Chester ISD attendance steady at 96 percent

by Michael G. Maness

Chester ISD board President Ray McKnight led a prayer, and Vernon Lewis led in the pledges of allegiance to the U.S. and Texas flags.

Superintendent Wayne Ivy reported that their elementary school had 88 students, their junior high 41, and their high school 44, for a total of 173. Their attendance ratio was at 96 percent overall - very good in anyone's book.

Ivy reported that their students would be able to take Angelina College classes through a joint partnership with Woodville ISD. Five juniors and six seniors were interested in the auto body career class.

They will be reviewing textbooks soon for K8 math, K9 science, and technology, with only those options that allow a combination of a book and digital copy, the latter for the teachers' and students' computers.
Their TASB grant came through for $4,000 that will allow the school to add more upgrades for their security cameras, allowing the administrators to also follow traffic patterns.

Teacher positions are available, and it appears they and many schools are looking for science teachers. Their budget needed a few items adjusted to help pay for the school nurse's ongoing training – health and safety paramount – and other ongoing supply needs.

They are looking at some building kits to expand their maintenance building by 40' x 80'.
Ivey said they would be taking some kids skating for their incentive trip on May 29, and the high school graduation will be on June 6.