Colmesneil ISD buys new vehicles

by Michael G. Maness

President Curtis Pitman convened the board meeting at the ISD meeting Monday evening, April 17, and asked the secretary, Kenneth Adaway, to lead the invocation. Pitman led in the pledges of allegiance to the U.S. and Texas flags.

The board approved the consent agenda consisting of the previous board's minutes, the financial statements and the minutes of the special called meeting on March 27.

The board approved the bids for the old vehicles and equipment allowing the school to sell and dispose of four old buses, one old truck and an oven.

The board has had a public meeting and plans to go through with the District of Innovation Plan for 2017-2021, the initial document now posted and available at their web site, This plan allows CISD more freedom to control some operations and tailor educational programs for their district and students.

The board extended its depository contract with Citizens State Bank through 2019.

The board approved the purchase of a 15 passenger Ford Transit to allow the school more flexibility in taking smaller groups of students to activities rather than wasting use of a large bus. The school also purchased a seven passenger Chevy Transverse for staff and student use.
The school's maintenance department worked hard on Lake Tejas during the spring break, and they are prepping the lake for student use in May and for its formal public opening on Memorial Day.

Superintendent Angela Matterson was proud that they had a good number of students in their track program, and several students on the debate team are going to state UIL contests in Austin. "It's all about the students," Matterson said.