McClures Furniture burglarized

by Emily Waldrep

Woodville Police are asking for the public's help in solving a burglary that happened around 8 a.m. Saturday, August 9, at McClures Furniture.

McClures reported the building had been burglarized and it appeared those involved rummaged through the building looking for money.

According to Woodville Police Captain Mike McCulley, the actors gained entry into the building through a window that had been boarded up in the rear of the building.

Money was taken from two separate locations in the building during the late night hours of August 8 to the early morning hours of August 9.

Officers did uncover some physical evidence at the scene that will be submitted to the lab for analysis.

McCulley is asking to public to contact the Woodville Police Department with any information on this crime, and no personal information has to be given. Contact Captain McCulley or Officer DeShazo with the Woodville PD at 283-5262.