Woodville Council votes to extend EEP trial

by Emily Waldrep

The city of Woodville held its monthly City Council meeting at 6 p.m on August 11 at the city offices on West Bluff Street.

The Council voted on several items of business, including accepting a bid from Duplichain to do some sewage work on Hwy. 287; accepting Alexander, Langford and Heirs as the company to perform the yearly audit; moving the regular October city council meeting to Tuesday, October 14 due to Columbus day and renewing the election day policy with the Tyler County Clerk's office that allows them to handle the election for the city.

The Council also discussed some amendments to the personnel policy outline. According to the Woodville City Manager Mandy Risinger, the personnel policy needed updating due to some errors needing to be fixed and sections needing to be changed or added. Risinger said that the biggest changes in the policy are to the personal appearance section, regarding dress, hair and accessories for employees, as well as an added section that includes personal use of cellular devices and Internet for employees. The motion carried with one vote against the amendments.
Woodville Police Officer Jathan Borel asked the city to continue a three month trial of the EEP (Expanded Enforcement Program) for the Police Department. According to Borel, the EEP program, which allows additional officers who would normally be off-duty to participate in traffic control, has been in place for three months so far and has brought in an additional $10,000 a month in fines and fees. The board voted to approve to continue to EEP program for an additional 3 months so that they could continue to evaluate the numbers, and the benefit vs. cost of the program.

Council then heard reports from various city officials. Judge Judith Haney reported that in the month of July she dealt with 114 citations, 28 warrants and 24 capias's. There were 31 cases that were jailed for class C misdemeanors, 13 jailed for A and B misdemeanors and nine jailed for felonies. There was also one juvenile detention hearing and two public intoxication cases. She also mentioned the success of the summer youth program, hosted by the Woodville Police Department.

"The students had fun and learned a lot," Haney said.

Fire Chief Tommy Shane also reported that there were only seven calls in the month of July for the Fire Department, including only one house fire and one death.

The next city council meeting will be held on September 8.