Angleton man arrested walking around Walmart parking lot with rifle

by Emily Waldrep

An Angleton man brandishing a gun in the Wal-mart parking lot was arrested after what officers believe to be bath salts were found in a camper he was pulling.

On Saturday, June 7, Woodville Police Officers were dispatched to the Wal-Mart parking lot in reference to a man brandishing a rifle. Officer Sheffield responded with Officer Brian Seales.
According to Captain Mike McCulley of the Woodville Police Department, the original report stated that a man was in a vehicle that was pulling a travel trailer and he was walking around the parking lot with the rifle saying that someone was after him. Officers determined the man was intoxicated and likely using some type of narcotic. The gun was seized and after questioning the man identified as Ricki Thornton, age 54 of Angleton, the officers discovered that he had an outstanding warrant from Jefferson County for a probation violation. He was arrested for the warrant and for being intoxicated.

"Several witnesses observed Thornton and told officers that he was acting erratic and talking in a threatening manner while carrying the gun," McCulley said.

Officers searched Thornton's truck and camper and found a small amount of what is believed to be bath salts, which is being sent to the crime lab for further testing.

It was also determined that Thornton was a convicted felon, so he was charged with Felony Possession of a Firearm, a third degree felony, along with Public Intoxication and outstanding warrants.

Once results from the crime lab come back, additional drug charges could be added.