Ivanhoe men arrested after reporting burglary

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by Emily Waldrep

Two Ivanhoe men were arrested July 3 when Sheriff's Deputies found drugs in their homes and vehicles. The deputies were there because one of the men had reported a burglary.

According to Phil Ryan with the Tyler County Sheriff's Department, several Tyler County deputies were dispatched to Dogwood Circle in Ivanhoe in reference to a burglary on July 3 at approximately 10 p.m. A white male identified as Gregory Haughton, age 31, of Woodville, met the deputies. He told them someone had broken into his house and stolen several items. Deputies walked through, looking for evidence, and observed a clear plastic bag commonly used for the packaging of illegal narcotics.

When deputies presented the bag to Haughton, he said he did not know where it came from. Deputies also observed two guitars that Houghton tried to report as stolen, as well as several other items suspected to be stolen from the Ivanhoe area.

"Haughton became increasingly agitated during the search and did not consent to a search of his vehicle, so deputies called in a drug dog," Ryan said. "But, before the dog arrived,

Haughton admitted to deputies that he had smoked marijuana and consented to the search."
Deputies uncovered a partially smoked marijuana cigarette from Haughton's vehicle, and he was placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Haughton told the deputies that another person, identified as Kenneth Evans, was renting the home at the time.

According to Ryan, deputies made contact with Evans and he granted permission to search his vehicle. A white powdery substance that was believed to be an illegal narcotic was found in his vehicle. Evans also allowed deputies to search his residence, and when they got to the bedroom of the residence they found several drug paraphernalia items related to the use of marijuana and methamphetamine. Deputies also found two bags with a substance believed to be methamphetamine, pipes and syringes, and marijuana.

Deputies transported both Haughton and Evans to the Tyler County Jail. They will be charged once DPS lab tests come back to positively identify the drugs.