Ivanhoe Council considers street repair issues

by Emily Waldrep

The City of Ivanhoe held its monthly city council meeting at 6 p.m. on July 10th at the City Hall to discuss various agenda items, including election procedures and appointment of officers to several organizations.

The street and road report was read by Roland Priddy, who reported that in the last three months the city spent $21,000 dollars on the roads. A list was provided of what work was done and how many hours were spent on the roads.

According to Priddy, the rain and drainage on the dirt roads has been a problem for the workers.

"They are trying to put rock into some of the washouts," Priddy said. "Hopefully this will work better than just putting more dirt in that is going to wash right back out again."

Priddy also reported that a representative from Lufkin is going to come out and meet with members of the council about an overlay for the roads that will cost approximately $5,000, which Priddy says may be a problem because the contractor cannot mobilize for that price.
Thankfully, the contractor is scheduled to be in Woodville in several weeks and hopes to take a look at the road that needs the overlay.

The council also held its second reading for Resolution #2012-4R(d) which is a resolution to rescind, or erase, Resolution #2012-4R and amendments "A" through "C" for appointments of officers and liaisons.

"The council understands the need for reorganization when a plan is not quite right and the city council recognizes that these resolutions have not proved to be a benefit to the city at this time," said Mayor Jack Brockhouse.

The council could not rescind the resolutions and amendments at the second reading, but all council members approved the second reading. The next reading will be held during the August meeting.

Next, the council discussed the yearly issue of holding a joint election with Tyler County on November 4.

"This is the same agreement we do every year and we have the joint election with the county that saves us a lot of money," Brockhouse said. "It would be of the benefit of the city, county, and voters to hold the election jointly."

All council members approved holding a joint election with Tyler County, adopting a contract with the Tyler County Clerk for the election, and calling a regular election for November 4 for the purpose of electing and mayor and two city council members.

The council also accepted David Hyman and Company as the year 2014 city auditors.