Woodville Council hears Financial Report for year 2016

by Darby Kethan

Woodville city council met Monday, February 13, with all but one member present. Business conducted included the first agenda item, an audit report for year 2015-16 by Richard Rudel from Alexander, Lankford and Heirs, Inc.

Rudel presented a lengthy and detailed report concerning city government management and the financial management. He reviewed the required standards for appropriate management, stated that the city came in slightly under budget for expenses. He stated his firm had found "no material weaknesses and no significant deficiencies" during their audit. The council unanimously approved his report.Other business transacted by the council included approval to open a "safe keeping" account as recommended from Patterson and Associates, financial consulting firm. This will provide a depository for previously purchased securities and for possible future investments. Approval was given unanimously by the council to open a safekeeping account with Frost Bank to hold such securities, and designated the city administrator and city secretary to transact business with the bank on behalf of the city.

City administrator Risinger reported that the water well at industrial park is awaiting an evaluation for corrosion control and developing a plan which will be forwarded to engineers for consideration. The city has requested an amendment to this disaster recovery project to utilize the remaining funds for improvements the city's SCADA system which electronically monitors all water plants and wastewater lift stations.
The Pine St. water well is continuing with work on ground storage site construction. That construction equipment proved invaluable when an unexpected problem concerning sewer lines and repairs became apparent last week. A large hole opened as repairs were attempted by the city which quickly became beyond the scope of city equipment. Luckily, equipment from the Pine St. site was available and the excavation/filling/repairs were accomplished.

Judge Judith Haney reported a total of 130 citations issued during January and $17,000 collected in fines. One car was clocked at 104 mph. in the city limits of Woodville.

Police Chief Yosko reported a month of calls concerning drugs, thefts, and assaults. One theft occurred as a person pushed a cart full of items out of the back door of Woodville Wal Mart store, bypassing the checkout stand entirely.

The department has three vehicles they are preparing for auction, a van and two police cars.

The newly appointed fire chief Chuck Marshall reported three house fires, and an assist to Shady Grove. Other calls included one jaws, one traffic, and one controlled burn. City offices will be closed February 20, to observe President's Day.