Phone scam making the rounds again

The Woodville Police Department is warning Tyler County residents of a long-time phone scam that seems to be making the rounds throughout the Chester area recently.

According to Police, the scammers will attempt to call the elderly or people who may have grandchildren and pretend to be their grandchild that has been taken to jail. The scammer will ask the "grandparent" for a certain amount of bail money, and will ask for payment information over the phone.

People fall for this scam because the callers will not usually state their name and are very good at coaxing information out of unsuspecting citizens who may be afraid that their grandchild or child is in jail.

Woodville Police say that a good way to avoid this scam is to never give payment information over the phone for any reason and if you receive a call like this, hang up and try to ask another family member if a family member is actually in jail.

"Never give out your Social Security number, credit card numbers or other personal confidential information when you receive a telephone call," said Police Chief Scott Yosko. "It doesn't matter why the person is calling. Anyone with a legitimate reason to want to know this information would probably already have it. Just don't do it!"

Sadly, victims of this scam do not usually receive their money back and the callers do not typically get caught.

If you receive one of these calls, call the Woodville Police Department at (409) 283–5262.