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Sheriff’s Department completes first phase of Sex Offender Compliance Check

by Emily Waldrep

The Tyler County Sheriff's Department held a Sex Offender Compliance Check on Wednesday, August 13 on approximately 25 of the 65 registered sex offenders within the county.

"We made contact with a little less than half, which is what we set out to do," said Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford. "We used a unit compiled of Tyler County Deputies, Texas DPS, officers with the probation department and local troopers to conduct the compliance check."

What the compliance checks consist of is a visit to each registered sex offender in the county to check and make sure that everything is correct on their registration, including the place they live, who lives with them and vehicles they drive.
"We want to make sure that no stipulations in their probation or their mandated registration are being violated," Weatherford said.
During the check, deputies and the SOR team recovered approximately nine grams of methamphetamine, marijuana and other pills that will be sent to the DPS lab for confirmation.

The agents with DPS and the deputies office will compile all the information from the check regarding those who were not in compliance with their registration and warrants will be issued for those people.

"In the very near future we will be doing another compliance check as well as a warrant roundup over the violations discovered in the recent check," Weatherford said. "This is an idea of things to come because this is just the start of a large crackdown for compliance for our sex offenders."

Weatherford says that the safety of the community is paramount.

The 2014 Tyler County Fair Celebrates 40 Years

by Leann Monk

August is not only the start of a new school year filled with humid after school practices and the beginning of Friday night lights, but it also ushers in another fair season. FFA and 4-H students all over the county are working in the heat and humidity to get their projects ready for the 2014 Tyler County Fair. "August is an exciting time for our fair kids," stated Tyler County Fair Board President, Billie Read. "This is the time when the kids are working hard to secure their spot in the auction. And the summer heat is hard on these animals. It's crucial the exhibitors pay extra attention to their projects. Their hard work pays off in the end though," Read went on to say. According to Read, some of these students have been working with their fair projects since early spring and will continue their work up until the Sunday after the fair. "The fair is not just FFA and 4-H projects, but it is also a showcase of some of the finest kids Tyler County has to offer," stated Read.

The exhibitors are not the only ones getting things ready for this year's event, but fair organizers are busy as well. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the fairs continued success. Organizers are planning to make this year's fair the largest in its four decade history. The dates for the fun-filled event are October 1 through October 4, with each day jammed packed with family friendly activities.

This year, as in years past, the Fair offers something for everyone. "We are going to get as much packed into the four day event as we possibly can," stated Home Economics Chairman, Leann Monk. "Besides the normal things we do each year, on Friday we are going to have the first ever "Tyler County Area Go Texan Day". This committee works hard all year to support our county students with scholarships and the fair board wanted to show our support of their efforts. They will be bringing in educational activities from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

We are also going to have a Dutch oven cook-off, old fashioned farm hand games, and entertainment from Triple Creek RV Park. Then on Saturday we will be having a BBQ cook-off between the Tyler County FFA Chapters and 4-H Clubs," explained Monk. "You surely do not want to miss this year's fair! All of this is on top of what we normally do," said Monk.

For more information on the fair or entry forms, please contact Leann Monk at 409-200-1866 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The deadline for home economics and fine arts entries is Friday, September 19. The Dutch oven cook-off also has a deadline of the 19th.

McClures Furniture burglarized

by Emily Waldrep

Woodville Police are asking for the public's help in solving a burglary that happened around 8 a.m. Saturday, August 9, at McClures Furniture.

McClures reported the building had been burglarized and it appeared those involved rummaged through the building looking for money.

According to Woodville Police Captain Mike McCulley, the actors gained entry into the building through a window that had been boarded up in the rear of the building.

Money was taken from two separate locations in the building during the late night hours of August 8 to the early morning hours of August 9.

Officers did uncover some physical evidence at the scene that will be submitted to the lab for analysis.

McCulley is asking to public to contact the Woodville Police Department with any information on this crime, and no personal information has to be given. Contact Captain McCulley or Officer DeShazo with the Woodville PD at 283-5262.

Arrest highlights growing area use of dangerous synthetic marijuana

by Emily Waldrep

Synthetic marijuana is not just illegal, it can be dangerous and Woodville Police want the city to know its use will not be tolerated.

On July 24, Officer DeShazo was dispatched to the local Wal-Mart store parking area in reference to reported suspicious activity. DeShazo arrived and located a vehicle matching the description given occupied by two subjects. While talking with the two subjects, DeShazo saw drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle in plain view, which included a greenish, leafy substance in the passenger seat along with rolling papers in the center console. The passenger was identified as Kristian A. Felts, age 18, of Woodville.

According to Woodville Police Captain Mike McCulley, DeShazo asked about the paraphernalia in the vehicle, and asked occupants if any additional would be found if a search were to be conducted. One of the occupants said that he had a prescription medicine bottle belonging to him. A search of the vehicle revealed a brown paper bag containing three baggies of synthetic marijuana hidden between the console and passenger seat near Felts.

Felts was subsequently arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance penalty group 2-A.
"This type of arrest is becoming more frequent and officers are seeing this substance at various calls to include family disturbances," McCulley said. "This substance has become an alternative to traditional marijuana because of the misconception that it is not illegal or it is not as bad as Marijuana. Truth is, synthetic is more hazardous than Marijuana."

Officers have reported that persons ingesting this substance are more likely to have dramatic mood swings and health issues that require medical attention.

"The obvious problem with the substance is that its intended use was not produced to be ingested, but to be used as an incense or deodorizer," McCulley said. "The chemicals in this substance are changing constantly, and are hard to identify and are regulated to include their intended use only, and not to be ingested."

McCulley reported that after having spoken with medical staff, they confirmed that the patients that use this substance are showing up at emergency room more often in the past several years.

"Medical staff have stated that patients that end up in the ER are ingesting this substance and are observed to have conditions that include high anxiety, blood pressure issues and violent mood swings," McCulley said. "The bottom line is that this stuff is dangerous and should not be ingested. There will also be legal consequences as well."

Criminal charges can begin as misdemeanors but can increase to a Felony very quickly. These substances are found listed in the Texas Health and Safety Code and are treated in the same manner as other narcotics.

"Parents, please be aware of this and don't be fooled by other excuses that young people use to possess this substance," McCulley said.

Three men, including a Warren resident, dead in electrocution accident

by Emily Waldrep

Three men, including one Warren resident, died on Wednesday, August 6 in an electrical accident on US 69 near Village Mills.

According to Hardin County officials, the three men identified as Samuel Anderson, age 20, of Warren; Trevor Riddick, age 26, of Silsbee and Gary Wortman, age 31, of Silsbee, were putting up a metal building for Streamline Well Testing when they pushed a metal scaffold into a 7, 260-volt power line. All three men were severely electrocuted.

The men worked for a construction company out of Silsbee called Pro Steel Buildings.
Anderson lived with his fiancé and her family in Warren and had two children.

According to Texas statutes 752.003, workers must report to the line operator within 48 hours of work being done on lines over 600 volts.

It is unknown whether the men contacted the line operator in this case.

Another DWI arrest in Ivanhoe July 25

by Emily Waldrep

On July 25, a Tyler County Sheriff's deputy was traveling west on Lakewood Drive in Ivanhoe in a marked unit and observed a dark colored minivan travelling east in the westbound lane. The deputy was almost hit by the vehicle, but was able to maneveur around it, turn around, and activate the emergency lights and initiate a traffic stop.

According to Chief Deputy Phil Ryan, the vehicle pulled over and the deputy made contact with the driver, who was identified as Kenneth Evans, age 57 of Woodville. When she spoke with Evans she could smell an alcoholic beverage on his breath. Evans told her he had a few drinks with a friend.

The deputy asked Evans if he realized how close he came to a major accident and Evans laughed and said, "It was close, wasn't it."

Ryan says that the deputy detained Evans until a Trooper could arrive to perform the standard field sobriety test.

"Trooper Greg Evans arrived and administered a field sobriety test, and Evans was placed under arrest at that time," Ryan said. "He had a red solo cup in his vehicle with an alcoholic beverage in it and an open container of whiskey."

Evans was arrested on charges of Driving While Intoxicated 3rd or More, which is a State Jail Felony.