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Woodville man was arrested on several charges

by Emily Waldrep

A man wielding an axe received three assault charges after he approached deputies and threatened a woman with the weapon.

According to Chief Deputy Phil Ryan of the Tyler County Sheriff's Department, a deputy was dispatched on October 27 to County Road 4529 in reference to a man identified as John Toby Abbott who was threatening to kill Callie Abbott with an axe. When deputies arrived they saw another person related to Abbott standing inside a shed in the southwest corner of the house and could hear yelling and cussing but was unable to see. Deputies could also see Abbott carrying a double sided axe walking at a fast pace toward the deputies while yelling. The deputy drew his weapon and commanded Abbott to drop the weapon. Abbott finally dropped the weapon but continued walking toward the deputy and was told to stop and get on the ground, but wouldn't follow commands, Ryan said.

"The deputy had time to holster his weapon and draw his Taser and was able to dispatch his Taser onto Abbott," Ryan said. "Another deputy arrived and put Abbott in cuffs and they could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person."

Once Abbott was contained, the axe was taken into evidence and statements were taken from people on the scene.

Callie Abbott was in great fear for her life, according to Ryan.

Abbott was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and one count of Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant with a Deadly Weapon.

"Luckily my deputy had the presence of mind and the time frame to holster his weapon and use a less lethal weapon," Ryan said.

Abbott is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Woodville man arrested on several charges after stealing woman’s purse

by Emily Waldrep

A Woodville man was arrested on several charges after driving under the influence and stealing a woman's purse at a party.

On Sunday morning at approximately 2:30 a.m, Woodville Police received reports of a reckless driver in a silver Chevrolet at Polks Pick it up. Upon arrival, police located the vehicle and attempted to stop it, but the driver left Polks traveling south bound on South Magnolia and pulled into Community Bank parking lot, where he stopped. Police identified the driver as Justin Reynolds. Officers could smell alcohol and preformed a field sobriety test. They determined that he was intoxicated and he was taken into custody.

"At that time he became very verbally abusive," said Woodville Police Officer Hicks.
A search of the vehicle revealed a K2 cigar, and when shown the cigar Reynolds became verbally abusive again and claimed that the K2 belonged to him.

According to Hicks, an inventory of the vehicle revealed a black and white woman's purse in the back seat with drivers license and identification.

Officers then went to the party that Reynolds supposedly became intoxicated at and everybody was legal and having a good time, but when officers were leaving they talked to the woman who had her purse in Reynolds car.

According to officers, the woman claimed she had been looking for her purse for hours and that she didn't give Reynolds permission to have it. She claimed she did not know Reynolds that well.

A report was taken and officers went back to Polks to talk to the store clerk, who informed them that Reynolds had attempted to pay for different items, including gas, with a credit card with the woman's name on them. Reynolds told the clerk the cards belonged to his girlfriend, but the owner of the cards said she had never been in a dating relationship with Reynolds, Hicks said.

Reynolds was charged with Driving While Intoxicated, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Retaliation or Threat Toward Officers and Credit or Debit Card Abuse.

Reynolds is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Babin heads to congress, Woodville has new mayor

Brian Babin thanks supporters­, talks about the future—Woodville Dentist Brian Babin took 76 percent of the votes in the U.S. Representative District 36 race, and will be heading for Washington next year. A big crowd turned out Tuesday night was Woodville FCB Family Life Center where Babin held his victory party. (Jim Powers/Tyler County Booster Photo)Brian Babin thanks supporters­, talks about the future—Woodville Dentist Brian Babin took 76 percent of the votes in the U.S. Representative District 36 race, and will be heading for Washington next year. A big crowd turned out Tuesday night was Woodville FCB Family Life Center where Babin held his victory party. (Jim Powers/Tyler County Booster Photo)

Tyler County—Change seemed to be on the minds of Tyler County voters Tuesday, and when the votes were counted, both incumbent Woodville Mayor Ben Bythewood and long-time Tyler County Treasurer Sharon Fuller were unsuccessful at holding their positions.

Babin totaled 3,847 total votes in Tyler County, easily defeating opponents with 81.45 percent of the local votes. District wide, he netted 76 percent of the total votes to easily take the District 36 U.S. Representative seat.

In the State Senator District 3 race, Robert Nichols defeated opponent J. Tyler Lindsey 3,599 votes to 431.

Long time Tyler County Treasurer Sharon Fuller lost her bid for re-election to Republican Sue Saunders, who took 2,585 votes to Fuller's 2,103.

Woodville Mayor Ben Bythewood lost the Mayoral race to Thomas Fortenberry. Fortenberry totaled 326 votes to Bythewood's 175.

In the Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 race, Milton Powers bested Kirk Brown 738 votes to 414.
Jack Brockhouse was defeated in the Mayor, City of Ivanhoe race by Cathy Bennett, who took 237 votes to Brockhouse's 148.

Ivanhoe also had City Council seats on the line. LeAnn McNulty took 250 votes, John Galbreath 162, David Herrington 105, David Baier 93 and Jim Beattie 27.

In the race for Woodville City Council, Place 3 (unexpired term), Janice Weatherford won with 371 votes to Lee Mann's 124.

A number of people ran for the three open seats on the Colmesneil ISD Board of Trustees. Kenneth Adaway polled 369 votes, Kris Lindsey 246 votes, Danny K. Brown 242 votes, Michael King 91 votes, Greg Hester 88 votes and Bennita Saylor 83 votes.

Brent Marcum won the race for Spurger ISD Board of Trustees Place 6 with 224 votes to opponent Willie Gill, Sr's 158 votes.

Tyler County voters also cast votes in the Governors race. Greg Abbott polled 3,785 votes, Wendy Davis 882, Kathie Glass 67, Brandon Parmer 28, and one write-in vote was cast.

A number of positions were determined at the Primary elections because they were not opposed in the General elections.

Gemma Power Systems Completes ETEC’s Woodville Renewable Power Project

49.9 MW Biomass facility enters commercial operation three months early

GLASTONBURY, CT, October 22, 2014 – Gemma Power Systems, LLC (GPS) has completed construction of the East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC) Woodville Renewable Power Project three months ahead of schedule. The 49.9 MW biomass plant in Woodville, TX has completed testing and been turned over to ETEC for commercial operation.

"The Woodville project is another shining example of Gemma's ability to deliver the best project experience to our customer, the community and all stakeholders," said William F. Griffin, Jr., GPS Chief Executive Officer.

"The Gemma team worked in close partnership with our customer ETEC to bring this project in on budget and three months ahead of schedule," Griffin said.

"Our experience with the Gemma team was truly exceptional. We're very pleased with the quality of the plant Gemma has delivered to us. It gives us complete confidence that we will be able to run it effectively for the next 40 years, " said LA Williams, Director of Engineering.

"Hiring Gemma to build this project is one of the best decisions we made. The quality of the people and the company's hands-on, can-do attitude made this project a pleasure to work on," Williams said.

The ETEC Woodville Renewable Power Project is fueled by chipped forest waste. The plant features a Shin Nippon steam turbine generator and a Riley Power advanced stoker boiler with integrated air quality control system (AQCS). Construction of the plant began in July 2012. GPS' subsidiary, Gemma Plant Operations, will operate the facility under a separate contract with ETEC.

Chester man arrested for backyard assualt

by Emily Waldrep

A Chester man was placed under arrest after assaulting a man in his backyard, which is a class A misdemeanor.

Deputies arrived at a home on October 19 in Chester after a disturbance call and met with the victim in the case, identified as Jeremy Dudley.

"Dudley was visibly upset and told deputies that he was assaulted by a man named Paul Guerin while he was working in the yard." Chief Deputy Phil Ryan said.

Deputies spoke with a witness who stated that Dudley was in his own backyard doing some chores when Guerin came from the roadway and threatened Dudley. Another witness corroborated both of the stories.

According to Ryan, when Guerin was questioned he said that he stopped his vehicle and yelled at Dudley because of a previous comment that Dudley had made. Guerin then stated he felt threatened so he put his car in park and exited the vehicle, walked over to Dudley and hit him in the head. Deputies ask Guerin why he didn't just drive away, to which he replied he had a bad habit of making bad decisions and should have driven away, Ryan said.

Guerin was placed under arrest and photographs and statements were taken at the scene. It was deteremined at that time that the distance from Guerins vehicle to the place the assault took place was over 56 yards so there was no immenent threat to Guerin and shows that Guerin was the aggressor in the case.

Guerin was charged with Assault Class A Misdemenor.

Guerin is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Five arrested, several children placed with families after burglary investigation leads to drug charges

by Emily Waldrep

Tyler County Sheriff's Deputies were investigating a report of an attempted burglary in Spurger when they arrested several people located at a residence on CR 4570 for various drug charges.

According to Chief Deputy Phil Ryan, deputies arrived at the residence and made contact with Lacy Gordon and Jason Birdwell. Gordon was asked for her driver's license and she said it was locked in the vehicle, so Gordon, along with a deputy, knocked on the door of the residence to get a man identified as Roger Viator to open the vehicle. Viator exited the house and handed over the keys.

For officers safety, they returned inside the residence to make contact with other people remaining in the house. Officers made contact with Kevin McKenzie, who in turn knocked on his daughter's, identified as Amy Winkle, door. The door was locked and another resident, identified as Craig Moore, had to open the door. Officers asked Moore to wake the other people in the room so that they could speak to them, and when Moore walked toward the bed the deputies observed a small zip lock baggie containing a white crystal substance laying in plain sight on the bed. Through experience in law enforcement, deputies believed the substance to be methamphetamine. Deputies identified Craig Moore, Amy Winkle, Cassandra Crosby and a three month old baby inside the bedroom containing the methamphetamine.

"Deputies observed Amy Winkle and Cassandra Crosby to be lying on the bed that the methamphetamine was recovered from," Ryan said.

Moore, Winkle and Crosby had direct access to the methamphetamine, according to Ryan.
A search was consented to and revealed marijuana, drug paraphernalia and approximately 16 grams of methamphetamine. CPS was contacted and the three month old infant, along with other children, were placed with relatives pending investigation.

Lacy Gordon and Roger Viator were arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Craig Moore, Amy Winkle and Cassandra Crosby were arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1.

According to Ryan, an ongoing investigation is being conducted and more charges are expected in the future.

All persons involved are presumed innocent until proven guilty.