnson Memorial, $9,750

Johnny Aiena, Graduate Sales Scholarship, $500

De Vonna Cratic, Heritage Village Scholarship, Bernice Porter Mark Scholarship, Tyler County Texas Business Women Scholarship, $1000

Sara Grimes, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, CHS Scholarship, Education First FCU Scholarship, $6,750

Shelby Pate, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Homeland Team Missonary, $3,500

Adrianna Whitaker, PTO Scholarhsip, Bernice Porter Mark Scholarship, $1,000

Kaleb Bendy, Area Go-Texan Scholarship, CHS Scholarship, Texas Jr. Livestock Association Scholarship, Agriculture Teachers Association, Lions Club Scholarship, Chester ISD employee scholarship, Farm Bureau Scholarship, Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, Eastex Telephone, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, $32,800

Matt Eslora, Purple and Gold Scholarship, $200

Kali Davis, Chester ISD Employee Scholarship, $300

Hernan Martinez, Smith Hutson Scholarship, $56,000.00


Brittney Pate, Education First Federal Credit Union, $750

Brett Bussell, Wells, Peyton, Greenberg, and Hunt, Scholarship, Texas Farm Bureau, Spurger Food Service, Heritage Village Museum, Chapman Memorial Scholarship, $3000

Jessica Burrell, East Texas Baptist University Honor Scholarship, Stewart-Malone DETCOG, Spurger ISD Future Teacher, Tyler County Dogwood Festival Scholarship, Spurger Volunteers in Public Schools Scholarship, East Texas Baptist University Christian Leadership Scholarship, $43,700.00

Alex Mobley, Spurger Volunteers in Public Schools, $500

Chazz Shook Spurger Volunteer Fire Department, $500

Amber Dodson, Business Professional Women's Scholarship, $500

Brooke Kaylor, Wharton County Junior College Scholarship, Coty Smith Memorial Team Roping Scholarship, Kirbyville Rodeo Booster Club, Lifeshare Blood Center, Region V Texas High School Rodeo Association Scholarship, $25,900

Kelsey Sheffield, Highest Ranking Senior Scholarship, First year tuition to the Higher Institution of her choice.


James Allvord, Army Montgomery GI Bill Scholarship

Jordan Barber, Army Montgomery GI Bill Scholarship

Emily Booker, Texas Gamma Pho Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship, Tyler County Heritage Society Scholarship, Woodville UMC Scholarship

Grant Bullock, Woodville Chapter TFSA Scholarship

Brianna Bythewood, Woodville Lions Club Scholarship, Texas Business Women's Scholarship and Woodville Music Boosters

Austin Coker, TC Cubley Memorial, Woodville Chapter TFSA

Jekeia Collins, Cadie and Whittie Scholarship

Kelci Dean, 1st Baptist Church Doucette Scholarship, ATPE Scholarship, ETBU Academic Achievement and Christian Leadership Scholarships, Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post of Beaumoth, WISD Karen Sullivan Memorial Scholarship, Woodville Music Boosters, Christine Tolar Scholarship, Woodville Woman's Reading Club, Woodville Chapter TFSA and Woodville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.

Cambria Dear, Baylor University Scholarship, Baylor University Provost's Gold Scholarship, Education First FCU, First National Bank of Jasper Scholarship, Woodville Woman's reading club, Woodville Rotary Club, Woodville Chapter TFSA, and Yvette McManus Memorial Scholarship/

Allen Dorma, Woodville Music Boosters Scholarship.

Colby Dungan, SHSU Bearkat Grant, SHSU Top 10% Scholarship, Smith-Hutson Scholarship

Morgan Hammons, Woodville Woman's Reading Club Scholarship, Woodville Rotary Club, Texas A&M University Top 10% Scholarship, Tyler County Aggie Moms Scholarship, Tyler County Dogwood Festival, Woodville UMC,

Marcus Harrison, Woodville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship

Blake Hays, Christine Tolar Scholarship, First National Bank of Jasper, Herschel Tucker Memorial Scholarship, Kitty Sinclair Scholarship, Woodville Chapter TFSA, Woodville Lions Club, Woodville UMC Scholarship.

Grant Henserling, United States Marine Corp, Woodville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship.

Torin Hickman, East Texas Telephone Scholarship, SFASU Athletic Scholarship, Woodville Chapter TFSA, Woodville Lions Club

Travis Holcomb, Chuck Fortenberry Scholarship, Frankie Baker Memorial Scholarship, Terry Foundation Scholarship, Woodville Chapter TFSA, Yvette McManus Memorial Scholarship, Magnolia Lodge 495.

Jacquelyn Johnson, SFASA Academic Scholarship, WISD Just Kennesson Memorial Scholarship.

Wayne Lilley, Army Montgomery GI bill

Alexandra Mick, Elijahs Scholarship, Woodville Woman's Reading Clubm WISD Golden Eagle Scholarship.

Miricle Mitchell, AB Williams Scholarship, Lettermens Club Scholarship, Smith-Hutson Scholarship.

Hannah Odom, Christine Tolar Scholarship, Karen Allison Bowling Memorial Scholarship, Woodville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.

Morgan Powell, Chrystal Holland Memorial, Woodville Woman's study Club Scholarship, Woodville Chapter TFSA, Woodville FFA Booster Club.

Sarah Reese, Cy Alexander Memorial Scholarship, Highest Ranking Student Award, Magnolia Lodge 495, Mary Hardin Baylor Leadership Scholarship, WISD Presidential Freedom Scholarship, Woodville Lions Club.

Matt Ruble, WISD Golden Eagle Scholarship, Woodville FFA Booster Club

Makayla Stowe, Texas Business Womens Scholarship, Woodville Music Boosters

Kristen Swafford, Woodville Rotary Club and Woodville Music Booster

Zack Watts, US Marine Corps

Cayla White, Ivanhoe Civic Club Scholarship and Trinity Valley Community College Athletic Scholarship.

TOTAL: $558,390.00

Candy, Ice Cream theft in Spurger

by Emily Waldrep

Deputy Chuck Marshall was dispatched on May 31 to the Spurger Mini-Mart in reference to a theft. When Deputy Marshall arrived on scene, the manager of the convenience store played a surveillance video from May 30 at approximately 5:35 p.m.

The video showed a female, later identified as Tanya Sanders and a male, later identified as David Callaway enter the store. Shortly after entering, Sanders took some candy from the shelf and put it in her shorts, then took some additional candy and entered the bathroom.

While Sanders was in the bathroom, the video showed Callaway take some more candy and bring it to the bathroom that Sanders was in and hand it to her. Sanders then excited the bathroom, stole some ice cream and put it underneath her shirt.

After paying for a fountain drink, Sanders and Callaway exited the store and took the items from her shorts and shirt and put them into a white Dodge truck sitting in the parking lot.

Deputy Marshall located both Sanders and Callaway and Sanders admitted to taking the items from the store.

Callaway reported that he did not remember being at the Spurger mini mart on May 30 because he was intoxicated, but eventually admitted to the theft.

Sanders and Callaway were issued Criminal Trespass Warnings for Spurger Mini Mart and charged with Class C Theft.

Two Woodville women arrested for scrap metal theft

by Emily Waldrep

Corporal Tony Reynolds talked on April 1 with a complainant, Ida Mae Vann, by phone about a recent theft. Vann reported that she had several items taken from her property on County Road 3050 in Douctte throughout the past month.

She provided a list of stolen items including car batteries, sheet metal, air conditioning condensing units, copper wire and other items that are known to the Tyler County Sheriff's Department to be sold for scrap.

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, neighbors reported that they had seen two females hauling items from the property in a truck. When the neighbor confronted the females, they said that they had permission to remove materials from the property.

On April 2, Burrel Vann spoke with Deputy Coker of the Tyler County Sheriff's Department with an additional list of items stolen from the property.

Corporal Reynolds then met with an employee at Woodville Iron and Metal and employees were able to print out two invoices from two transactions on March 12 with photos of the vehicle and person who sold the items. The items in the photos seemed to match the description of what the Vann's had reported stolen and there were two white females in the photos, which matched the description the neighbor gave to deputies.

The driver could be identified at the recycling center as Tiffany Louis Malone, age 35, of Woodville.

Deputy Reynolds met with Malone at her residence and Malone admitted that she and another female, identified as Jessica Persons, age 36, of Woodville took the items from a house on County Road 3050 and admitted that they did not have permission to take the items and that she had broken the law.

Malone provided a written confession, and told deputies that Persons was also inside the residence.

Malone was charged with Theft of Material: 50% Aluminum/Bronze/Copper.

Persons was charged with Theft of Material: 50% Aluminum/Bronze/Copper, along with several other outstanding city warrants, such as Theft Class C and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Since the theft was against someone 65 years of age or older, the charge was heightened to a third degree felony.

DUI stop - Infant in unsecured child seat

by Emily Waldrep

Tyler County Dispatch received a call on June 6 at approximately 10:30 p.m. reporting a blue colored sedan driving erratically on Hwy 190 East.

Tyler County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Byrum was in the area and observed a vehicle matching the description just west of the Dam-B caution lights. The vehicle could not maintain a single lane of travel, and Deputy Byrum then attempted to make a traffic stop. The vehicle did not yield to the Deputy and continued to travel another two to three miles eastbound before coming to a stop on Highway 92 South.

Deputy Byrum ordered the driver out of the vehicle, and when the male got out of the vehicle he could not follow simple instructions and was very unsteady on his feet.

The driver was identified as Justin Jones, age 29, of Jasper. Jones refused to follow commands and was taken to the ground by Deputy Casey Whitworth and Jeremy Byrum.

There were three other males in the vehicle, identified as Bobby Samuel, age 28 of Jasper, John Grant, age 33 of Jasper, and Douglas Spikes, age 24 of Jasper.

Also in the vehicle was a one-year-old child.

"The child was in a safety seat, but the seat was not secured by a seatbelt," Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford said.

Deputies could see two cigarettes in plain view in the front of the vehicle and one in the rear seat of the vehicle.

"Through training and professional knowledge, the Deputies believed that the cigarettes have been dipped in a substance called Phencyclidine, which is a penalty group 1 narcotic," Weatherford said. "The cigarettes were then field tested positive for Phencyclidine."

All four adult occupants were then arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance, and Deputies were able to contact the small child's mother, who came and picked him up.

Jones was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Driving While Intoxicated.

Douglas Spikes was charged with Abandonment and Endangerment to a Child-Criminal Negligence and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Samuel and Grant were both charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, penalty group 1.