Sheriff’s Deputies crack down on drugs, crime in Ivanhoe

by Emily Waldrep

Deputies recently arrested a man in Ivanhoe on drug charges after finding what appeared to be crack rocks and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle during a simple traffic stop.

On July 11, at approximately 5 p.m., Tyler County Sheriff's Deputies stopped a green Dodge truck for speeding and not maintaining a single lane in Ivanhoe on Lakewood Drive. When deputies made contact with the driver, who was identified as Daniel King, age 54 of Woodville, they advised King that he had been driving over the speed limit and King told deputies that he agreed that he was doing 10 miles over the posted speed limit.

"King seemed extremely nervous so officers were suspicious of what he might be carrying," said Phil Ryan with the Tyler County Sheriff's Department. "Deputies asked King if he had any illegal weapons or narcotics in the vehicle."

According to Ryan, King said that he had no weapons but refused to provide an answer about the narcotics.

King granted permission to search his vehicle and when deputies began the search they found some pieces of white substance in the drivers seat, which were consistent with the use of crack cocaine. They were field tested by the deputies and were indicative of cocaine.
King was then arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 and his bond was set at $2,500.

After King's arrest, deputies continued the search of his extremely cluttered vehicle and found a piece of foil that contained four crack rocks which were also field-tested and came up positive for cocaine. Deputies also found a glass cylinder with a brillo pad inside, which is also indicative of someone smoking crack cocaine, Ryan said.

"All the evidence gathered was packaged and sent off to the DPS crime lab for verification of the substance and the weight of the substance," Ryan said.

Charges against King could escalate once those test results come back.

"We have had quite a few drug arrest in Ivanhoe and our deputies are cracking down on that area, so this was a good way to get someone in the Ivanhoe area off the streets," Ryan said.

"We would love anyone with information about drug use in Ivanhoe to contact the Sheriff's office."