Spurger ISD Board discusses student handbook updates

by Emily Waldrep

The Spurger ISD school board held its monthly board meeting in August and discussed the student handbook and various beginning-of-school agenda items.

Superintendent Joe Fisher advised the board that there were some issues with the current handbook and that changes would need to be made to the student and teacher handbook. It needs to be updated and some changes would need to be made. Some of the changes discussed were updating sections about facial hair, tattoos and the dress code.

"You can't discriminate against somebody for having a tattoo on their hand or leg or foot and make them cover it up," said board member Chris Sheffield. "We are too primitive for that. I don't think its right for us to do that."

The board agreed that they felt some sections of the handbook were sending a double standard between teachers and students, and that the board needed to agree as a group on those sections of the handbook.

"We need to lighten it up and release some of the strangle-holds," said a board member. "But we have a conflict between the student and the professional handbook."

The discussion over the handbook will continue throughout the school year.