If you are walking at night, carry a light

by Emily Waldrep

According to Woodville Police Captain Mike McCulley, there has been heavy foot traffic in Woodville recently, especially at night.

"We have had several complaints called into the police department regarding incidents where people have almost run over people walking down the street at night," McCulley said. "We are urging people that want to take a walk that they need to wear light-colored, reflective clothing and carry a flashlight."

McCulley said without proper night attire, the chance of people getting ran over will increase and that several close calls have been called in within the past few months.

"If you are going to walk after night please be aware that people traveling may not see you on the road," McCulley said.

McCulley also recommends not to walk down the middle of the road, but to walk down the side of the road or on the designated sidewalks. He also wants people to use safety and common sense when traveling on foot at night.

"We do have some streetlights but they don't provide safety in all areas," McCulley said."We want to avoid any accidents from happening."

McCulley says the same rules go for bike riders, and that all bikes need to be equipped with reflectors or head lights.

"Motorists need to be able to see you from a distance," McCulley said.

The Woodville Police Department wants to keep everyone in the city safe. Keeping pedestrians safe is a huge part of that.