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Local sex offender arrested for failing to follow conditions of probation

John Paul MorrisonJohn Paul MorrisonJohn Paul Morrison, 70, of Woodville was arrested last week after, according to District Attorney Lou Ann Cloy, he failed to follow the conditions of his probation., which required him to complete a sexual offender therapy course. Morrison chose not to complete the therapy.

Morrison received a five year deferred adjudication in January of 2014 after pleading "no Contest" to the charge of Indecency to a Child by Contact. He was originally indicted by a Grand Jury in 2011 after a three month investigation by Woodville Police Sgt. Jathan Borel.

According to Cloy, Morrison will face a stricter sentence and possible prison time now that the probation has been revoked.

Two Woodville drug stores broken into May 13

by Emily Waldrep

On May 13 at approximately 5:30 a.m, the Woodville Police Department received a call that the security alarm had gone off at Woodville Drug on the 1000th block of West Bluff Street. Officers arrived on the scene and noticed that a window had been broken out of Bob Boykin Photography, which is located in the same shopping center building as Woodville Drug.

According to Captain Mike McCulley with the Woodville Police Department, the actors gained entry into the shopping center through the window of Bob Boykin Photography and broke through several walls until they reached Woodville Drug.

McCulley said that the alarm went off when the actors entered the Woodville Drug Store and they left out the back door after taking several bottles of prescription medication.

"It appears that they took a while to get into Woodville Drug," McCulley said. "Once they entered Bob Boykin Photography they took a sledgehammer and busted a wall through the bathroom into Gail's Salon. Once there, they busted a hole in a cinder block wall to get into the pharmacy."

Once the actors were in the pharmacy, the motion detectors activated and the alarm went off. The actors also took an undetermined amount of cash out of the register at Bob Boykin Photography.

"Because they went through three different businesses, we have three different burglaries that occurred," McCulley said.

The next morning at approximately 3 a.m., officers were called to Jarrot's Pharmacy when an alarm went off there as well. According to McCulley, someone had thrown a large rock through the window but no entry was made into the building.

"We suspect that they were trying to see how long it would take us to get there after the alarm was tripped," McCulley said. "We believe that whoever is involved in both of these incidents are still in the area and if anyone sees anyone outside any kind of pharmacy in town late at night, please contact us."

The Woodville Police Department also asks residents to report any tips or information regarding these incidents. Names will be kept confidential and can be called into 283-5262.

Santa Fe man charged with multiple counts after pursuit through woods

Edward Allen McKinney is arrested after lengthy pursuit through woods. (Courtesy Photo)Edward Allen McKinney is arrested after lengthy pursuit through woods. (Courtesy Photo)

by Emily Waldrep

On May 17 at approximately 6:30 a.m, Tyler County Deputy Brant Loechel conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 190 East in the Moss Hill area. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Edward Allen McKinney, age 48, of Santa Fe, Texas. According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, McKinney told deputies he had been arguing with a female passenger while they were on their way to Conroe. The deputy did not see a passenger with McKinney and there were no other occupants in the vehicle. It was discovered that the passenger had gotten out of the vehicle earlier and was walking on foot.

As deputies spoke with McKinney, a DPS Trooper in the area also arrived on scene. As conversation with McKinney continued, he fled from officers on foot into a wooded area.

"While officers were looking for McKinney, they checked around the New Shady Grove Baptist Church and on the outside of the building between the building and a storage shed, they located a white female identified as Tina Marie Davis, age 35, of Santa Fe, Texas," Weatherford said. "Once deputies spoke with Davis she identified McKinney as her husband."

A pat down search of Davis revealed a baggie containing a clear crystal like substance which tested positive for methamphetamine, Weatherford said. Davis was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance, third degree felony.

Additional deputies arrived on scene and were unable to locate McKinney at that time. Deputies knew McKinney's identity and a computer check through the database revealed that McKinney had no outstanding warrants at that time.

McKinney's vehicle was towed from the scene and a warrant was issued for him for Evading Arrest and Detention.

Later that same afternoon in the Moss Hill area, Deputy Loechel received a call regarding a vehicle that was broken into just down from the church and several items were taken from the vehicle. Those items were later recovered in McKinney's vehicle that had been towed. An addition warrant was sought for Burglary of a Vehicle.

According to Weatherford, on May 18, the Tyler County Sheriff's Department received a call reporting that there was a male subject inside the New Shady Grove Baptist Church that did not belong there. The caller told dispatch that the male subject had left the church and was walking on US 190 toward Woodville. The description of the man given by the caller matched the description of McKinney.

At that time, Sheriff Bryan Weatherford and Deputy Loechel proceeded to the scene. When deputies arrived in the area they observed McKinney walking down the roadway and when McKinney saw the deputies unit, he immediately ran into the woods. Weatherford contacted the Department of Criminal Justice and requested assistance from their tracking dogs. Assistance was also received from the Woodville Police Department and Texas Game Wardens, Weatherford said.

Once the tracking dogs arrived on scene, they were released in an area where McKinney was last seen running into the woods and the dogs began to track McKinney. He was observed crossing County Road 4050 and continued to evade law enforcement officers as he was running west toward Woodville. He was seen again crossing County Road 4440. Officers were able to box McKinney in behind a residence on US 190 and he was handcuffed and taken into custody.

According to Weatherford, US 190 was shut down for a brief time to allow the dogs to work and to keep the public out of the area.

McKinney has been charged with two counts of Evading Arrest or Detention, Burglary of a Vehicle and Criminal Mischief of a Place of Worship, which is a state jail felony.

There are also charges pending against Davis.

Both Davis and McKinney are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Ivanhoe Fire Department gets new trucks

Ivanhoe Fire Department Gets New Trucks

Ivanhoe Fire Department gets new trucks—A funding process started by John-Paul Feeley has provided the Ivanhoe Fire Department with two new fire trucks and a 40 x 20 ft. addition to the fire station to house them. According to E.S.D. Board President B.A. Smith,the trucks will benefit not only Ivanhoe but the surrounding area as well. He also said that a lot in Hillister has been donated, where they hope to put a substation.

Man high on PCP arrested on FM 1745

by Emily Waldrep

Tyler County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched on May 3 to FM 1745 near Colmesneil after a caller reported that there was a black male walking in the roadway and trespassing on various properties. In addition to the original caller, several other callers had reported that the subject was going into fields behind their homes and going behind different houses on the highway.

Deputies arrived on scene and spoke to the original caller, who stated that the black male tried to get through a bob wire fence across from his residence but got tangled up in it for several minutes and stated that the subject appeared to be intoxicated.

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, deputies located the subject walking down the middle of the roadway on FM 1745. Deputies knew the subject from prior interactions, and identified him as Arthur Bob Thomas, age 33, of Woodville.

Deputies observed that Thomas was sweating, had red eyes and slow and slurred speech, and that he was staring off into space. According to Weatherford, both of Thomas' fists were closed and Deputies asked him to open them. Thomas was holding a knife, which Deputies ordered him to drop and he did. He was then detained and put in handcuffs for his own safety, Weatherford said.

Deputies asked Thomas if he had taken any illegal drugs and Thomas stated that he had smoked some "wet" or PCP approximately three hours earlier, Weatherford said.

A pat down search of Thomas revealed a small mouthwash bottle containing a small amount of liquid.

"The liquid had some pieces of tobacco floating inside of it," Weatherford said. "Due to the officers training and experience, they knew that bottles that they come across like this usually contain PCP, and users typically dip their cigarettes and joints into before they smoke it, which is commonly known as 'wet'."

The search also revealed two small bags of marijuana from the same pocket, as well as a small clear plastic bag containing a powdery white substance that appeared to be cocaine and field tested positive for cocaine, Weatherford said.

Thomas was charged with Public Intoxication – Class C Misdemeanor, Possession of Marijuana – Class B Misdemeanor, Possession of Controlled Substance (Cocaine) – State Jail Felony, and Possession of a Controlled Substance (PCP) – Second Degree Felony.

Arthur is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Oklahoma lineman dies repairing power lines

by Emily Waldrep

According to Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, a lineman working in Tyler County after the severe storms blew through the area was killed while working on power lines on County Road 3630 off of FM 256 in the Colmesneil area.

The Tyler County Communications center received a call Tuesday morning reporting that the incident had happened after linemen with Utility Plus Incorporated were walking out on a line getting ready to restore power when the lineman came in contact with part of a downed wire. Witnesses report that he fell instantly and attempts at CPR failed.

The lineman, who was 33 years old and from Oklahoma, was pronounced dead on the scene by Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Greg Dawson.