Chester City Council considers expansion of City Hall

by Michael G. Maness

Chester City Council considered expanding the City Hall building at its regular meeting Monday night, Feb. 3.

After convening and approval of the financial statements for the City and Chester Gas System, they proceeded to consider the addition of another full-time staff person to work with City Supervisor Dale Clamon. The particular concern was to get another trained, like Clamon, to become certified in the operation of the gas system. Currently, Clamon can hardly take a day off, and, God forbid, they would be in a fix if something happened to Clamon.

Mayor Elton Lawrence brought back a report for the City to consider on recycling. Of the four neighboring communities that use the Lufkin resources, only two actually fill up their recycle bins. To secure a recycle bin, the City would have to go to Lufkin and get the bin and return it each time, all at the City's own expense. Furthermore, there would be no payment for any of the material turned in, in part, Lawrence said, because even in recycle bins with separated compartments people will still dump un-separated trash. So when the bin is returned, sad to say, often the recycler has to separate the trash from the recyclable material. The Council did not see the need to act at this time.

Because of storage space running low, and to increase efficiency, the Council listened closely to City Secretary Annette Hickman who explained the need for more space, for even a storage building. Council members Vincent Incardona and Eric Holton suggested expansion to the building itself.

They adjourned in good spirits, with Incardona and Holton proceeding to look closer at how they might expand their city hall to meet the needs for the coming years.