Man arrested in Fred Morman church parking lot on drug charges

by Emily Waldrep

On June 7, two Tyler County Sheriff's deputies responded to a disturbance at the Mormon Church in Fred after being advised that a man identified as Jeremy West was in the parking lot screaming, yelling and hitting his truck.

According to Phil Ryan of the Tyler County Sheriff's Department, West's truck was sitting in the back parking lot of the church and as deputies approached they saw a man sleeping in the front seat.

"Deputies asked the man if he was alright and had West exit the vehicle, who stated that he was just trying to sleep," Ryan said. "After speaking to West for a few seconds he told deputies he was just going to make it easy in the officers and pulled his wallet out of his pocket and began searching through it."

West pulled out a clear plastic bag containing a clear crystal substance that appeared to be methamphetamine and told officers that was all he had.

West was placed under arrest for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Public Intoxication and was transported to the jail without incident.

The substance is being analyzed by the Texas Department of Public Safety and once it is identified a warrant for additional charges will be handed down by the grand jury.