Chester Council looks at records management

by Michael G. Maness

Mayor C. E. Lawrence convened a full Chester City Council meeting on Monday evening, Aug. 4.
On a significant follow-up from the previous meeting, Councilwoman Charlotte Barnes presented her contact with Records Consultants, Inc., about how to maintain the city's records. The discussion has been ongoing for several months and part of the reason for the proposed expansion of the city hall building. Barnes consulted with City of Woodville Manager Mandy Risinger. Impressed with Woodville's process, Barnes said Risinger was "so helpful," and doubt over the need for a building expansion began to brew. RCI would have a representative in the area in a few days, available for a free estimate, and the council concurred on the wisdom of exploring professional management. For the longest, the city had kept all records, and though it is complicated, adopting Texas' retention policy was becoming more and more attractive.
After approving the minutes from the previous meeting, the council was thankful it was able to sell its old tractor to Bob Humble. City Supervisor Dale Clamon was glad to report he had purchased a Scag Turf Tiger 61" mower from Rodney Smith at Timberland Supply in Woodville. Apparently some areas of city property will need to be grated to level it out, because of the crawfish mounds, which will happen in due time.

The council voted to order an election in November to accommodate those who have made themselves available to run for city council.

City Secretary Annette Hickman reported the need for several members to watch the training tape on open meetings required by Texas.

Some light-hearted banter ensued around Barnes' initiative with a few property owners around downtown to help improve the appearance. She reflected the desire and pride of the entire council for Chester to look as good as it can, and the council wholeheartedly applauded the progress she was making so soon upon becoming a board member.

The council voted to re-open the application process for some office help, to train under Hickman, with a salary based upon experience. All interested in part-time employment with Chester are encouraged to come by the Chester City Hall and get an application or call (936) 969-2360.