Three arrested on drug charges following traffic stop

by Emily Waldrep

A Tyler County Sheriff's Deputy was patrolling in the FM 1746 and FM 2992 area where there have been reports of several thefts and burglaries, at approximately 8 p.m. on July 24. The deputy observed a red Volkswagen pulled over on the side of the road with its hazard lights flashing.

"The deputy turned around to check on the vehicle to check and see if someone needed assistance and because he was concerned the vehicle had been involved in the recent burglaries," said Chief Deputy Phil Ryan. "It had also been reported to dispatch that a male and a female had been sitting outside next to the vehicle."

The deputy approached the vehicle and found that the back window of the vehicle was broken and that there was a lot of damage to the drivers side of the vehicle, but found no occupants near the vehicle.

The deputy ran the vehicle's license plate and it came back to a Cori Elizabeth Fisher, age 28, of Groveton. Fisher was reported to have several outstanding warrants out of Trinity County for a parole violation and drug charges. The deputy moved his vehicle down the road, suspecting that the occupants had possibly hidden when they saw the patrol car.

The deputy then saw Fisher and one other occupant come back to the vehicle with another driver, in a white Chevrolet Suburban, with paper tags. The deputy pulled in behind the vehicle and turned on his lights.

He identified the driver of the suburban as John William Morris III, age 30, of Spurger and knew from previous contact with Morris that he did not have a driver's license. The second occupant was identified as Shawn Andrus, age 30, of Groveton.

"The deputy asked Morris why he seemed so nervous and was sweating so bad, and asked if he could search the vehicle," Ryan said. "He was granted permission to do so."

After all the occupants were removed from the vehicle and the search was conducted, deputies found a glass pipe with residue commonly associated with the use of methamphetamines and a black pouch containing several maroon baggies with a white crystal substance that appeared to be methamphetamine.
Fisher, Morris and Andrus were detained at that point and handcuffed.

According to Ryan, deputies continued the search and found a green backpack with syringes, butane lighters and other items used to consume methamphetamine along with additional maroon plastic bags.
The preliminary field test on the substance did come back indicative of methamphetamine and the substance will be sent to the DPS crime lab for further testing.

All three occupants said they didn't know anything about the glass pipe or substances in the vehicle.
"Since nobody claimed responsibility of the substance, they were all three arrested and their vehicles were towed," Ryan said.

Fisher, Morris and Andrus were charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1.

"A lot of times we may not solve a burglary or a theft, but we stay in that area and patrol and these people may very well be responsible for those cases because a lot of drug users are," Ryan said. "Even if it's not closing one case, it is getting these people off the streets."