Chester ISD finishes security camera upgrades

by Michael Maness

Board President Ray McKnight convened the Chester ISD monthly board meeting at 5:30 p.m., and Vernon Lewis led an invocation and the Pledges of Allegiance to the U.S. and Texas flags.
The rest of school's TASB grant came through. With the additional $4,000, Wayne Ivey was proud to report that all of their 16 security cameras were all up and running giving a view of most of the critical areas including the gyms, hallways, walkways and even to the concession stand. This is a 24-7 monitoring system on a continuous feedback that records many days in succession and records on battery power, too, should the electricity fail.

"You can really see a lot," Ivey said.

The board approved Ivey's recommendation for a part-time fully credentialed teacher to replace the vacated teacher's aide position for the science and instructional lab. The goal was to make the lab fully operational in assessments and teaching to meet the needs of students.
Ivey reported on the school's textbooks and acquisition of computers for the teachers and they are looking at grants for more.

The stipend schedule for the coaches was approved to make sure they were properly compensated for their extra work.

The board approved the EIF plan on their graduation policy that, according to Ivey, was sent from TASB and combined a foundation plan with their old, a kind of mixing of both the old with the new.

The consent agenda was quickly passed with little discussion, Superintendent Wayne Ivey mentioning that they picked up a little extra tax money during the year. Forecasters see property values increasing by almost $2 million. Their budget looked good. With attendance at 96.5 percent for the year, the board was very proud, being that so much revenue was predicated upon attendance and their forecasting estimates have been on target.

School bus #37 will be off to the salvage yard after their mechanics remove anything they might be able to use on other buses, like seats and lights. It was too far gone to repair. Ivey noted the condition of several buses, a few having A/C problems, one having a tire replaced, and other minor stuff. Bus #36 needed a head gasket, and Ivey was rather happy that his staff had found a Houston dealer that was able to fix it at a reasonable price.