Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy windows broken in daylight burglary attempt

by Emily Waldrep

Woodville Police are asking for the communities help in identifying the person or persons involved in a brazen burglary at the Medicine Shop Pharmacy that occurred in broad daylight.

According to Woodville Police Captian Mike McCulley, Officer Zachary Zachary was dispatched to a business alarm at the Medicine Shoppe on West Bluff Street on June 28 at approximately 3 p.m. When they arrived, officers observed several broken windows and the alarm had been activated.

The suspects were gone but it appeared that the suspects had broken the windows out by throwing a rock through the glass. Once inside, it appeared the suspects rummaged through the pharmacy in search of prescription medications.

"We think the suspect was trying to find a controlled substance that is commonly found on the streets," McCulley said. "It was a little brazen of them to commit this crime in the daylight. Most burglaries happen at night so they can use the cover of darkness to their advantage, this person was apparently pretty desperate to do something like this in the middle of the day."

McCulley said he thinks the suspects were scared once the alarm sounded and they left without stealing anything.

Officers interviewed witnesses in the area who observed a suspect exiting the building in a hurry after the alarm was activated. He was described as a black male with a black shirt, black shorts and white shoes. No other description was given. He was last seen running north on Kelley Boulevard.

Officers were able to lift fingerprints from the scene, which are being identified at this time.

"We are asking for the public's help in identifying anyone involved this particular burglary," McCulley said. "You will remain anonymous. We just need the information," he said.

Any tips can be called into the Police Station or Sheriff's Department.

Contact the Woodville Police Tip Line at 283-5262.